I’m splitting brain time right now between (I suppose “among” would be the correct word, but who uses that??) my e-book manuscript, four talks on sex for a men’s retreat next weekend, and homeschooling (a.k.a. Convincing Ava She Will Not DIE If She Has To Write A Whole Entire PARAGRAPH).

All that to say this: my thinker is sore, so I’m going to link to some really cool stuff that some really amazing people have written this week.

Like Jen Hatmaker’s post about her Fake Family. (I think she should start a Fake Family bumper sticker line and/or Fake Family stick figure window clings. I’d buy them in a heartbeat.) Also, Jen’s new book comes out while we’re in Cambodia, and I don’t know that I’ve ever been more excited for a book to release.

Except maybe Melanie’s not-yet-written memoir, Sparkly Green Earrings. If you like funny and you don’t read The Big Mama Blog, I feel like you are missing out in the worst way. Mel announced the news about her new book this week, and her post was beautiful.

Tara’s post from Heartline in Haiti had me holding back tears and pumping my fists in praise to Jesus. He answered our desperate prayers in a huge way yesterday, and two beautiful new babies joined the world. So, so, so thankful for the amazing folks at Heartline and Harbor House!

I read this post three times. And I’ll leave out my commentary because I’d be here all night. (You can look for my comments on her post if you’re curious.)

Last thing: a favor. I’m doing one more revision of my e-book before I send it to my three beautiful critique partners. My original title isn’t resonating with me anymore. My next idea got axed by my agent (with good reason). And I’ve been brainstorming titles ALL DAY LONG and I’ve got nothing.

If you were writing a book about how God used the internet to enrich your life by allowing you to meet people online and then meet those same people in real life and stay in their homes and share meals with them and visit zoos and live by faith and realize you’re not as self-sufficient as you thought and that you were really, truly made for relationships and community, what would you call it?

The title needs to “meet a felt need.” Like, someone needs to take one look at it and say, “I’ve been thinking/asking/feeling/wondering about that! I should buy this book!”

If I end up using your title, I’ll give you a free copy of every book I’ve ever written (and any e-books I write for the rest of my life) OR a $25 Amazon gift card.

Disclaimer: If I would happen to use “your” title, but it’s one I already have written down in my notebook at 10:33pm Thursday, it doesn’t count. You can still have free copies of all my e-books though. (Aren’t I nice?)

p.s. Tomorrow (October 1) starts a 31-day series of posts I’m doing with a bunch of other people (you’re welcome to join us!). I’m doing 31 Days of Loving the Poor. So excited!

p.p.s. How is it that I always say I’m tired and/or out of things to write and still manage to pound out 500+ words? I don’t get me.