My mind is brimming with thoughts on this sunny Monday. Hope y’all don’t mind if I share some of them with you. (I’m not from the South–just think “y’all” sounds so friendly.)

1. So, Livi and Ava have invented a new game. They play it outside on the sidewalk while riding their bikes. It’s called “Cow-y o’ Cow.” “How do you play?” I asked. “You shoot people in the bottom.” Ava replied. Ummm…okay…? Livi explained: “You shoot ’em because they’re cows and you use them to get food to eat, like hamburger.” Delightful. Such a pleasant, peaceful game.

2. We are doing well as a family on our quest for good health. Gabe has lost 19 pounds! And I have discovered Sam’s Choice Orchard Trail Mix, a “healthy” way to satisfy my sweet tooth. Yum.

3. A 9-year-old boy ran up to us at the park today and invited us (the girls and me) to his birthday party at the lake on July 6th. He was there alone. I could tell he had some learning disabilities, but he was so sweet. He asked for my phone #. I lied and said, “I forget.” “I don’t know mine either,” he said, “but it’s because I’m little.” I didn’t have such an excuse. For forgetting OR lying.

4. Our neighbor’s little boy locked his family out of the house today while they were sitting on the porch. His mom lifted up the window over the air conditioner and tossed him inside. It was comical.

5. Speaking of neighbors, we’re having a block party this month. I’m excited to get to know everyone–even though we’re moving. The police will block off our street and everything. How fun!

6. I hate flies.

7. I’m 30 years old. At what age will I stop sitting at the dining room table with my feet on my chair and my knees pulled up to my chest? I’m not sure, but at least I don’t walk around and around the table during meals like I did when I was little.

8. Nina was an angel yesterday evening while we ran some errands. “Isn’t she a good baby?” I commented to Livi. “Yeah,” Livi said, “she’s so quiet and steady.” Steady??

9. Ava’s new favorite food is “”bowl-id” eggs. 🙂

10. Happy 5-month birthday to NINA!

12 thoughts on “overflowing

  1. hcole86

    Happy Birthday to Nina! I wish I could see her. As long as you can do it, I say keep pulling your knees up close to your chest! I know what you mean about feeling guilty, when someone comes up and asks for money I say no, even though I do…my church as this philosophy of buying them a meal, instead of giving them money. But I don’t know what else you could have done there…he might have forgotten your phone number…

    I love how your girls say those things when they ride their bikes – how cool! That’s definitely something to tell them when they get older, it’s nice to hear about those things.

    Hope the packing and selling and moving is going well. Am praying for you and your family.

  2. angntug

    I really wish I could pull my knees up to my chest about now…………..any other sitting or sleeping position is absolutely uncomfortable………

  3. scottnjes

    Hi again Marla! Scott’s Remicade is a medicine that is supposed to supress his overactive immune system. It’s pretty good stuff, the only thing that’s worked on him so far. He just feels tired the day he gets it and then he’s doing great after that. It’s a 2 hour I.V. infusion. A lot of people get Remicade for Arthritis which is closely related to Crohn’s.

    I hope Nina is still being quite and steady today!

  4. yackyyuki

    Hi Maria,

    This is Yuki – not a hijacker (althought between one of my purity conference team members and my daughter Bailey – my xanga site has taken on a personality all its own!) I am gathering you have three beautiful daughters. I love their names! I have four – Bethany (who will graduate from Cedarville next year), Mackenzie – HS Freshman, Bailey – 7th and Sara – 5th. They are beyond the age where they do cute precocious things, however they will never cease to amaze me with their wisdom and wit! BTW – I’m almost 40 and I still pull my knees up to my chin, snuggle up to my sweetie, sit in a contortionist indian style (took awhile to get that one back after knee surgery) and occasionally dance around the house like I did when I was 8. 🙂 

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!  (There’s always an occasion to dance!) Blessings! Yuki

  5. andyhoover_05


    Thanks for the comment. I know that the prayers during that time were much needed, and all were felt. Sara’s family is an amazing testimony, and I thank God frequently for alowing me to be a part of their story. God has blessed me over and over with Sara. As for being thankful for me to love and cherish her, I am more and more aware of what an honor that is. I hope I never begin to take it for granted.

    As for being up way to late…I think I beat you…stupid physics final…oh well, two days and I’m done.

    Again, thank you for your kind thoughts, and please continue to keep Sara and I in your thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless,


  6. scottnjes

    Happy birthday Nina! You’re a big 5 month old now with lots of responsibilities. You have to take your time growing up so mommy can enjoy every little thing with you! 

  7. svdbygrace82

    Thanks for praying!  I actually never met Erik, but Kelly was on staff here at BG when I was a freshman.  Actually, [sidenote: I’m a little over halfway through your book] I’ve been following their website & Sunday morning Bo found out at church that Erik had passed.  He was worried that someone was going to say something to me… so he decided to hurry over and tell me right before church started.  Definately not good timing – worship starts, I’m crying, trying to hold it in.  I end up getting up and going out & Bo followed, but I just kept reminding myself – he didn’t know… he was trying to protect me… instead of blowing up and attacking him 🙂 

  8. YoYoYoder

    That’s so funny about putting your feet on your chair and pulling your knees up to your chest! I do that all the time and I’m doing it right now on my computer chair! HA!

    Next time I come to visit I’m going to have Livi and Ava teach me how to play Cow-y o’ cow. Sounds so fun!

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