seven one-dollar bills

I literally sat and stared at my screen for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES just a little bit ago. And NOTHING. Nothing at all came into my mind. NOT A THING.

I know that all I write about lately is this:

Or this:

But, really, if you could peek into my head and see how FULL it is of that kind of stuff (Radical, Cambodia), you would understand. You might not like it, but you would understand.

So, at about 12:15am, in a moment of desperation, I decided to look back at September 1, 2009 to see what kinds of things I was writing about back then. Not shockingly, I was blabbing about all my “swirly” thoughts. My goodness, will I ever settle down?

But the last sentence of the post caught my attention, and I’d like to repeat it here for you today:

If I handed you 7 one-dollar bills right now and you had 30 minutes to get rid of them, what would you do with them? Go!

21 thoughts on “seven one-dollar bills

  1. Gaylene

    I don’t know Holly V., but being a mother-in-law of an Army Captain and a wife of a retired Air Force TSGT, I’d give them to Holly to give for another phone card…………

    Or.. I’d buy something for our Compassionate Pregnancy Center. They always need stuff and are so grateful for all donations.

  2. Gabe Taviano

    I guess if I only had 30 minutes, I’d have to run over to Mr. Wok and eat some good chinese food for $5, then maybe buy an energy drink with the rest.

    If the 30 minutes could wait, I’d give the 3 girls each $1 and you and I $2 a piece and see what fun we could make out of it.

  3. Peter P

    OK… I’d love to be all super spiritual and say that I’d use it for some worthy or Christ-centered cause but a pizza sounds REALLY good right now…..

    Or a couple of ice creams from Cold Stone Creamery.

  4. sarah m

    hmmm thats a tough one. I’m so indecisive that I’d prob. still be deciding what to do with it until my 30 minutes expired.

  5. Rachelle

    haha-this is a little like Jack’s Magic Beans!

    With $7 I would:

    Save $2 for an inspired moment…you know the ones(the lady at the gas station scrounging for change…)

    Give $3 to Amazima ministires-this is enough for 23 HOT MEALS for children in Uganda!

    Spend $2 to brighten a couple of people’s (in this case 2 co-workers that live alone) day with a candy bar! Who doesn’t love chocolate??

  6. Betsy

    Donate all seven to the money we’re collecting as our donation to the PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) here. When I counted change the other day, we only had about $15.00 and that would put me over $20.

  7. Elizabeth

    I’d pass them out to my kids, who each need money for something at school. I keep telling them I’ll go to the bank for cash and I keep forgetting. Needless to say, the cash would not last long. And I wouldn’t get to enjoy a penny of it! Or buy any books with it!

  8. Missy June

    I would cash them into quarters and distribute them among my three little ones, then head to our mall where they get to be the conductor on a massive train set for 50 cents a turn.

  9. jess

    i would probably lose them. and then i’d find them again a few weeks later and wonder where in the world they came from. and then i’d stick them in my pocket. and that night, i’d put my capris back in my closet, and be surprised again when i find them a few weeks later and wonder again where they came from. and then I’d use them to pay my library fine so I can go back to the library without feeling like a delinquent.

    OR! I would pay for 1 hour of babysitting OR 3 yards of string. babysitting to get me away from the kids. Or string to string them each up by their toes. Both will do the trick. Because they are CRAZY this morning!

  10. Denise

    Let’s see – I would take Parker to get ice cream, I’d get a diet coke and then I would take him to Once Upon a Child and let him pick out a couple of books.

    Actually reverse that – he might take forever to eat….:)

  11. joyce

    I’m getting in on the water project over at Billy Coffey’s website so would add it there…for $20 you can provide water for someone for 20 years. Incredible!

    There are 30 bloggers in 30 days trying to raise $30,000 towards building water projects in the Central African Republic…if you want to check it out go here…

  12. Holly V.

    I would use them to buy an international phone card for a friend whose son is overseas working for the military and very, very ill.

  13. Claudia Porpiglia

    Go to the 7-11 on the corner and either give dollar bills to people going in or go inside and purchase people’s coffee/drinks.

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