only half-in-the-air now

Thanks for your encouragement. One of you messaged me this morning with a timely exhortation to focus on God, not my circumstances. That is exactly what I needed to be doing, and once I did, stuff has slowly been falling into place.

I got the McGraw-Hill document I was waiting on–as well as a deadline extension since it took so long. Huge praise.

Got a call from my agent. He has a phone meeting with an editor tomorrow at 4pm. I should have some direction and clarity after that. And there maybe be a double project going on for the next few months. This is really exciting to me. And I know I keep saying this (just ignore me), but I’m excited to get all of you involved.

Our friends, Kim and Andrew, and their 19-month-old daughter, Ieva, will be coming tomorrow night at 8pm and staying with us until late Friday morning. I’ve actually never met Andrew and Ieva. Kim and I met in college (1996) at a student teaching overseas seminar, have seen each other only twice since, and have stayed good friends all this time. They’re home from Lithuania for a bit, and I can’t wait to spend some time with them.

Haven’t heard back from our pastor about my script for the video I’m supposed to be filming asap, but if he hurries up, I’ll have babysitters from Lithuania here on Thurs and Fri morning!

That’s all for now. Thanks again for your prayers and advice.

12 thoughts on “only half-in-the-air now

  1. tonialynn59

    My MIL told me awhile back that it was going up to .41cents May 14th.  The only other thing I’ve heard is that it is going up in May but no one seems to know when.  I haven’t asked anyone official!:)

  2. luvmynoah

    Thanks for your prayers!!  I appreciate them much!  I’m glad you are getting some answers today!  Have fun with your friends.  I’m sure it will be awesome to hear what God is doing in their lives and to catch up.

  3. tonialynn59

    So glad to hear things are falling into place.  I’m really learning this week that  God is faithful.  Even if it isn’t the way I want it, it’s His timing and irregardless, He is faithful!

    I just posted a couple pictures on my site from the luncheon.  Amber sent them to me.  I’ll post more when I can use my scanner.  By then who knows how old they will be.  Yes, Hayley had a wonderful time at prom.   She said her boyfriend told her he’s been to lots of proms and that was the best.  I say he probably said that to all the girls!:)  Things are going to get hectic here with all the graduation stuff and I can feel myself starting to get overwhelmed by open house.  Just thankful when it is over!haha

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