six (or two) degrees

Totally just stole this from Amanda. And believe me or no, I’m totally not doing this for the comments. But 2 of my 3 motives are no more noble.

1. I’m too lazy to blog. Seriously, I’ve been stricken with a severe case of apathy.

2. I sometimes have a hard time remembering who is who and what connection we have, and it makes me feel awful. I need an updated cheat sheet.


3. It really is a great way to connect my readers/friends (you!) to each other (that’s the noble motive, if you couldn’t tell). I know some of you know each other and don’t even know it! And some of you should get to know each other, because you’d love each other!

Here’s the part I copied from Amanda. I did adjust/customize it to avoid total plagiarism (that and some of her A&M/Jackson & Annabeth examples would have made no sense here).

Do we know each other? If so, how?

Ex: Yes, I’m your sister.

Ex: Yes, I knew you in 7th grade when you had braces and a spiral perm and wore a side ponytail and white sweatband during cross country races.

Ex: Yes, I was in your cabin at church camp (and I’m one of the 65 girls who takes complete credit for hooking you up with Gabe the Babe).

Maybe we don’t really know each other, but have we ever met?

Ex: Yes, I met you at a MOPS meeting in (city, state).

Ex: Yes, we met in the church foyer at one of the 10 churches you’ve gone to in 11 years of marriage.

Do we have a mutual friend or acquaintance?

Ex: Yes, I married one of your old boyfriends.

Ex: Yes, you married one of my old boyfriends.

If the answer is no to all three, do we have something in common?

Ex: Yes, my dream vacation is also The Giraffe Manor!

Ex: Yes, I buy undergarments at the thrift store on occasion. (FYI, you might not want to admit this one.)

Ex: Yes, I’m slightly obsessed with words and Scrabble letters.

Ex: Yes, I love Jesus!

No pressure to comment. I know some of you prefer just to hang out privately. That’s more than okay. But if you’re in the mood, I’d love to hear from you.

Have an awesome Thursday, friends!

50 thoughts on “six (or two) degrees

  1. whimzie

    Hi, my name is Amy and we don’t know each other nor have we ever met. I just lurk here. I’m in the process of moving so I just had a chance to respond to this post. I hope I’m not too late.

    I think I found your blog either through Tanya’s (In the Dailies) or Elizabeth’s (Finding Him Bigger). Of course, I don’t actually know either of them outside my computer either. I do have real flesh and blood friends, but I like hanging out with the friends who live in my computer, too.

    I started following you on Twitter recently as well so I thought I needed to at least introduce myself because I was feeling one small step away from stalker. Thanks for inviting us to come out of the shadows to say “Hi!”

  2. Jenny Kropf

    Yes Marla, we know each other from long ago (7th grade…I think anyway that’s when you moved to WL-S), and yes, I think you might have been “going together” with a guy I dated, and I too think the giraffe’s at the Phoenix zoo are amazing….I love that exhibit! Sometime when we’re home we’ll have to meet you at the Columbus Zoo (still my family’s favorite). Praying everything goes smooth and you’ll all have a blast!

  3. Sarah

    No, I don’t actually know you – we “met” back on Xanga through some kind of Cedarville connection. CU is our first commonality. I also know your cousin Rachael (went to school together growing up) and Uncle Doug (my elementary school principal). You currently live in my husband’s hometown and frequent the library where my MIL works. Ava goes to the same school my husband did. And we both love Jesus!

  4. Nadine

    Yes, we know each other from college — education majors, methods classes with dear profs Eimers and Bassett, memories of you, hmmm….trying to disprove the idea of ‘class dress’ getting us in the habit of dressing professionally by only complying in a ‘technical’ sense. 😉 You rebel, you, Marla! Heheee…oh and your former obsession with the color orange. So happy to see what God is doing in and through you these years later. Love ya, girl!

  5. Marla Taviano

    David–ha! Hopefully you’re the only guy I “dated” who reads my blog. 🙂

    Actually, we went out twice. Nothing came of the first time because you had a thing for some stunning redhead. 🙂 And nothing came of the second time (a Super Bowl party) because I had a thing for the guy I ended up dating for the rest of HS.

    Glad we’re friends after all these years!

  6. Kelsie

    Wow, how fun to read everyone’s comments! We don’t know each other, have never met, and we don’t have any mutual friends. BUT we are sisters in Christ! 🙂 A friend loaned “Changing Your World…” to me, and I loved it. I decided to check out your blog, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I do comment every now and then. I think that’s it – ‘night!

  7. David

    Yes, we went to HS together. We went on one date (I think your parents were afraid because I was older). I don’t remember the X-country hair, but I remember the Track bus. Keep up the encouraging words.

