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EDIT #2: I’m sitting here lifting up my hands and praising the Lord for His AMAZING answer to prayer with all the deadline stuff and realized I didn’t thank Him publicly. I know all of you know He’s the only reason anything good happens to me, but that’s no excuse for not mentioning it. THANK YOU, FATHER! You’re so GOOD. I’d start singing if I thought Nina would sleep through it…

EDIT: Well, tickle me pink! My MGH deadline has been changed from Monday to Thursday. IF I can send 1/3 of it by this Friday. Perfect. Just the motivation I need to get moving. And to relax at Revolve with Bethy. AND…HH is giving me an extra MONTH for the book. Without changing the release date. Sweet glory of all that is blissful! (yeah, i’m just making stuff up at this point) No one awake in the house but me. TWO HOURS of writing ahead! WOOHOO!

I’m fairly certain quippy is not a word, but my, isn’t it fun? Off to the grocery store here in a bit. This weather is to die for. And no, I wouldn’t drink the Tucks’ water. Sorry for the randomness. Or maybe I was just being quippy.

I’m going to the Revolve conference with my sister Bethany and two girls from her youth group this weekend. I’m excited. I’ll probably be the oldest person there. Oh well. Gabe’s mom is coming Friday afternoon and bringing Morgan and Reese, so they can see Ava play soccer on Friday night and Livi play on Saturday morning.

Kimberly came to Livi’s game last night. They won, so that was cool. I hadn’t seen Kimmy since Kentucky. It was good to catch up. She’s such a delight. And so unselfish to come watch a 6-year-old (she’s not even related to) play soccer. Thanks, Kimberly!

I asked both McGraw-Hill and Harvest House for deadline extensions. My pride says, “just kill yourself to get stuff done on time.” My common sense says, “I’ll take whatever grace someone wants to extend my way.” We’ll see what happens.

I’m loving Facebook. And I honestly don’t spend too much time on it. (well, I guess that’s relative) It has been a gift reconnecting with former students and campers. I’m excited to see how God might choose to use me in some lives–and vice versa. Lots of people who aren’t living for Him anymore. (but many, many who are!)

Well, that was quick. But not quippy. Maybe another time? Happy Day, friends!

24 thoughts on “quick and quippy

  1. bekisue

    You have a million comments. I didn’t read them, so I might say something someone else thought of first. I don’t know. I think you should patent or copyright the word quippy. I love it. I’m glad things are working out for you.

  2. gtaviano

    ^In reply to tonialynn – Ayiesha Woods’ song “Big Enough” is probably on my top 5 list at the moment. Not sure if that’s the song you are referring to, but you can check it out on the bottom of her site at http://www.ayieshawoods.com.

    Maybe Marla will be speaking English by the time I get home? Confused with the quippy and tuck, but whatever works for you women…..smiles are a good thing.

  3. Howdytoya

    Yeah re: deadlines. 

    Random Question: Don’t you worry about finding your students on facebook?  I am worried to “friend” my old students.  I’m afraid they’ll be like “ewww…gross!  Teacher!”

    🙂 maren

  4. YoYoYoder

    I’m SOOO excited about hanging out with you this weekend! We’re going to have a blast jammin’ to KJ-52 and Natalie Grant and learning all we ever wanted to know about boys! 😉 Love you millions!

  5. tonialynn59

    HAHAHA When I read Tucks I was thinking just like Jess, THE Tucks=gross!  Guess my brain is rusty too!  So glad you got the extensions you needed!  That conference looks way cool!  I love Natalie Grant and one of my fav songs right now is by Aeyshia (howevertheheckyou spellhername) Woods!!  Have a blast!!

  6. angntug

    Oh, and I was supposed to take a bunch of youth girls to Revolve but Allen East takes up the majority of our youth and they have homecoming this weekend 🙂 Have fun! I haven’t told the girls at all yet, I don’t think I’m going to tell them until friday morning!

  7. angntug

    That’s awesome, but how in the world do you keep up? I’m not joking. Will you help me find a job that I can work from home and still work with my kids? I’d love to be getting a paycheck at this point in my life!

  8. MlleBaroque

    I guess the weather cooled considerable all over the country?  Here in San Antonio, TX it dropped from 95 to 75 in a matter of minutes yesterday.  It was wonderful!!  I want to just stand outside with my arms open wide for an eternity.  Or find a hammock and a good book to read.  It’s days like these that make me wish for a backyard!

  9. Abs7

    I too am LOVING this weather! It makes me so excited for pumpkin bread, crunchy leaves, chili, football… and all things Fall related.

    I like the word Quippy. It sounds a bit British, don’t you think?

  10. terriwright

    That post was reasonably quippy..

    God doesn’t care if you meet the age criteria. You will come away blessed, I’m thinking…..and maybe feeling a little old. But that’s OK!

    How is Ava today? She and you are on my heart and in my prayers.

  11. faithchick

    i forgot about tuck from yesterday.

    the only tuck i could think of were the medical tucks.  drinking that tucks water=gross. i couldn’t figure out why you mentioned it.  my brain is rusty.

    you sound chipper!! 🙂 yay.

    and i got your message…i’ll respond sometime before 2009.

  12. gsowell

    Quippy is a fabulous word, and I think it describes you to a T. Praying for the extensions to be granted!

    I bet that your weekend at Revolve will either bring back your inner girl or make you feel SOOOOOO old. Which do you choose?

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