seven dollars richer

I so enjoyed your answers to yesterday’s question–what would you do if I handed you seven bucks? Little did you know, I wasn’t messing around. One of you is getting $7 in the mail this week, and the lucky winner is based on nothing more than my own whimsy.

Welcome to where Dreams! Come! True!

Or where Marla tries to buy new friends for a measly seven dollars. (hey, 7 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, as evidenced by all the cool things you all were planning to do with it!)

I was tempted to pick Janelle, my MIL, because three of the seven dollars would be going to my offspring. And then there’s dear Holly, who was going to make us a tasty meal with it. And Lori wanted Chick-Fil-A, and goodness knows, I hate denying someone that particular brand of deliciousness. And Ali–what new mama doesn’t need a trip through the drive-thru car wash? I mean, seriously.

But one of your answers just jumped up and down and hollered my name. “I would go to McDonalds and get 3 iced coffees for coworkers and an iced tea for the 4th. We would then all have a happy day at the library today!!!”

Anjanette, you had me at library.

I met Anjanette at a MOPS meeting a couple years ago and then saw her again at a Mother/Daughter banquet this spring. She is delightful and (as you know) works at a library, which hello! is so cool. And the thought of contributing to a Happy Day at the Library just punched my Giddy Button.

So, Anjanette, e-mail/message me your mailing address, and your $7 will arrive shortly. And please report back to us after your Happy Day, if you’d be so sweet.

And I do have another question (which may or may not but most likely may not involve cash rewards). It concerns procrastination. What is one chore/duty/responsibility that you constantly find yourself putting off? And what activity do you find yourself engaging in while you procrastinate?

Do me a favor, and have a delightful Wednesday, would you?

37 thoughts on “seven dollars richer

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m totally craving Chick-fil-A now, and it’s way too far away to get some anytime soon!

    I put off lots of things, namely: mopping, dusting, and bathroom-cleaning. I love doing laundry and vacuuming. I wish I could say I get on the computer when I’m procrastinating, but I do it lots of other times too. When I’m procrastinating I just stay on too long.

  2. Krista

    Things I put off: doing the laundry, sweeping under the bed (no carpet!), cleaning out the litter box, mowing the lawn. Wow, that sounds like a lot of procrastinating. What do I do instead? School, work, facebook, read blogs… you know, the good things in life 🙂

  3. Joslyn

    I too, hate the dishes. Right now I’m sitting at the kitchen table steeping some tea and looking at a sink full. *sigh* I need a kitchen fairy. I also hate putting away the clean laundry. I’ll put away everyone’s but mine which sits in a folded pile on my dresser, WHY do I do that?

  4. Amy

    Putting the laundry away. My procrastination leads to reading, watching TV shows that I have already seen before, checking facebook, marlas blog…meanwhile the clothes keep piling up in the baskets and I just keep digging through them to find what I need. 🙂

  5. Valerie

    I procrastinate on cleaning the bathroom!! It’s the one “chore” that I don’t like and I have no idea why. I just don’t like cleaning the bathroom so I put it off until it’s starting to gross me out!

    I usually find myself playing with the kitten or surfing the web to aid in my procrastination with not cleaning my bathroom.

  6. mary kate

    I procrastinate on grocery shopping. Something about the grocery store stresses me out. Maybe it’s that I’m still learning how to cook, and so half the aisles seem daunting to me. Or maybe it’s that all the other people in there appear to know what they’re doing…while I wander aimlessly for 2 hours (that’s right, last time I went, i was there 2 HOURS). So, my procrastination usually results in watching Gilmore Girls and buying WAY TOO MUCH take out. Whoops.

  7. jess

    doesn’t anyone put off making dinner??
    really…4:00 rolls around every day, and unless i have a specific plan…i hem & haw around trying to decide what to make until the 11th hour when my entire family is starving. i seem to always think someone will magically come along and make it for me.
    i love cooking–but only cooking show style, when all the ingredients are ready in little bowls for me. 🙂

  8. Emily

    I always put off doing dishes. I HATE washing dishes.

    I love organizing when I procrastinating. And re-organizing and re-organizing and re-organizing. Anyone need organization in their lives? I’m you’re girl! 🙂

  9. Leica

    I always manage to put off laundry until I put on my last pair of clean unmentionables!! Reading is my greatest procrastination tool, can be books, Marla’s blog, Facebook or just window shopping on ebay!

  10. Lee Detrick

    Even though my hubby helps me with housecleaning (we are both retired), I still hate it, and try talking him out of doing it just this once.
    And the one activity I do when I am procrastinating is to log on my facebook………what did we ever do without it, even though I get frustrated sometimes…..

  11. Meghan

    That was a really cute idea, Marla.

    I am a procratinator of making our menu for the week….It helps me immensly to have one, but to put it together takes so much of my time and energy. I desire to be the look in the fridge and come up with a meal cook, rather I am a follow the recipe to the t kind of a cook. (and could the recipe suggest a side too). I’m trying and getting better.

  12. Denise

    Aw man, how did I miss that 7 dollar question – I would have used it for diapers for P.

    As far as chores – pretty much any chore, but mostly the deep cleaning stuff – and I watch tv or get on the computer.

    I need to stop procrastinating!

  13. Rebecca

    Mopping the floors. Thoroughly dislike this chore. And I will do just about anything else (including other chores) before I will do that. 🙂 🙂 But if I really want to procrastinate on any chore, I will say that I need some “me” time, get out a good book, and hunker down and read! 🙂

  14. Rachele

    I’ve never had Chick-Fil-A but from what I read on your blog, it must be really good. If I lived near one, I’d try it, but I don’t think they have gotten as far as CA.
    I had sweeping and mopping the floors. And I have hard wood floors, so it’s a big job……I read or nap instead!