  8. sarah g

    we met at a ladies’ retreat in ohio. you werf the guest speaker. you have also booked and unbooked stays at our house twice….i think i might start getting a complex! ; )

  9. Alexis Grant

    I think you found me first, through Rachelle’s blog? And then I clicked over to your blog… and the rest is history. But, oddly enough, we seem to have some things in common! Isn’t that what always happens in the blogosphere?

  10. Krista

    (1) Only if you count the fact that you mailed me a copy of “Blushing Bride” that I bought after finding your website through Angie Smith’s blog. 🙂
    (2) Nope, never in person. I live a couple states away.
    (3) Not that I know of
    (4) I love Jesus! I enjoy blogging… I love winding country roads and vast blue skies. I don’t know if that’s a commonality, but it’s true!

  11. Rhonda S

    I am a friend of Gail Sowell and met you when we attended the Living Proof Live Conference in Louisville.
    Since then I’ve been reading your blog and love it. I wish we could attend your Zoo party but we have a big family reunion that day.

  12. Wendy

    I thought I’d better come out of lurkerdom….

    Yes, we know each other, but not well. I met you at Heritage….I think walking down the hall to pick up our girls from the nursery one time, but I also saw you when I visited Vista right around the same time and talked to you there, and I don’t know which one of those meetings came first! Then you were in Bible study with me last fall and asked to be my facebook friend. Then I started reading your blog (which I really enjoy), but you never knew that part…. sorry…. but now you know!

  13. Deborah

    1. Not to my knowledge
    2. I don’t think so
    3. Probably…but it might take us a few mintues to figure it out. Between Cedarville, GARBC and Ohio connections, I’m sure there are mutuals out there some where. In fact, I’ve yet to meet people in the first two that don’t have *some* connection. Did you know my Uncle Ed? Ed Lewis–he spoke at CU (when it was CC) for their mission’s conference for several years–short guy with a mustache, missionary to Austria, worked as a recruiter for TEAM and I-Teams. That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head.
    4. Miami County Ohio. I’m the chick from Troy with the front porch. I read your books and wrote you a note from a ‘single persepective’ that you said wasn’t the typical response you got from Blushing and All but I appreciated it none-the-less and then we chatted on Xanga a few times & I’m on Facebook. 🙂 I’ve prayed for you and your family with your updates over the years and I also happen to <3 <3 <3 Chick-Fil-A.

    And Happy Almost Weekend and Almost Zoo Ending Party!


  14. Sarah Montanye

    First “met” you on xanga when I stumbled upon your site from another Cedarville persons site. Found out you were an author and my hubby got me all of your books for Christmas (Still working on reading them). Met you finally in person when you and your beautiful family showed up on our doorstep on hot June night, exhausted from your zoo day in NYC. Wish I had a chance to hang out with you more cuz you are one awesome lady! (oh and I’ve been meaning to add a comment to one of your posts last week about memories from your zoo trips, but we just got back from vacation and I have to get settled first beofre my brain will properly function!)

  15. Omom

    #1 No
    #2 No
    #3 No
    (that makes me a little sad)

    Giraffe Manor? Never heard of it but now I have to take my oldest daughter, she’s really our giraffe lover. The love of words…I’m so glad to know there are others out there…….

  16. Rachel Lipsey

    Yes, we had a fabulous time together at the Memphis Zoo with the kiddos, Gabe, and my mom. It’s kind of funny – because I “found” your blog becaues of a post that Amanda wrote about your books. It’s a small blog world…

  17. Ashley

    I don’t really know you. I’ve talked to you once on the phone (well, actually twice since I thought I had the wrong number the first time) to tell you we weren’t going to be able to meet you at Binder Park Zoo. I “found” you through a Bible Memory challenge we both joined this year. I think you know somebody who goes to Cornerstone Baptist Church (Springfield, OH), and I’m related to the Music Pastor there who happens to be related to the Senior Pastor and thus I am friends with both Pastors’ family (the Earley family). So, yeah – 6 degrees most definitely!

  18. Rachel

    We’ve never met, but I did talk to you on the phone one time when I worked for a radio station and I was scheduling you as a guest (or something like that). You were really pushing for a spot to talk about “the sex book” and my boss was really pushing against it. Silly men.

    I’ve read almost all of your books and we have a lot in common.

