oh, what a night

I know some of you will be disappointed that our date wasn’t hotter. We got home at 7:49. What can I say? We ran out of money. And places to go. And we wanted to see Obama’s $150 million TV ad at 8:00. And honestly? Sorry to disappoint, but we’re just not very hot people.

It was a fun 4 hours though. And since I have quite a few items of interest I want to bring up tomorrow, I’m going to get Date Night Recap out of the way right now.

First of all, my day alone was…okay. The grass is always greener, that’s for sure. I sat at our big kitchen table all by my lonesome at lunch. My loaded baked potato (leftover Texas Roadhouse from the Main Event) wasn’t as fun without someone to share it with. I talked to myself.

I organized several things. That was cool. But it just made me realize how far behind I am on everything. Sigh.

Gabe got home at 2:30ish. Janelle and Nina got here 20 minutes later. Oh, how I missed that little girl! She grew up while she was gone too. Wow. She kept hugging me and smiling and I just wanted to eat her.

We left at 3-something and headed to…the thrift store. I was looking for something very specific. Solid-colored long-sleeved t-shirts (preferably Mossimo or Old Navy) to wear under short-sleeved t-shirts. No luck. I did however find an almost-new (and with all the pieces) The Game of Life. We played it at Stephi’s house, and the girls loved it. It was 90 cents. Except that Wednesdays are 20% Off Day. 77 cents with tax.

Next stop–Target. I needed fabric softener, kleenexes, and shower cleaner (got the blue can, Kelly!).

Next stop–Lowe’s. Gabe’s driver side window on his car is stuck. And it’s down. And it’s cold. And he took the door panel off but needed a special tool. I’m praying he can fix it tomorrow.

Next stop–Michael’s. Got some note cards (I put notes in the girls’ lunches every day) and 2 silver sequined doll purses for 99 cents each (reg. price–$3.99 each) for Christmas. They have some really cute doll clothes (for cheaper than Target). I think I’ll buy an outfit next week (Livi’s b-day is in a month) with my 40% off coupon.

Next stop–Old Navy. I needed more wardrobe staples. I have 2 long-sleeved t-shirts. My dark grey one got bleach or something on it. My white one has sweat stains on the armpits. Not kidding–all fall/winter long, I wear layered t-shirts. Nothing else. Well, jeans. Got 2 long-sleeved tees. Then found some short-sleeved ones on sale for $5 each. Sweet. Spent most of my b-day money (from both sets of parents).

Okay, so the whole date so far I’d been wrestling with myself in my head. We’d talked about going to BD’s for supper. It’s expensive. I couldn’t justify it. I hate spending money. Especially on something like food. Gabe asked me if I’d rather eat at Chick-Fil-A and spend the money we saved on something else. I couldn’t decide. After my $5 t-shirt finds, I made the decision to do BD’s. And be happy about it. And not think about how much it cost. And try to enjoy my birthday. I have issues.

On the way there, I remembered that we’re in the BD’s b-day club. We usually get a free meal coupon e-mailed to us. I decided to ask our server. “Hey, my b-day’s Friday. I’m in the club but didn’t get a coupon…” He checks with his manager… He can give me a free meal. All I have to do is show him ID with my b-day on it.

I’ve got nothin’. Just some cash in my pocket. No proof that I was born on Halloween. We call Janelle. Would she be willing to bring my license to me (2 miles away)? I feel terrible. But it’s $15. She says she’ll come. I talk to our server, “Hey, my mother-in-law is watching our kids… I don’t have my license…” He says don’t worry about it. Yum.

Next stop–Lifeway. Got a bunch of cards with the rest of my b-day money. I know, you’re not supposed to buy stuff for other people with your b-day money. But hey, it’s my money. And then I see the leftover Bible School stuff on sale for 90% off. I got an adorable brown t-shirt for 95 cents and a green one for Nina for 93 cents. Tiki torches for 25 cents each. Oil for 40 cents. Three grass skirts for 40 cents. Outrigger Island rocks!

We got in the car, and I asked Gabe what time it was. 7:17. Are you kidding me?! I wasn’t in the Barnes & Noble mood. And the mall gives me hives. So we went to Target, wandered around aimlessly for 15 minutes, went home.

EDIT: The girls ran out to meet us and said to hurry inside because they did something for me. “We made you a party!” Nina said. “Nina! Shhhh!!” They had put up streamers and made me cards. And Janelle mopped my kitchen floor, put away my dishes, and cleaned the girls’ room and the basement! Happy Birthday to Me! Thank you, Janelle!!

Watched Obama. Played Life. Put the girls to bed. And that’s all she (the hot one) wrote.

20 thoughts on “oh, what a night

  1. Nixter77

    sounds fabulous 🙂

    I totally need to go bargain shopping with you – teach me your bargain shopping ways oh wise one.

    What time is good to chat. Did I tell you your birthday is my last day of work! Doubly special!

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    You don’t have issues at all. I totally stress out about eating expensive food when I could eat cheap food. Or spending money for anything, really.

    Your date sounds like fun! I love details. Keep it up.

  3. kellycohan

    @jessyomama – I posted about a great shower cleaner (the Scrubbing Bubbles Super Shower Foamer, or something) – it comes in a dark blue can. It literally melted away the soap scum in my shower, so I had to share.

    Sounds like a fun date to me!! Brit and I had a “date” to return some pants to Sears last night!

  4. jessyomama

    what’s the blue shower cleaner? do share!

    Happy Day-Before-Your-Birthday! I’m making a really cool washcloth. Maybe it will be a Happy Birthday Marla Washcloth. I accidentally created a cool pattern in it. And then figured out how to do the accident on purpose to make a matching pattern on the other side. 🙂

  5. luvmynoah

    I’m glad you got out and saved a ton of money!  Man…I need to shop with you!  I’m about to make my first trip to Once Upon a Child after reading your blog earlier!  I’ll let you know how I do!  Your girls, hubby and MIL are awesome!!  You are one blessed birthday girl.

  6. rocknnell

    What you can’t buy….or have a coupon…is how much your entire family LOVES YOU… the streamers….can’t be wrapped…and how ” into it ” they were….and explaining to Ava…why do it now…and not on your birthday…but once she got it…it was ON…smile…. and the cleaning…well… ( that I pray, just let’s you know…I care !) HAPPY BIRTHDAY….YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU VERY MUCH ! 

  7. Airdee26

    Seriously you are so good with the sales and coupons and just saving money!! I could learn so much from you. I try but so often I fail. 🙁

    Yay, for time out with your hubby no matter whether it is hot or not!

  8. freshlyground8oclock

    I love it!!!!!! You don’t have to be out late to have a hot date night with your hubby!!!! lol   And oh my word!… coupons, sales and discounts were lurking around your every corner!  I need to shop with you….

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