no title coming to mind

This day is about to do me in, and I’ve only been up for three hours. I want to wallow wallow like a piggy, but a better choice would be to reach out to someone else in some way and forget about myself for awhile. A looooong while.

Called the dryer man this morning. Twice. Cut Nina’s toenails. It never fails–she starts screaming the second she sees the clippers and throws a fit until the last nail is done. I didn’t have the energy to cut her fingernails. I don’t remember the other two giving two hoots about getting their nails cut.

My other “troubles” are better left unpublicized.

…I just got off the phone with my friend Colleen who invited us over for a play date rightthisverysecond. Just what I needed. Thanks, Lord! It’s a 25-minute drive, so I’ll pray for people on the way. Out of the funk I come!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

15 thoughts on “no title coming to mind

  1. ladymiss3739

    So glad you had a chance to do the playdate – hopefully that made the rest of the day better somehow.    I’m almost done with your survey…one more question and it’s finished!

  2. Anonymous

    I love reading your blog Marla- Thanks for sharing with us! I would be glad to do one of your surveys if you want anyone else – and I don’t need a free book…If I need one I will buy it:) Love,
    Anne Marie

  3. ch1pch0p

    There was one point where Tiger was driving right in front of me with his back to us…. I could’ve reached out and grabbed his…. but I restrained myself….

  4. ctorlone

    Marla,  thanks for coming over this morning…it was so nice to let the girls play!  Maggie LOVES having Livi and Ava over and Ellie, well, she’s just  3 year old Ellie right now!  I loved being able to sit and talk with you…your girls are great!!!  Thanks again!

  5. trishlrich

    Clipping Kayla’s nails is a two-person job.  We actually do it just like our dog Dexter’s (except we use different kinds of clippers): one person clips while the other person talks to her and creates general distractions the whole time.  I hope she grows out of it, but Dex is five, and we still have to do it that way!

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