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Just what you need in your life. More random.

Random #1:
Gabe had another photo session with Coach Tressel and some of the football players Wednesday. A bunch of them were standing around talking, and Tressel asked Joel Penton, “Hey, do we allow VT hats in our facility?” Guess who was wearing a VT hat? Hmmm… Joel gave Gabe a copy of The Winner’s Manual. Fun stuff. They meet again Monday with a bunch of people involved with The Main Event. Ask me on Tuesday if Gabe is still a Hokies fan. I sense some weakening resolve.

Random #2:
It appears I’m not the only one dreaming about zoos. Nina woke up early from her nap in a drunken stupor.
Me: (greeting her at the top of the stairs with a big grin) Well, hello, sunshine!
Nina: (dazed and confused) I wanna go more zoos! I wanna see more zebras!
Me: (snickering)
Nina: (louder) I wanna go more zoos! I wanna see more zebras!
Me: Soon, sweetie, okay? We’ll go soon.
Nina: (goofy, satisfied grin)

Random #3:
Nina and I watched a DVD from the library this afternoon. It’s called, “Go, Potty, Go!” She seemed really into it, rockin’ along with Paige and Parker Panda and their big kid underpants. After it was over, she turned to me and said, “I not go potty! I like wear diapers!” See what I’m up against?

Random #4:
We got new tires on our van. Gabe found a really good deal. Praise the Lord! He had told me, “no more zoos without new tires!” Hmmmm (rubs hands together), where should we go next??

Random #5:
Bible study started this morning. As of 7:00 a.m., I still hadn’t decided whether I was going to do it this time or not. We don’t go to that church anymore, and Nina still isn’t potty-trained, and I’ve got a lot going on, and blah, blah, blah. Long story short, prayed about it, decided to go, knew I was supposed to when nine things happened this morning to keep me from getting out the door. It was INCREDIBLE. Beth Moore re-did her first Bible study, A Woman’s Heart, a few years ago. I’d heard great things about it, but wow. Knocked my socks off. I am so excited to dig into the Old Testament and “experience an explosion of awe” of God and His awesomeness.

Random #6:
Speaking of explosions, Nina had one in her diaper while I was engrossed in Beth and the Word. I walk through the toddler room door with dread after each study, wondering what the childcare workers think of me and my daughter who is bigger than everyone else in the room but still wears diapers. And gets poo all over her shorts. I’m thinking humility is on God’s list of things He wants to refine in my life. If you’ll remember, I prayed every Thursday morning during the summer session that Nina would do her business before we left for church. Back on my knees I go!

Random #7:
I meant to make just three or four quick, random points. What happened?! Have a great weekend, everyone!

30 thoughts on “randomness for your friday

  1. OkinawaAna

    I love that you’re getting all of these tips and suggestions on how to potty train.  Umm… haven’t you already successfully potty trained TWO children?  That alone makes you an expert in my book.  (This from the mommy of the two year old who thinks the potty is a foot-washing basin.  So take that for what it’s worth!)

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    I think (already knew) strong wills run in the women in our family. Didn’t I tell mom “I’ll do it when I’m three” when she tried to start potty training me? I know absolutely nothing about potty training, but if she’s as stubborn as I was there probably isn’t much use trying to make her do it before she wants to. Oh, I love that girl so much. “I like wear diapers!” Heee. Just makes me want to squeeze her whole little body. 🙂

  3. tonialynn59

    Oh that Nina I love her to bits!  Don’t stress on the potty thing. I know I did stress exactly like you as far as worrying taking them some place.  But now, I can tell you it’s not worth it.  They will do it when they want to.  Maybe it was more me cause that just wasn’t a battle I was going to fight.  Too many others then or so it seemed.  But like krista said, everyone’s different.  You’re fine!  Nina’s just fine!

  4. mtaviano

    @bensmomshelly – I would love to do Toledo next, but their Children’s Zoo closes until May. Poo. And you’re so right about not stressing. 93% of the time I don’t care what anyone thinks. If I cared, I’d take some drastic potty-training action. I’d rather do puzzles and check xanga. 🙂

  5. bensmomshelly

    Re #4:  Toledo.

