random, random, bo bandom, banana…

Thanks for all the compliments on the girls’ pics. I must apologize for subtly implying that I looked awful in them. Everyone was quick to assure me I look lovely, and that made me feel like I was just secretly fishing for compliments. ( I probably was!) My friend Cami sent me all the pics today, and I’m actually pleased with the ones I’m in. I do look pretty thin, for those of you who commented on that, but in my profile pic I’m 5 months pregnant, so that might explain it.

So, the roofers are here tearing our house apart. I used to say roof as in woof, just like every other Ohioan. Now, I say roof as in spoof. I was corrected once by a first-grader I was subbing for in Indiana. I am the only one in my town who pronounces it like this (correctly).

So, a guy comes to our door today asking for signatures on a petition to make all public places in our town “no smoking” zones. I signed it, hoping I didn’t offend any of my neighbors who smoke, because I love them. I felt better when I saw that my one neighbor had already signed it and her husband smokes. 🙂 So, the petition dude takes his paper and pen out to the roofing guys (who are smoking!) and they sign it! At least one of them did, cigarette in hand. So, I’m hoping I didn’t miss the fine print and signed something I shouldn’t have. I can only imagine…

Speaking of the roofers, one of them is wearing a t-shirt that says, “American by birth, Anti-Christ by choice.” I’m praying for him. I feel compelled to go out and witness, but I have 3 small children, there’s a heat advisory, and I am a woman. I will just pray for him from here.

Gabe is taking Ava out on a date tonight to Bob Evans. She is wearing a dress (and scarf, sunglasses, princess crown) and he is wearing a tie (and other things–ha!). She is sooo excited, she can barely stand it. She has been begging to take a nap, because when she gets up, she’s taking a bath and getting ready. I count myself exceedingly fortunate to have a husband who takes his Daddy/King role so seriously. My heart just melts at times like these.

Happy Hottest Week of the Year to All!

10 thoughts on “random, random, bo bandom, banana…

  1. biblestorebrowser

    I say it both ways, depending on the context or how I feel. Both my parents are from south central KY. Mom always says woof. (And Cooper like woofer–weird, huh?) I think my dad says spoof.
    Where in the world did you get roofers (woofers–spoofers sounds like drug slang) on such short notice??? It took several months for us to get repair work done several years ago–after accepting a quote and never hearing back from one place, and finding someone else for much less. (You could say the first estimate was through the roof (spoof)!) We did a re-roof (woof) three years ago. The guys we originally hired (the ones who’d done the repair) put off the job for months and months so we found someone else. We verbally agreed last year to have the re-roofers (woofers) back to add vents for such-and-such a price, but they never showed.
    I mildly entertained the idea of staking out Bob’s last night to see the royal party. 😉 Gabe in a tie?!!

  2. rachmckinney

    i think i say roof that same way…never thought about it too much, but being an ohioan myself, i think now that i do say that! ha/ anyway, my husband does the daddy dates too, and e. always looks forward the same way. that’s pretty special i think!

  3. mtaviano

    Roof as in boo. Moo. Loo. Except with an f. Or something. Warsh–ha! That’s a good one. I have some blood relatives who say that. Date night was great. Ava was in her glory.

  4. CourtneyMarieP

    It’s roof like woof? What if I say woof like spoof, or poof?  I don’t but what if i did???  Anyway it’s roof like hoof, again, the oo thing…argh!  Cause some people do say hoof like poof.  and warsh…

    how did the date gO? 

  5. Nixter77

    That’s so very cute about the date night.  Not so very cool about the guy on the roof (I am English so it’s spoof), pray God might be working in his heart..  Would love to see a pic of date night 😉

  6. hcole86

    We pronounce roof like spoof. I can’t imagine it sounding any other way. Sad about that guy though. Hopefully he just shrugged it on and didn’t think too much about the message….

  7. ch1pch0p

    ^ LOL ^  to both of you!

    I’m guessing that smoke thing was actually something you didn’t really want to sign. There’s a group going around with a name that sounds like they’re trying to get rid of smoking in public places, but they’re really not. “Smoke Free Ohio,” maybe? I can’t remember? Oh well, all you did was help to get it on the ballot, NOT to pass it. Maybe just look into it before November comes? 🙂

    What a FUN date night! And I love that you’re letting her wear her crown!

  8. mtaviano

    Okay, so I got the shirt and the marker, wrote “I love Jesus”, made the lemonade, ran outside, and they were gone for the day!

    Oh, I mean, I got up from my computer, looked out the window, and they were gone for the day. Tomorrow maybe?

  9. faithchick

    real quick…get one of gabe’s undershirts and a sharpie marker and write: “I love Jesus.” then go out with a glass of lemonade and say, “you think you’re hot right now?”

    cute about date night. 😉

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