    I talked to you off and on and read your blog. I was thankful for your prayers and words of encouragement when I was pregnant with Anna (diagnosed with hydrocephalus in utero/ I was told to have an abortion). Can you believe Anna is going to be two in three weeks? She’s amazing! One more neurologist appointment and she is done! They can’t find a single thing wrong with her! 🙂

    Oh! And I interviewed you back when I had my blog, Modern Mommyhood. I’ve got a new one now. I’m back in the writing groove.

  19. jess

    charlotte. hornets.
    (member…back when we were both cheerleaders for them. or wait. maybe that’s not true. maybe it was just a comment you made about a comment i made about the charlotte hornets. at least one of those statements is true.)!! I’m pretty sure Kelly D. (adamslady) is our connection–i think you know her irl, and you happened upon my blog from my comments on her blog? could that be right? i’m not really sure HOW you ended up at my site in the beginning.

    and little did i know, our paths had already crossed that the beautiful place we know & love–scioto hills. I was a camper when you were a counselor chasing after Gabe the Babe. So, I guess you could say we’ve probably sang “Grin Again Gang” together before.

  20. alissa

    7th grade. al kierns. white headband. braces. cross country fool. my sisters partner in crime! wow. youve come a long way marla!!

  21. Lisa

    I know you because Amanda featured you on her blog and I bought the “s-e-x” book (for which my husband is endlessly grateful, by the way). And I think it goes without saying that I adore you for who you are and what you do for all us sisters in Christ. You’re so real and I love that. Big dork that I am, I feel like the cool kid on campus when you visit me at my blog. GRIN!!!

  22. Elizabeth

    I started reading your blog months ago, and loved it (well, you) instantly. I never thought I’d actually meet you. Then, I got brave and invited your family to crash at my house when you came through Oklahoma on your zoo tour. I didn’t even tell my husband because there was NO WAY I actually thought it would happen. I was sitting in the parking lot of Academy Sports one day and checked my e-mail on my hubby’s iPhone. There was an e-mail from you asking if the invitation was still open. I said, of course. And then freaked out and cleaned my house for two weeks. Then, you and your family came and brought me Trader Joe’s goodies and ate my yummy poppyseed chicken and we all went to the zoo, and lived happily ever after as friends forever. Right?

  23. Dina

    We have never met but you stayed with my friend Amy and her family when you came through Dallas. She got me hooked on reading your blog.

  24. Lanette Cantrall

    No we don’t know each other and I’ve never met you. I found you through another blog, although not sure which one 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog, but don’t comment often (this may be me my first, not sure!) Things in common……hmmm I have daughters and yeah I love Jesus too 🙂

  25. Holly B.

    Let’s see…I was invited to take one of your book surveys through a college friend (Suzanne, Bethany’s SIL–we were at Grace together). Then, we met on your blog. Finally, we met at Xangafest 2 at Beki’s! :o) We have both taught elementary school and we both love to read and travel.

  26. Roxanne

    I will never forget meeting you my Sophomore year of college when you lived in my hall. You were the girl who wore orange EVERY DAY…that was really odd you know :). (my 3 yr old is now obsessed with orange) Some of my fondest college memories and dearest friends have come from the 3rd floor of Willets!!

  27. Christine

    This was a fun idea. I’m terrible at commenting on the blogs I read, so I like having some guided questions 🙂

    1) We don’t know each other.

    2) We’ve never met.

    3) I don’t know for sure of any mutual friends, but we live in the same area, so you never know!

    4) Something in common…I love zoos! We read a lot of the same blogs..oh, and I love Jesus!

  28. Cheryl

    I found you via your blog just a few months ago so we haven’t met in person. That will be remedied on Saturday!!!

    Things we have in common: I’m an author as well, we both love God’s creatures, we both love zoos (though I’m not sure I could handle 52/52).

    It’s also cool that my family and yours are part of the family of God. Can’t wait to meet you all!

  29. Ali

    If only I knew you first as the “person at my church who wrote about sex in a book.” But I first remember “hearing” about you through my sister (who met you at the Eisel’s, I think). Morgan’s exact words: “You have to meet her. She’s a mom and author, and she’s writing this book about zoos. You’ll totally love her.”
    I thought it was odd considering I never really cared about books about zoos.
    But however right my sister was!
    Now that we have met, I totally love ya!

  30. Denise

    Yes, we know each other. We met through my hubby, Drew, who made me come over and eat pizza with you (how dare he!). We now go to the same church and you think my son is precious (or maybe you don’t!)

  31. Kori

    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person… yet! I found your blog from Brandi and Boys blog, who I found from Bring the Rain. I advertise on here and you did a give away for me. I also hooked you up with Monica for your San Diego stay. I found out Monday that one of my real life friends now reads your blog also… she entered the tag giveaway and then started reading! I really want to come to the BIG ZOO Party, but don’t think I can swing it right now… it is a little far for a day trip.