    Re#6:  Stop stressing.  Who cares what the workers think?  I tried potty training early with Ben, he seemed ready…………but never actually potty trained until *just* before his 4th birthday.  Sooooo not worth worrying about.  It happens when it happens.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh.my.word.  Loved Woman’s Heart, Tabernacle study.  I’m still going back to it to recall somethings!  And if you miss a session, you can down load the video from LifeWay for like $5.  TOTALLY worth it!  I’m still occasionally re-watching the one I missed and down loaded.  It’s lesson nine I think, and it has just proven providential that it’s the one I’ve got.  A real pick me up, and sit me back down in humble awe.  You will be so blessed and blown away in awe of Him!  Enjoy every moment of that study!  Here’s praying for nothing blowing away in Nina’s diaper!

  7. kkakwright

    okay, i have commenter’s remorse.  i wasn’t trying to be a know-it-all, the way i did it was “easier” to me, i am not saying that anybody else on this planet should potty train their kids early.  and to be honest, i don’t even know if my way is easier because i’ve never done it the other way so who is to say….i guess not me. 🙂 point being, i’m sorry if i was offensive.  these monumentous (seemingly at the time) hurdles are best jumped at whichever time each individual family chooses to.  

  8. kkakwright

    okay, you will probably roll your eyes at this but i’m going to say it anyways.
    people think i’m crazy cause i’ve potty trained my kids so early.  BUT, my reason for doing it early is because it isn’t a matter of will, it’s a matter or bladder control early.  i feel like i battle their wills enough, you know, seemingly all day every day.  they have been so little that they haven’t fought with me on it, it’s just been a matter of teaching their bladders to hold it.  and i truly think that teaching their bladders is easier than breaking their will.

    she will do it.  don’t stress about it.  🙂

  9. luvmynoah

    Hmm…can you make a potty chart?  Let her put stickers on it everytime she goes?  Noah liked that a long time ago.  I think we had that stinkin’ potty in all the rooms…just in case.  Would she be excited to get something…like picking out big girl undies?  A toy?  Something that would make her excited to earn a reward.  I’m sure you’ve probably tried all of this…just mentioning a few things.  We had a book that flushed….don’t know the name but Noah would drive me nuts flushing it!

    That gabe…LOL on the hat!  He may need a new hat soon!

  10. der_lila_Stern

    #3 – hahaha.  My nephew did the same thing!  He wanted the ‘Cars’ diapers instead of the Winnie-the-Pooh ones.  But they were pull-ups.  So when my told him he would have to start using the potty if he wanted ‘Cars’  He responded “No Cars.  Want my Pooh’s”  (This was only a few months ago, but they are fairly successful now at using the potty… There is still hope!)

  11. faithchick

    she’s not even 3 yet, right?  well…yeah, i remember being slightly embarassed, but E1 just wasn’t ready so i just told everyone that.  and after she turned 3 something clicked.  so, don’t worry about it yet.  Ain’t never seen a bride walkin’ down the aisle in a diaper.

    Our favorite around here is Potty Power.  Matter of fact, she was going through the whole, “Here’s how you go potty” schpeal to her little brother yesterday.  He just looked at her like she was wacky (she is.)

  12. M3mine

    Great way for Gabe to be remembered by Coach Tressel—wearing that VT hat was certainly it!   Better that than a Michigan one though…sorry, we’re ultimate OSU Buckeyes due to Ron’s graduation from there.  I totally understand your potty training woes. One of my children wet the bed until age 11 or 12.  Sad…we were pretty tired of plastic mattress covers and changing the bed daily by then.

  13. ladymiss3739

    “Go Potty, Go Potty, Go Potty, Goooooo!”  We used that video, too.  We ended up with one grossed out Ed, and no potty trained princess.  And I hear you on the humility thing.  Leah turns three this month and looks like she’s 4 (she’s just over 39 inchess tall). 

    Maybe it’s high time I check it out of the library again! 

  14. FlyingCAB

    I love this post =)  I love the idea of your big goofy grin at seeing Nina and then laughing at her zoo demands…and the whole “I like wear diapers” is so hysterical! 

    Yeah for new tires = more zoos!

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