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The girls are watching the Brady Bunch (one of their favorite shows) while they eat their breakfast. We got a couple DVDs at the library yesterday afternoon (1 from Season 3, 1 from Season 4), and they’re devouring them. Brings back such vivid memories. I remember being at Stacy Brown’s birthday sleepover in 7th (?) grade. We brainstormed Brady Bunch episodes until the wee hours of the morning. I think we came up with over a hundred.

Last night we watched Bobby and Cindy go for the teeter-totter world record, Greg judging the cheerleading competition (voting for Pat Conley over Marcia and his girlfriend), Friday Night Follies, and Jan’s new glasses. Now Bobby’s whining about being a shrimpo…

Who’s your favorite Brady? I used to like Peter and Jan best, but now I’m not sure. I know one thing–it’s not Carol. She drives me nutso.

I really shouldn’t be sitting here. I need to shower, pack up our stuff and head to Mom’s. We’re meeting her, my brother’s kiddos, my aunt Jeannie and her kiddos at Marmon Valley Farm in a couple hours. I haven’t been there in probably 20 years. I don’t think we’re going to ride horses, just pet animals and stuff. (I’m thinking that would be a really cool place to send my girls for summer camp, say, in 10 years.)

Then back to Mom’s for lunch and swimming. The girls and I are spending the night (Mom and Dad have Josh’s kids while he and Jess are on a missions trip in Philly). Another fun day tomorrow. Then back home after supper. Then 16 of us are meeting at the zoo on Thursday. Whew.

In other news, I got my final proofs for Expectant Prayers (needs corrected by Friday). It’s got all the design/illustrations in place. Looks really good. On the cover is a nice, curvy preggo lady from the neck to below her belly with her hand lovingly resting on the top of her baby bump. Too bad it won’t be out in time for my 50 friends/relatives who are pregnant right now. Oh, well. There will always be preggo people, right?

I put panties on Nina yesterday. Two pairs, two accidents. She loves panties but doesn’t want to sit on the potty for more than four seconds. Hmmm…

I’m in a chatty mood, but I need to get my hiney in gear. Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. smarkas

    @luvmynoah – 

    Yes, the Fall Fest is lots of fun and I don’t even have kids to take! I got engaged at the Farm the morning of the fest in 2005 so that makes it extra special… but it’s fun in its own right. I highly recommend it!

  2. terriwright

    I hated “The Brady Bunch”…(I AM a little older than most of you…..)

    You know, I haven’t found the gearshift on my hiney. It’s stuck in Park. Sigh……………………..

  3. tonialynn59

    Excited about your book.  Love giving your books as gifts for pregnant moms, wedding showers etc.

    I loved the Brady Bunch.  Carol is annoying!  I don’t kow that I had a favorite.  maybe Peter, Jan, Cindy or Bobby!  Did you see Cindy was in the news yesterday? 

  4. The_Fair_Melissa

    I actually remember the teeter-totter episode .. wow! I’m not sure if I ever had a favorite, though. My dad hated the show, so I didn’t watch it too much!
    I’m so excited about your next book! Who knows, I might even be pregnant by then 🙂

  5. gsowell

    Yay for the book! I just found out yesterday that two (2!!) of my friends are pregnant. Guess what two books they will be receiving? When should I be able to purchase EP?

  6. ladymiss3739

    I. Hate. Potty Training.  Did I blog about this?  I’ll have to…if you get good at it, let me know and I’ll send Leah over for you to fix. Sigh…

    And from personal experience, don’t forget to return those library DVD’s either.  They can get expensive.  

  7. luvmynoah

    I heart Alice! She’s a hoot! I agree that Carol is annoying.  When you named the different episodes I smiled as I remember all of those…one of my old favorites.  Noah’s favorite is Little House.

    We take Noah to Marmon Valley each fall to their fall festival. It is so much fun.  You all should take the girls.  They have all the staff in western gear(old time).  They have stations set up for fishing, archery, candle making, basket weaving, stuffin’ a scarecrow, petting zoo, riding horses around the arena, stick horse races, leather stamping…and on and on.  It’s a blast!  One of our favorite annual activities.

  8. faithchick

    i love bobby, peter and cindy.  the others i can take or leave. 
    i also love a very brady christmas from about 1989.  it’s fab.
    i also cannot stand carol. she’s a little too over the top.

    today sounds great!! have fun!!

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