tempted to just post more photos…

Now that I know how to put Gabe’s Flickr pics on my blog, I don’t even want to write stuff anymore! (teehee) I’ll share some final pics from xangafest next week. And a pic of the darling Diego purse Erin made for Nina.

Just watched the VP debate. I prayed a lot about it today. Well, I prayed for one of the candidates anyway. I didn’t have much in the way of warm feelings for Joe Biden before tonight. I have a (tiny) soft spot in my heart for him now. I’m still voting for McCain/Palin. (and I have zero soft spot for Obama)

I’m getting sick. Bluh. Not good when we’re leaving on a 5.5 hour trip tomorrow at 1:30pm. It’s not the pukey/awful kind of sick, just the sneezy/achy/sniffy/ugh kind of sick. As long as the kiddos stay healthy, I can deal. Nina had a fever Sat night/Sun. Ava had a fever Mon/Mon night. Livi has been fine–although she’s woken up twice already tonight mumbling incoherently and having some sort of night terrors. Poor thing.

Gabe has been working on a new website–www.52zoos.com. How cool is that?! You’ve got to check out this amazing map he made today. Wow.

So, we’re picking the girls up from school tomorrow at 1:30 and heading to Evansville, Indiana, where we’ll be staying with some people we’ve never met. I love it. Guess how we “know” them? Martha, aka “Switching Granny” listens to Gabe’s Godsmac podcast! She introduced herself to him a couple years ago and when she found out about the Zoo Adventure, she said, “If you’re ever in Evansville, you can stay with us!” So we are. And sweet Martha asked me yesterday if she could pack us a lunch for the zoo on Saturday. Oh my word, yes! I pack 10 lunches a week for Livi and Ava, and I’ve packed a lunch at all 50 bazillion (nine) zoos we’ve gone to already. I get the day off! Bless you, Martha!

And then we’re staying with Krista Saturday night before we head to the Cincinnati Zoo Sunday. I’m so excited! Feel free to pack us a lunch, dear.

Funny story–an old college friend (who lives in MI) messaged me a couple weeks ago to ask me which zoo was better–C-bus or Cincy. (I said C-bus.) She said they were staying with friends near Cincy and going to Homecoming. They promised their kids they’d take them to a zoo that Sunday. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. Ha! We’ll both be at the Cincy Zoo on the same day. What are the odds? What great book fodder.

Got a little piece of maybe-exciting news about the zoo book today. Will share soon when I learn more.

Remember my neighbor who I was afraid to ask if she was pregnant, and she was? She had a darling, itty-bitty boy while I was off at xangafest Saturday. His name is Emil, and there’s not a blessed thing wrong with him. I had mentioned that the doctors said there was a chance he could have some chromosomal issues or blah, blah, blah. If you prayed for mama and baby, could you let me know? I’m going to tell her.

My sinus gunk is making the thoughts stick to the inside of my brain. Better get going. Have an awesome weekend! See you Monday! Don’t forget to enter the GIVE-AWAY before then! xoxoxo!

12 thoughts on “tempted to just post more photos…

  1. OkinawaAna

    Great map!  (And, wow, my state geography is horrible.  Who knew that Ohio was that far east!?!)  You’ll have to let us know when y’all head out to the OKC zoo.  We’re a couple of hours away, but we’d make the trip to see some animals with you!  🙂

  2. singenschmetterling

    love the map! so fancy! You will enjoy the zoo in Battle Creek (MI)! I love it. They have an excellent African Safari thing.. You can feed the giraffes and things… Also a really nice walking wildlife area… It’s about 20 min from us and I want to take Jackson but it’s starting to get pretty chilly… now that you have it on my mind maybe I should do it next week, who knows!!!

  3. kkakwright

    I’ll glady throw a bag o bread, jar o PB and jar o Jelly in your van as you roll out of my driveway.  🙂   Maybe a plastic knife for spreading too so you don’t have to use your fingers.

  4. charlenecampbell

    Wow! That is a fantastic map. I read your home page on the zoo site and I know what you mean about the word, wow. This should be a fantastic book if the pictures of McCain/Palin are any indication of the quality of the photography. This will be a wonderful project. May God Bless you in your travels and bless this project.

  5. der_lila_Stern

    I looked at the map for your zoo trip.  I was immediately excited that you will be coming to Philadelphia!!!!  

    I didnt watch the debate.  Unless something drastic happens, my mind is made up.  (Because I just cant vote for Obama!)

  6. faithchick

    I also came away with a soft spot for Joe.  He’s very likeable. That’s where politics get tough, because they are real people.  Regular old joes (ha ha.)  Real people with families, and passion, and feelings, and lives, and stories, and I’m sure most of them would be fun to hang out with. 

    I hope you feel better this morning!

  7. tonialynn59

    The map is way cool!  Great job, Gabe!

    I prayed alot yesterday about the debate and for Sarah.  I think she did a great job.  I felt like you did about Biden but maybe saw a different side of him.  I just can’t vote for Obama.  No soft feelings there!

    Praying for your trip this weekend.  For safety and that you are feeling better.

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