nixie, mingler with the stars

So, I’m chatting on the phone with Nixie in Oz tonight when she says, “Oh! There’s Russell Crowe!”

Say what?!?

“Do you know Russell Crowe?” she asks me. “From the Gladiator?” Uh, yeah, I’ve heard of him. “He just walked right by with his little boy.”

“Is Nicole Kidman with him?” I asked. Ha ha, funny, she said. No Nicole. (She blogged about her pal Russ just now if you’re interested.)

She called to entice me to come visit her in Australia–says there’s a new Lindt (as in choco truffles, etc.) cafe that opened in her office building. “They have the most delicious hot chocolate.” Yeah, hot chocolate sounds just scrumpsh right now in the July heat. BUT MY A/C WORKS!!! She’s a hoot, that Nixie.

Quick question for the Mom book. I need some thoughts on a couple related topics: choosing your battles and loosening the kite/apron strings.

In other words, what things have you found aren’t worth the argument with your child? I’m mainly interested in little folks (8 and under maybe). What they wear? What they eat? Blankie? Pacifier? Weird habits? What else?

And what things are you teaching even your small ones about becoming independent? Explain that bittersweetness when your baby “doesn’t need you” anymore. How do you know when they’re old enough to do something on their own?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. They’re always great! Have a fantabulous weekend!

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  1. CamilleElizabeth

    I have found a way that usually works for me when it comes to clothing choice – I pick out two things for them to choose from. That way, I am still picking what they wear, but they still get a choice. Some days, though, I do let them pick out whatever they want, even if it is ridiculous!

    Same with food and eating – I try to give them healthy choices most of the time, but I feel like sometimes, eating SOMETHING (even if it isn’t so great) is better than eating NOTHING…

    For example, this morning, Andrew chose beef and pasta for breakfast over cereal (weird, but ok!). He also insisted that he needed to carry it around outside while he accompanied me on our morning walk around the yard – you know, just in case he needed a bite. 😛

  2. gsowell

    I’ve thought about this question all weekend!!! Here’s what I’ve come up with. I pick some of my battles, some of the time. Take clothes for example – some days I just let them pick whatever. Some days they absolutely must wear what I select. Some days, we do a little compromising and deal wrangling. In my world, it’s not that I have some topics that I choose not to fight, but I have some days that I choose not to fight. Other areas that I sometimes let go are how much of the nutritious portion of supper they eat (namely, vegetables), if they can watch an extra TV show, if they can have an extra book at nap time. I’m pretty firm on bed time and nap time. There is not much negotiating there.

    As far as the independence, I need to have my mom comment about her expereince with my sister and me as children. She has some thoughts on this one! I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to teach my children to be successful on their own. They already help me with lots of chores. The twins sort their own laundry. I’m teaching them to do their own baths (they have a hard time judging the right amount of shampoo and conditioner…think I’ll get one of those pump dispensers that mounts on the wall of the shower…). Josie tries to follow their lead, brushing her own hair and teeth, getting dressed, and so on. Every once in the while, I have a twinge of grief for the end of their “needing” me. Still, I see motherhood as one of those cases where I want to work myself out of a job, so to speak.

  3. CourtneyMarieP

    One battle I didn’t suit up for was the “binky”.  I just told her that Mrs. Harshfield didn’t let kids with binky’s go to K4.  She decided  one night and that was that!  I worried she would be 10 before she didn’t want it…I’m half right, she still longs for it, but she’s done.

    Also, potty training. I never really threw myself into it.  I just thought, well, as long as she’s not going to school in diapers, we’ll be fine.  And if she was, I’m sure she’ll need therapy and blame everything on me anyway!

  4. ch1pch0p

    Sierra has taken to wanting a pacifier now that the twins have them. It’s downright embarassing. One day she put one in her mouth as we were leaving for the pool, and Michelle and I took it away from her before anyone else saw her.

  5. SuperScuzzy

    Have a fun weekend!  I’m sorry about all the stress you’ve had lately.   When it all seems to hit at once, I’m sure it would be overwhelming.  Have fun with the girls this weekend though.  I’m sure you’ll have a blast!!

    I don’t have much parenting advice to offer since my kids are still so little.  The question about independence made me think of leaving Tommy in his crib at night and not running to him everytime he cried.  It was one of the hardest things I had to do with him, but I knew he didn’t need me running to him every few hours.  He learned to soothe himself back to sleep on his own, and I was able to get a better night’s sleep too!  It was hard to tell myself that my little baby didn’t need me as much anymore, but giving him that little bit of independence has been rewarding for me too.  I know that’s just a little thing, but it’s the best I could come up with…  I need this book to teach me some good parenting skills!

  6. gsowell

    I am glad you’ll be gone (hang on! Let me explain!) because that gives me a few days to think about this question before you post something else new to distract me. An answer later…promise!

  7. Nixter77

    Come Oct/Nov/Dec enter the cold weather and you will be begging to come out and try one of those ‘bestest-in-the-world’ hot chocs – you mark my words….

    ps yeah for the A/C!!!

  8. OkinawaAna

    Message us with your address, and we’ll try to send some Japanese-speaking Shrek characters — your girls will love them!  And I’m sure you’ve retained enough Japanese to translate for them, right?  (We have absolutely no idea what Shrek is saying.  🙂  And we’re not far enough along in parenting to have reached any real battles.  I would be very interested in hearing how other moms decided when it was time for the pacifiers to disappear… and how they tolerated the mayhem that I’m sure will follow when we take that step ourselves.  🙂 

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