no bloggy??

Yeah, guess who just said that to me from his desk across the way? “How long has it been since you’ve blogged?” he said. “It’s been a lot longer than three hours.” Yeah, no more 3-post days for me.

I thought about taking a bloggy break for a bit. But who am I kidding?

Working on something a little big. Told someone I’d have it to her by tomorrow. Thinking Friday (or Monday) will be more realistic. You could pray that all works out according to God’s plan. I’m keeping my hopes low but also wanting to have faith. Hard balance to strike.

I got a new shipment of Expecting books today. Just in time. Several of you have asked which helps me more–buying it from me, Amazon, or your local bookstore. Any way you get it is great by me–each one helps in its own way. And the fact that you’re buying it at all just warms my heart. Thank you.

I had this vision tonight of getting the book into the hands of pregnant women who are contemplating abortion. I’m going to think about it and pray about it. Wish I could just hand out books like candy, but I can’t. With God all things are possible.

Some of my favorite bloggers (BooMama, Big Mama, Baby Bangs, Brandi & Boys) and a bunch of other cool bloggers (and some real-life friends too!) are going to be blogging about Expecting/giving it away in the weeks to come. I’m really excited about that.

My talk at Bethany’s church went well yesterday. Thanks for asking. Attendance was low due to the weather and sickness, but it was a fun, intimate group. And I got to spend some time with Bethy and Izzy and took some adorable pictures that I’m going to beg Bethany to let me post (she’s using them for something special). Oh. My. Word. I could just eat that baby girl.

Nixie called me last night, and we chatted about her life as a new mama. She’s adorable, and baby Oliver is one of the cutest little boys alive. Auntie Marsy loves you, little Oliver!

Hope to hear soon about faithchick’s new little chica. Prayed for you today, friend!

Watched American Idol last night and tonight. I get all choked up and teary when some of these folks get to go to Hollywood and they’ve been dreaming about it forever and ever. I don’t get singing. It’s never been part of any of my dreams. Writing, on the other hand, I get that. Don’t think there’ll ever be an American Writer show though. Wouldn’t watch it if there was. Been having some thoughts lately about Dreaming Big and how it fits in with Following Jesus.

Mmm…I need to get going. Still don’t know if there’s a delay in the morning. We’ve got lots o’ snow. The girls were sent home an hour early today.

I had a playdate with some new friends today. We all go to the same church, and I’m so excited to be getting to know them. They’re so great! Kim, Krista, Ali, and Crissy. Thank you, Lord, for new friendships!

And for old ones, too. And for people I’ve never actually met. Good night, friends-of-all-kinds!

P.S. If you live close to Columbus and you’re interested in free technology training, my dear hubby is starting up a new ministry called Digital Disciples. They’ll meet 1-2 times a month, learn the newest computer/geeky stuff (for FREE!), then do a Bible study together. Great witnessing opportunity. Check out the site for more info.

10 thoughts on “no bloggy??

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  2. Nixter77

    I just saw this post and I loved that Oli and I get a mention – we bot love you heaps, we must Skype soon so you can actually see him for reals!

    LOVE YOU!!

  3. swbtsmom

    Can’t agree more about American Idol. We were out of town last night, so I just finished watching last night’s episode. Moved to tears twice, in spite of my best efforts to remain jaded and amused. Wow.

  4. luvmynoah

    I am bummed with no AI this year…no cable at our house.  I’d cry a watching too…I’ve had that dream and know how it feels.  I love to sing! 

    Glad you talk went well!  Excited that you’ve met new friends! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Izzy!

  5. YoYoYoder

    I bet there would be TONS of people who would pay money for the book and shipping for girls with unwanted pregnancies who are contemplating abortions. Maybe you could set up something just for that on your website! I had so much fun with you and Nina on Tuesday! I LOVE YOU!!!

    I am going to message you in a second.

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