swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 10)

~~We head south for Tulsa, Oklahoma at 5:00 a.m. Monday. TWO DAYS!! I’m not sure what our internet situation will be at each stop–or how much time I’ll have to blog–so I’m preparing a few posts in advance. I know you like real-time updates though, so the place to go for those is Twitter or Facebook. Gabe and I will both “tweet” from his iPhone, and my Twitter updates automatically upload to my Facebook status.  See where it says “friend me on facebook” and “follow me on twitter” over there on my sidebar? Just click, do what the nice people tell you, and you’ll be all set.

~~It’ll be just like we packed you in our cooler on our Zoo Trips!

~~I’ve purchased everything I need for our trip–snacks, drinks, batteries, wipes, hostess gifts, etc. Now we’re having fun eating every last perishable item in our fridge. Today we get a break–Easter lunch on Gabe’s mom’s side of the family, Easter dinner on his dad’s. Our Sunday lunch will be a delightful hodge-podge of scrambled eggs, pretzels and leftover sausage dip. $5 Little Caesar’s pizza (and $3 crazy bread) for supper–yum!

~~Speaking of Gabe’s mom, that’s her in the bottom left ad in my sidebar. She’s got a great thing going on (well, God has a great thing going on) at UnReined Ministries. She has a super life story, and she loves speaking to groups of people about the gospel. She’s passionate about Christ,  super-motivational, quite un-boring, and I highly recommend her.

~~We just got our luggage tags today from Kori at SunnyDayTags. They are so, so cute! Can’t wait to do a give-away for her when we get back from Texas. And Kaye at Engraved Euniques too. And Tara Lou (who’s got new stuff up in her shop). And someone special–but it’s a secret.

~~Last Saturday, my parents and my brother and sister and I (and various members of our families) went to visit my grandma in her new home. It was a really sweet time of singing and praising, and I was so thankful. It wasn’t easy visiting Grandma in a nursing home, knowing that this time she won’t ever be going home. She’s doing awesome though–she’s like the popular girl on campus. 🙂 Tomorrow’s Word Sabbath pics will be from last weekend’s visit.

~~Last thing. On her blog today, my friend Joanne wrote about a cool little thing she did with her girls for Good Friday. In Isaiah 49:16, God tells us He won’t forget us and that He has engraved us on the palms of His hand. Isn’t that awesome? I can’t believe how much He loves me. And Livi. And Ava. And Nina. And each of you.

~~Have a blessed Easter, friends! He is risen, indeed!!

8 thoughts on “swirly saturday (volume 1/issue 10)

  1. Jamie Nygaard

    So why did you do your right hand and the girls’ left?

    I can’t wait to hear about your super fabulous travels!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    Tulsa is ready for you! The sheets are washed and the bathrooms have been scrubbed, and we are ready to welcome you all. Can’t wait!

    If you really leave at 5 a.m., then you might be here for dinner. What do you want to have? Anything, your choice!

    I love the hand engraving.

    I’m going now to friend you on Facebook, even though I’m new to it and I’m not sure what I’m doing:)

  3. Joanne @ The Simple Wife

    Laughing at Jess up there with the super long sign in name. But, oh, I can well remember that elation. Specially since my own babies took a year and a day (well, longer, actually) to sleep through the night!

    Love you tons, Miss Marla.

    He is risen, indeed!


  4. jesswithababywhosleptallnightagainforthefourthtime

    looooooooove that picture. gave me a little lump in my throat. (love the little piggies peekin’ out at the bottom of the picture,too!)

  5. Krystal

    I recently stumbled onto your site. I found it interesting that the first thing I read on your site said you were headed to Tulsa on Monday. I am in Owasso (A suburb of Tulsa) and I see that you will be visitng the Tulsa Zoo. I am curious about your zoo tours, I guess I will need to read your site more to find out. I know you have heard this from others- but Tulsa has a great zoo. I keep a blog and one of my last posts was about the Tulsa Zoo. ( http://tiny.cc/uuRcd) Well- hope you enjoy the Tulsa Zoo as much as we do!

    Krystal in Owasso

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