Dear Mr. Taviano,
We have attempted unsuccessfully to contact you using the following e-mail address we have on file at Byers Imports: MAIL@TABIANO.COM. Your e-mail address may need updated or corrected.
(etc, etc)
(^Actual letter Gabe got in the mail yesterday.^)

Just for fun, I thought I’d buy the domain name as a little variation of my last name. I just love mixing things up like that. I can’t imagine why in the world your e-mail was returned to you undeliverable.What a mystery!
Gabe TaViano

p.s. Your common sense might need updated or corrected.
(^fake letter I wrote just now^)

We went to the zoo at 9:00 this morning. The weather was beautiful, and there were about three other people there besides us. We left at 11:30 to grab lunch and get Livi on the bus. The weather was scorching, and half of Ohio decided today was a good day for a field trip to the zoo.

Yesterday, I took a tub of clothes to OUAC. I don’t do that very often but took advantage of Mom being here. Sometimes I’ll pray (depending on my need that day), “Lord, please let them give me x amount of dollars.” This time, I said $20. When the lady rang me up, she got a funny look on her face and said, “That’s weird. We can give you $20 even. That never happens.”

While they were going through my clothes, I ran to the post office to get 2 cent stamps–blech and mail packages to two little boys I know. The lady weighed my packages, looked at one, then the other.

Lady: Uh, these are going to the same address.
Me: Yes.
Lady: You could have put them all in one package.
Me: That’s okay.
Lady: But you would have saved money.
Me: I know. It’s okay.
Lady: But you would have saved money.
Me: They’re for a new baby and his big brother, and I wanted the big brother to have his own package.
Lady: Well, you could have wrapped the baby’s separately and put it in with his brother’s. You could have saved money.
Me: Do you want to get fired? Are you supposed to be telling me not to throw my money away at the post office? Next thing I know, you’ll be telling me that 41 cents for a measly stamp is a rip-off. (Oh wait, I only thought this line, didn’t say it out loud.)
Me: It’s okay. Really.

Have a sweltering day!!

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  1. faithchick

    THANK YOU for what you said. I appreciate the fact that you get it. you don’t think one particular aspect of motherhood is the be all/end all. Motherhood is the combination of a bunch of different things, and striking the right balance among all of them is what makes it work.
    I’m firm & confident in the decision, but it still helps tremendously to have support.

    love you, too!

  2. terriwright

    1. So smart of you to know how important it will be to the big brother to get his own package!

    2. Every school in the known world is taking field trips to the zoo to kill the last few agonizing days of the year.

    3. I will change my profile pic if I can use YOURS!!!!!!

  3. KmHunsberger

    Call me weepy…but your PO story brought tears to my eyes Seriosly, that you would care about some big brother enough to send him his own package (which, whoever he is, I know from experience will mean THE WORLD to him) and to pay more for it…you are a giver, Marla, with a servant’s heart. You inspire me…seriously…in so many ways!

  4. ch1pch0p

    What is it about PO people? They must be told to act like that in they’re training. Or maybe she really thought she was being helpful….

    This confuses me: “…. and there were about three other people there besides us. … and half of Ohio decided today was a good day for a field trip to the zoo.” So which was it? Were there a lot of people there or not?

  5. rachmckinney

    that’s awesome about the $20!
    very funny about gabe’s thing and the post office story. at least you were kind enough not to voice your thoughts out loud:)

  6. jbnygaard

    Love the zoo. Not the hot weather at the zoo. But I LOVE those misting things at the zoo!!!

    BTW, what does OUAC stand for? Love the story with it though!!! I love God-moments like those!!!

  7. YoYoYoder

    Don’t you just love unnecessary advice? Um, they’re both going to the same address?!? What?!? How silly of me! What did she expect–for you to go home and re-box them?

    I went to Wal-Mart in January to purchase 30 folders. The lady ringing me up was like, “Man, you should’ve come in August when school was starting. They were so much cheaper!”

    Me: Yeah, that would’ve been good. Oh well.
    Her: You should’ve bought them in August!
    Me: Too bad I didn’t know that I would’ve needed them.
    Her: You spent 7 more dollars than you would’ve if you would have bought them earlier.
    Me: Yeah, that stinks. Oh well.
    Her: You should make sure to get them in August next time. You’re just wasting your money if you don’t buy them then. (Okay, I don’t quite remember exactly how the conversation went, but your P.O lady reminded me of her)

    It was just like, So do you want me to NOT buy the folders now since they’re such a rip-off?!? I need the folders. There’s really not anything I can do, is there? What I should’ve said:

    Me: Okay…then can you sell them to me for 7 cents?
    Her: Of course not.
    Me: Then quit talking! You’re not helping!

  8. gsowell

    Maybe we should all do a day where we post the letters we wanted to write, the comments we wanted to say, the e-mail we wanted to send.

    Or maybe not. As I typed that I accidentally wrote “e-mail we wanted to sin…” Hmmmm. Maybe that was my subconscious-Holy Spirit-led type-o… what I would WANT to say/do would inevitably be sin. Yours, however, just seem rather cute. Tells you where I am, I guess!

  9. ladymiss3739

    I was reading “Gabe’s” reply to Gary and thought, “Boy, that Marla and her husband really are perfect for each other.  They have the same sense of humor!”  And then I saw who wrote it.   

    You’re right about Post Office people – I think it takes a certain type of person to work as a PO employee.  I’ve had my share of unbelievable conversations with them as well.  I think that was sweet of you two send them both separately!

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