now that’s a strange middle name!

Absolute Final Tally:
Marie–SIXTEEN! Ding, ding, ding! We have 16 winners!

Check back tomorrow to see what you’ve won!

Just kidding. I think all of you have beautiful middle names. Just lovely. Some of your how-I-got-my-name stories made me laugh. (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, see previous post)

So far, Marie is the most common middle name (4 of you). Well, Lynn and Anne had 4 each too, but one was spelled Lyn, and one was spelled Ann. Not sure if that counts.

EDIT: (11:09pm) Running Total: Marie–5. Anne/Ann–5. Lynn/Lyn–7!
EDIT: (11:28pm) Running Total: Marie–6. Anne/Ann–5. Lynn/Lyn–7!
EDIT: (Mon. 8:44am) Marie pulls ahead! Running Total: Marie–10. Anne/Ann–5. Lynn/Lyn–7.
EDIT: (9:24am) Marie’s smokin’ now. Running Total: Marie–11. Lynn/Lyn–7. Anne/Ann–6.
EDIT: (10:34am) Marie–12. Lynn/Lyn–8. Anne/Ann–6.
EDIT: (11:56am) Marie–14! Lyn(n)–8. Ann(e)–6. I’m off to run some errands. All these edits are wearing me out, so when I get back, we’ll close the contest. And I’ll post pics of Isabelle.

Three Kays, three Jeans, two Elizabeths, two Dawns. And I think the rest of you were unique. Some more so than others. Nichele. Devi. Dolores, Corrine, Jazmine, Estella. Isabella Barros de Costa. Georgiana.

Several were similar. Susan and Suzanne. Mae and Rae. Danielle, Michelle, Janel.

No other Rachelles?? How sad.

Okay, here’s what I need you to do:

1. Leave a comment if your middle name is Marie, Lynn, Anne, Kay, or Jean. (and you haven’t already commented!) We need a clear winner.
2. Leave a comment if your middle name is Rachelle. I need a friend.
3. Leave a comment if your middle name is stranger more unique than Nichele, Devi or Estella.
4. Leave a comment if you’re a guy and have a manly middle name. Like WILLIAM.
5. Leave a comment if you abstained from xanga over Thanksgiving weekend and missed the fun.

Coming Soon:

1. New pics of the beautiful, the fabulous, Isabelle Kate.
2. An announcement about Expecting (the book, not me).
3. Happy Birthday Wishes for my 8 (!!!!)-year-old.

Have a beautiful December Monday!!

72 thoughts on “now that’s a strange middle name!

  1. ClearCrystal

    My middle name is Lynn. That is my mom’s middle name and I got it from her, so it doesn’t feel common to me.

    My childhood friend’s middle name is Marie because her mother’s best friend Marie died in high school. That makes the name more special than common too.

    My sister’s middle name is Deane. Does that count as “Anne”? haha

  2. MaganLe

    I missed the fun and sort of have no clue what you’re talking about, but my middle name is PORSCHE !! My biological dad loved cars, and so I was Porsche and my brother is Ferrari. HAH ! Now thaaaaaat’s a manly middle name. 😛

  3. hollydue

    Jean is my middle name.

    I was named after my mom’s two college roommates, Holly and Jean. Oh…and I’m a December baby…so Holly was fitting.

    How are the Tavianos doing?

  4. omgitsmackie

    I’m going to comment anyway. =P
    My middle name is Rae.
    My parents picked it because it was really the only name they could think of that sounded good with my first name (Mackenzie).
    Yet my mom always jokes that I’m her “rae of sunshine”.

  5. Shopgirl0393

    I think Rachelle is a gorgeous name! I only know one with that name (as her first name).

    My middle name is Lynn, as is my brother’s and my dad’s–so technically, that counts as THREE for Lynn! 😛 Two unmanly.

  6. Anonymous

    You don’t really know me…but I’ve read some of your books and ended up here from your site…and mine is RACHELLE!  I haven’t heard that too often, but I love it and hope to pass it on to a daughter someday!

  7. gtaviano

    Does Anson pass as a MANLY middle name for a male? Anson Williams was pretty many on The Happy Days. At least from the episodes I remember watching when I was maybe 3 or 4.

  8. mtaviano

    @kkakwright – If I “lumped you in” with the inferior Elizabeths, forgive me. My only beef with Elisabeths (which I happen to think is a beautiful way to spell the name) is that they are so stinking snooty about people spelling their name with a z. Seriously. All of them. Get over it.

  9. Romans_837

    William is a very manly middle name. William means conqueror, and is the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson and second-in-line to the throne. It’s also my father’s name.

    Steven William (which contracts to a professional Wm.) Pratt.

  10. kellycohan

    You’re so funny, Marla! My maiden middle name was Nicole, but now it’s Edwards. Do people in other parts of the country not keep their maiden last name as their middle name? Most people in the South do…

  11. KmHunsberger

    MARIE!!!! Maybe we will be the winners Kristen Marie is my name.

    And one of my best friends is named Krista Rachelle…and another one of my friends is Ann Rochelle. So there you go…I will share them with you .

  12. scottnjes

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Is she having a friend party? when does that start?

    I’m a little surprised that Estella is unique. I thought it was a regular name. But I thought Ivy was a regular name too and some people disagree with me.

  13. der_lila_Stern

    My middle name is Christine.  I have never met anyone else with the same middle name! 

    The weirdest middle names are usually maiden names of someone in the family.  My best friend’s middle name is Coltrane.  My husband’s middle name is Ambirge.  When people first hear it, they look at him funny because they think he is saying “Amber”. 

    I know that you have a decent age range of your readers.  I wonder if the popularity of Ann/Lynn/Marie correlates to the age group.  My sister (7 years older than me) and many people her age have the middle name ‘Ann’.  Many people in my age group have the middle name Maire.  (Elizabeth was also very popular.)

  14. Howdytoya

    I’m for a weird one.  My middle name is Georgiana (pronouced Jor-Janna.)  When my mom was in her early twenties, her best friend died in childbirth.  I am her namesake because of the friendship she and my mom had.  Because it was so long and my mom loved unique names, I was given my short unique first name.  So, there you have it.  Fun post!

  15. Kdelayne

    Mine is Delayne.  My dad was a teacher, and had a student and that was her first name.  The girl went by D, though.  My mom liked the name, so that’s how I got it. 

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