on the down low

My big secret is not a huge deal–well, to anyone but us. And I would tell all of you in a heartbeat. (and already have told everyone who has messaged/e-mailed asking for details). The only reason I’m not making a public announcement is out of respect for some people who need to be told in person (people who may or may not read my blog from time to time). Gabe will be talking to these people next week, Lord willing.

On another (related) note, it’s hard for me when I have some things I’d love to share–but I’m just not sure who might happen to read this. I know some of you vent about neighbors, mothers-in-law, etc.on your blog, but anyone who has read one of my books or knows I have a website has access to this site. For example, I’ve had some neat sharing-my-faith opportunities in the past few months, but there’s a chance one of these people could be reading this. So, I can’t exactly say, “Got a chance to show some love to Clementine today. Here’s praying she finds Jesus!”


So, I was having a crummy, crampy day yesterday. Felt God nudging me to focus on Him, not me. Didn’t want to, but thought, “actions first, feelings follow, right?”

Then our neighbor Pavel came to our door. Thanked me for something I had given his wife Olga to give to him. I don’t get to talk to Pavel much. Without going into details, it was a God-sign that He was honoring my decision to fix my eyes on Christ.

Then I got the mail. A sheet of address labels from the March of Dimes. No big deal, except that I’m all out of address labels and God hand-delivered some to me. A pad of pumpkin/scarecrow paper too. “A note from…Ms. Marla Taviano.”

And a BOX! Oooh, I do love boxes in the mail. It was packaged in love by jessichick. She and I made a little deal with some books for some beauticontrol. Her note and the things she picked for me made me all warm and tingly. I lifted my hands up to God and praised Him for loving me through friends like her. If she’s not your friend already, you really should look into that.

Speaking of my deal with jessichick, I’ve been thinking lately how cool it would be to start networking with all of you. You know, trading, bartering. Products you sell, crafts you make, services you provide, CAKES. It all fits in somehow to this big ol’ dream I have… Lots of gals, loving God, helping each other…

My mom and dad came to watch Ava play soccer last night, then took us to Dairy Queen. We hadn’t seen them since the beach, so it was fun to catch up. Love you, Momsy and Dadsy!

I already mentioned my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday again, Josh! You know you’re old when you remember visiting your mom in the hospital when she had your baby brother, and he’s turning TWENTY-NINE!

Gabe’s brother, Tug, is here for the day. Gabe took the day off and is helping Tug design a website for his youth group. They’re out to lunch right now. I always know when Tug’s here, because it’s the only time the toilet seat is up when I walk into the bathroom. He’s staying for Livi’s game tonight. (He brought a friend with him, and they have big plans to cheer really loud. Uh oh.)

We are officially halfway through the soccer season. Wow.

I’m excited about Bible study. We watched the first video today (Beth Moore’s Believing God), and it was awesome. Of course it fits my life absolutely perfectly at this very moment. God always does that. I met some neat women in my small group, and I’m excited to see how God works.

The girls have school pictures today. And they gave me a perfect illustration this morning to use in my book. I flipped Livi’s hair under with a curling iron. She started crying because she wanted me to curl it, as in make it really curly. As in, it was almost time for the bus to come and sorry, but I can’t. So, then I catch Ava in the bathroom with a brush, trying to straighten (read: make fuzzy and frizzy!) her hair. Cried when I got it wet and made her keep her curls. Two girls crying because they want each other’s heads. Hmmm…

I’m pumped about diving back into my book manuscript. My mgh project is done, and I have over a month to devote to this book. Would you pray that every word I write is straight from God’s heart? I’m awfully excited about this one…

So, I was almost done running today and decided to turn up my  music and lift my hands in worship as I ran. Then I danced to some David Crowder in my front yard. Then I went out back and really danced to Big Enough (Ayiesha) on my back deck. Arms in the air, jumping all around. Life’s too short not to, really.

I think I need a cookie. Love you guys!

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  1. tonialynn59

    I love Big Enough!  I want to do Believing God.  I read the book and it was really, really good!  Also at least 4-5 of us turned your name in at Lake Ann for ladies retreat speaker!  Then on the way home we talked about how much we loved Ken Rudolph and it would mean if you spoke the other week that we would have to miss Ken.  So I said we could just do both weekends!!!  The ladies are so excited that you are coming back to our church to speak!  And that Jessichick!  I really hope to meet her one day!

  2. Anonymous

    Okay…so many things to respond to here.

    1. My girls want each other’s hair too. One straight, one curly–always wanting what the other has. (Though I must say Emma has a best friend with VERY curly hair, so she’s more happy to “match” with her friend now.

    2. Believing God. Oh boy, did I love that study. “Blessed is she who has believed that what the LORD has said to her will happen!” Totally changed me and my praying Scripture. Savor every minute of it!

    3. And dancing and running (well, walking in my case) with hands in the air singing like a crazy woman…I’m glad I’m not the only one who does it and whose neighbors probably just shake their heads thinking, “There goes that crazy woman again. Poor thing…”

    4. You GOTTA go get some Kirk Franklin–Hosanna, When I Get There, just to name a couple! Trust me, you’ll LOVE it.

    5. When are you coming to Denver???

    Love ya much,

  3. terriwright

    ^Evidently you never sat WAY down in COLD water in the middle of the night!^ 2 boys…happened occasionally.