  15. Sarah Montanye

    YAY to the winner! That sounds like a great way to spend $7 :-). I am the queen of procrastination. Always have been and probably always will be. I put off washing floors mostly, oh heck we’re being honest hear, I put off all cleaning :-). I would much rather be playing on the internet or with my daughter.

  16. Jennifer

    I put off ironing. I try to do it when the girls are napping so I don’t have them running near a hot iron, but when I finally manage to get them to sleep, I’m too exhausted to do it. Or so I tell myself.

    Instead, I curl up on the couch and read a book. Which is a lot more fun than ironing.

  17. Marlen

    I consistenly put off doing laundry. And I often find myself surfing the web when I should be doing something domestic, like laundry. I so wanted to put that I procrastinate by going to the library, because I knew you would like that comment, but I had to be truthful =) Have a great Wednesday!

  18. Ashley

    Cleaning my house is something I’m CONSTANTLY putting off (much to my husband’s chagrin). I tend to do ANYTHING else – usually work on the computer, read a good book, watch TV or a DVD, play with the kids – ANYTHING but clean!!

  19. Mary

    i put off cleaning the bathroom. and i procrastinate by cleaning other parts of the house instead 🙂 i mean really…who wants to clean a bathtub?!

  20. deanna f.

    I’m a procrastinator when it comes to sweeping and mopping. I can wash loads of clothes, dishes, vacuum, make beds, etc. ALL DAY LONG. But when it comes to sweeping and mopping, I cringe. Don’t know what it is about the broom and mop that make me queasy!

  21. Stephanie your sister

    I put off cleaning the bathrooms. I hate, hate, hate it. Plus I don’t really care when they’re dirty. But Daniel does. So while sometimes I make myself clean the bathrooms because I know he’ll appreciate it, other times he cleans them himself (and does a better job than me) because he likes them clean.

    I actually love doing laundry, so if I feel like I need to accomplish something around the house but don’t want to scrub the bathroom sinks, I do laundry.

  22. Joy

    I procrastinate my BEST on cleaning the bathrooms. My kids’ bathroom, which is used by 2 boys and a girl, always smells like urine and sports random toothpaste spotches. And whenever I clean it and get it all fresh-smelling and sparkly, it only lasts 30 seconds. I kid you not — within a minute of scrubbing all the toothpaste off the bathroom sink last week, my daughter was in there doing whatever it is that she does to spread toothpaste from stem to stern!!! So since I hate seeing my hard work undone so quickly, I avoid that chore unless we’re having company.

    I also procrastinate laundry (because it takes so long and because my youngest’s nickname is “The Great Unfolder”).

    I’ll do just about anything to avoid a chore, including other chores that I enjoy more, like gardening. I also love to read, though I have to avoid good fiction most of the time–I tend to “fall in” and then NOTHING gets done! And then there’s blogging — reading other people’s and writing my own.

  23. Kara

    Folding and putting away laundry… I loathe it!! It will usually sit around in a basket until I have to wash more clothes and need the baskets for sorting. I would much rather be sitting at my computer designing a wedding invitation or playing on Facebook. Which Facebook time is usually what happens when I’m procrastinating.

  24. Gail

    I put off cleaning off my desk. Instead, whenever I am here, I check my blog, facebook, e-mail. Ugh. The only way this disaster will go away is for me to unplug the beast!

  25. joyce

    procrastination is a bit of a problem for me…what do I put off? generally paperwork/sorting it, filing, etc….its really procrastination combined with my need for ‘perfection’ in certain areas that is a bad combination…I’ve started making a list and not allowing myself computer time until certain things are accomplished…I do set a time limit, otherwise, I think we all agree we could spend our entire day on the computer….off to walk the dog now. It’s on my list : )

  26. Jamie Nygaard

    ANY kind of house work, but ESPECIALLY putting laundry away. What do I find myself doing? Facebook. I need a timer at my desk to limit my time, because time just goes by before I know it!!! I’ve been actually setting the kitchen timer for myself lately when one of my boys’ ask for me to do something and I tell them “Give me 10 more minutes” because if I don’t set the timer, I loose track of time and then make them not feel important.

  27. janelle taviano

    Our checkbook…. a. there is always just enough, or under …to make bills wait…. b. I feel guilty I am not working to get a paycheck and to help Rock not carry
    the burden alone – to where after 32 yrs. you think we would be flying GREAT…what do I do…anything.. even things of the Lord – not to go there… or go to the cabin..mow..what ever ! money – numbers – discipline in that area….never a strong suit. give me dishes…give me laundry…. give me what ever…smile….. we are all so different..but we do love the SAME LORD , smile

  28. Lacey

    I constantly put off any type of housework…dishes, laundry, tidying up for email, facebook, blogs…anything on the computer…it is pretty sickening. 🙁 UGhhhh!!!!

  29. Emily Kay

    Ooops, sorry, forgot the second half of the question. 🙂 Twitter! Facebook! Reading blogs! Why do you think I’ve regularly been one of the first to comment on your blogs of late? 🙂

  30. Emily Kay

    Awww how fun! Congrats to the “winner”! 🙂

    Haha, I totally procrastinate on doing the dishes. Every. single. night. Our dishwasher has been broken for the past few months so the task is a bit more labor-intensive than I’d like. So I fill the sink with soap and hot water (as hot as it will get) and let the dishes soak for however long I procrastinate. Usually I force myself to get to them after about an hour…the water is nice and lukewarm by then. 🙂

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