  32. Erin Bradshaw

    hey marla! figured i stalk your website enough without ever leaving a comment – i should start now! we met the same way you met amy – talking about you and your SEX book at cindy’s house! i was fascinated right away… we don’t know each other much – just say hi in passing at church. i would love to get to know you more – cause you seem like one cool chick! one thing we have in common is that we both seem to just love miss ali and miss amy! hope you have a wonderful day! so sad we’ll be gone for the zoo party… can’t wait to hear all about it!

  33. Gail

    We hooked up over at your old blog through some mutual friends. We met in person when you came to KY to visit a real-life friend I’d only met through bloggy-land. You’ve been to me house a couple of times, and I’ve been to yours. We both have 3 daughters, a passion for words. I grew up in Cedarville and you went to college there. One of my ex-boyfriends passed through your life…tee hee. Maybe HE is responsible for you getting officially connected with Gabe the Babe.

  34. joyce

    I don’t know you or any of your ex boyfriends : ) Clicked on here from somewhere when I first started blogging and I like your writing. Bought your book Blushing Bride to give to my daughters at a future date and you kindly mailed it to England where I was living at the time. I don’t buy my knickers at a thrift shop. I feel comfy sharing that here because your blog is friendly : )
    Have a great day!

  35. Meg @ Spicy Magnolia

    I first heard about you when Amanda Jones posted a blog about one of your books, so I ordered a few from you. After recently having my first child, I picked up “Changing Your World…” and loved it! I’ve been following your blog off and on for nearly a year and love it, too! 🙂

  36. Amy

    Yes, Marla, we know each other and we have met! We first met at Cindy’s house and I was very intrigued with the fact that you had written a book about SEX!!! After our first meeting, we would see each other now and then…we would chat, say hello. I would say we knew each other, we were acquaintances. Then, you asked me about Abigail and we started to become friends. Then, you met Abigail and now we are friends. Thank you, friend, for loving me, Billy, Abigail…we love you, Marla!!!!!

  37. Liz

    I only know you from reading your blog. I am not quite sure how I found it but I enjoy your humor and your candid honesty. I ordered Changing Your World and Is That All He Thinks About? and I loved them both!
    I think we probably have a lot in common as mothers and Jesus lovers but I have never bought undies from a thrift store. Don’t worry. I don’t judge. 🙂

  38. Valerie

    I am best friends with Kelli who you stayed with in Houston. We really enjoyed reading Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time together after having our daughters just days apart from each other. And now, with a little boy due in November, I am being blessed reading Expecting that you signed for me as a gift from Kelli. Thank you!!!

  39. Bethany

    Yes, we grew up together in the same house. You used to call me “Big B”. You told me once that I made the best chocolate malts and buttered popcorn. You called me and wrote me letters while I was away at college during the worst time of my life. You inspired me to pursue my passions with the sky as the limit.

  40. Jamie Nygaard

    Met you on We share the same birthday. I showed up at your doorstep on our birthday. Fell in love with your girls, and YOU! Now I am honored to call you one of my close friends! 🙂

  41. Amanda

    I’m laughing so hard about the ex-boyfriend examples. I thought about it but was not brave enough! Ha ha! I feel like I know you pretty darn well after reading your books and your blog. And I got to meet you on a stormy, rainy night in Houston, TX. Have a good night with Gabe the Babe!

  42. Stacy

    Hmmm, I’m pretty sure we have some mutual acquaintances, though they might be from other blogs, and not IRL…or maybe through Cedarville (I’m Class of ’05)? Now it’s gonna bug me how I first found your (old) blog! Either way, I enjoyed a few of your books, and now I enjoy your blog! I keep thinking I want to go to one of your big events (like the Zoo party coming up), but always chicken out. I live pretty close, but don’t always do well meeting new people.

  43. Colleen

    1) Yes, I was a stalker after reading about you in the Inspire realizing that we went to college together and I never met you…only to realize that we lived in the same city now and both had 3 daughters!
    2)yes, we met…I don’t really remember when…we played phone tag and then somehow we met and then we came to the zoo with you once:)
    3)ummmm, I don’t rightly know the answer here…I suppose you know some people that I know, but I wouldn’t know if those people knew that I knew you but if you came up in a conversation and they said they knew you, then I’d say, “Hey, I know her too” (wow, it is LATE!!!)
    4)the answer was yes to all maybe the fact that we both have 3 girls is a good commonality to mention? among others I believe…but I already made this comment too long with the answer to #3…so have a great night!

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