    Those ‘boys’ are a little weirded out that I blog so publically. They think I’ll get stalked or something.

    I HAVE A DEAL!!!! YOU send me books and cakes and cookies and crafts and stuff, and I’ll write YOU a thank-you note!( I have nothing of worth to barter, except some old underwear…..)

  4. angntug

    Leaving the toilet seat up has never bothered me, so he probably doesn’t even think about it 🙂 I figure he’s got to put the seat up after I use it, so I can’t really get on him for leaving it up…if I leave the bathroom, should I put it up for him??? lol 🙂 Glad you got your stuff in by the deadline!

  5. ClutzyButtercup

    I think about the fact that blogging is so public everytime I write.  I love blogging but I know how easily things can be misconstrued or become an offense.

    I absolutely love trading/bartering.  One of my childcare families got two 42″ plasma TVs as a part of purchasing a townhouse last year.  We needed a TV so I traded childcare for a TV…it made my husband very happy!  : )

  6. Anonymous

    Running *sighs in envy* I miss it!  I LOVE running to music that lifts your body and your spirit!  Although I’m not familiar with the artist/song.  Gonna have to check that out!

    I’m with Nixter77, keep me posted on the networking thing, I’m game!  Spark anyone?  LOL!   Or maybe a back rub from a professional?  🙂

    Here’s praying for your words!  Looking forward to another good read!

  7. Nixter77

    I wanna be part of this networking action – keep me posted!

    So glad you got what you needed to get done for the book. Praise God and also thanks for the reminder of where we need to keep our eyes fixed.. Not on us but on God! I just love you to bits my beautiful friend.

    ps I was dancing in the mirror in the lift up to my office this morning – life is too short not too!

  8. kkakwright

    Soccer season half way over = wow.  Am I the only one it has gone by quick for?
    Marla, let me just tell you that I love you and your transparency.  I think it is absolutely what makes you a fabulous author.  And, I love love love the visual of you dancing in your front lawn.  Because, you were worshiping and it was authentic worship.  You were lovin on Christ and praising him with your mind and body.  Can’t wait until your next book comes out and I also can’t wait till you message me some details about this big change in your life.  I’ve been praying.  🙂  Love you. kisses!

  9. gsowell

    I still say David Crowder is a perfect way to start a morning. I walk to him sometimes. Makes me want to dance, too. My friend Tabie (a college student from our former church) is a major fan of David Crowder. He has a xanga page, you know. See her site for a fun experience she had with that.

  10. Abs7

    I smiled when I pictured you running and dancing your heart out! Obviously you are listening to the right kind of music when you run! How many days in a row have you run?

    I would be happy to trade some financial advising for cakes!!! Such a great idea this networking thing!

  11. Marketer319

    We’re doing Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself.  It’s my first study of hers and the jury’s still out on my thoughts.

    Love the running picture.  Unfortunately, do not love that song.  I change the channel when it comes on.  But I get the intention, just the same.

  12. rocknnell

    Atleast Tug refrained from “peeing off the porch”  like his dad….or behind your tree in the front yard….even if he put the seat down….you would know Tug had been there. Gabe and I was talking about how he calls, hangs up…calls back…and Tug said,  ” it won’t be like that when I don’t have this phone”…then I thot…what would it be like without Tug calling ?  Lesson learned….” enjoy those you love….because they are truly here….in our  homes, now !”  I  know you do !  just an outloud thot.

  13. gsowell

    ^That was the visual I got, too, Kimberly!^

    Disclaimer: disjointed mess of comment below.

    So pumped for your writing. We almost chose that same study for this fall…let me know how you like it! God is soooo good and timely! My husband is perfect about putting down the toilet seat, too…and my BIL, not so much. I know when he’s around like you know when Tug’s around. Funny! I think that I loved xanga so much because it has allowed me to network with so many Godly, funny, smart, real ladies. Have a great day!

  14. ch1pch0p

    “So, I was almost done running today and decided to turn up my  music and lift my hands” = Pheobe, Friends

    You cracked me up. lol

    I’ll trade my PB&J for your Cheetos, ‘k’?

  15. faithchick

    you’re too much!  i’m so glad the goodies made you all warm & tingly.  i commented on your last blog that i had sent them b/c it took me so long and i wanted you to know that they were actually on their way.  but, since you got it yesterday when you needed it, you positively reinforced my slackerly ways.  thanks. 🙂  and thanks for the lovely things you said about me, too.  that’s awfully nice. 🙂

    re: networking.  wouldn’t it be great if we all lived in the same neighborhood?  how fab would that be?  i think we should all go to s.h. for family camp some year.

    livi & ava this morning–what a powerful illustration! so typically female…how do we fix that??

    i just ate a candy bar.  an awana kid suckered me into it (actually, no, that’s a lie.  i heard he was selling them, so i chased him and his mom down before they could leave the church building.)  matt said we didn’t need candy bars b/c he already had a snickers at work.  so i bought one.  for just me.  and i didn’t even consider saving a bite for him.  enjoy your cookie!

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