my choice

It’s up to me. Joy or no? My choice. All mine. I know that I know that I know that joy is the right choice, but…I am tired. And I just scrubbed poo off the couch cushions. (poor Nina)

I’m skipping Cubbies tonight to speak to a small group of engaged gals about s-e-x. (I am thrilled with this opportunity, but I’ve been so wrapped up in this book thing that I haven’t planned a thing to say. Spirit, give me words!)

Frozen pizza for supper. Planned some scrumptious chicken tacos but couldn’t find/make time to cut up chicken this morning, and then it was too late. It needs to simmer all day.

I did find time to go to the mall with Gabe, Ava and Nina for lunch. We had coupons for free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and Cokes. Add an order of waffle fries and an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, and we were set. The girls played at the Play Place for awhile and then we headed home to the bus stop.

I saw something at the mall that I was definitely going to blog about. I have no idea what it was.

Malls make me feel squirmy. I feel completely out of place.

I’m wearing a Grace College t-shirt. A lady stopped me and asked me if I went there. Every time I wear it, I get attention like that. What in the world? I didn’t know anyone around here had even heard of it. I should get a Cedarville t-shirt and see what happens.

Gabe is designing a hot pink and brown website. It’s cute. And so un-Gabe.

Livi and Ava are bouncing off the walls.

I need to go. Supper prep, you know! (taking pizzas out of plastic wrap = quite a task)

Thanks so much for your labor/delivery stories! I plugged them into the book already! (this book is giving me FITS.)

Was this blog even worth it? I submit that it was not.

16 thoughts on “my choice

  1. Hoffmom

    What?  Isn’t Columbus one of the FGBC ‘mecca’ spots?  How many GBC churches are there?  And how many are enormous?  I wouldn’t be too surprised at the school recognition!

  2. faithchick

    I love the mall.  it refreshes me almost as much as target does (gosh, that sounds lame to be refreshed by such things.)  I’m definitely a Mom at the mall though.  I’m not cool at all.  I want to go in to one of the cool stores and make them give me a fashion makeover.

    hot pink + brown = way cool.

    how’d the talk about s-e-x go???

    did you say that last sentence with brian regan inflection (sp?).  do you know brian?  i can’t remember.

  3. gsowell

    I also feel squirmy in a mall. It’s so NOT me. How’d the talk go last night?

    And I submit that all blogs are worth it among friends, even if they aren’t full of insight and pep. They may be full of prayers and commiseration, so that’s something.

  4. rachmckinney

    your blogs are always worth it. do you not have a c-v shirt??? i have so many and it’s funny b/c i didn’t even go there:) actually, i think i gave a lot of them away when i lost some weight. anyway….
    praying about the book for you. i can’t wait to read it. remember all the times previously you’ve stressed over books and then things turned out great…..try to remember that. He’ll bless. Give it to Him.

  5. scottnjes

    I know a lady who chooses joy every morning. kudos to you two. I ‘m so not there yet.

    Labor stories? I love labor stories! I can’t wait to read them! btw, how am i always missing your surveys?

    Your free dinner sounds great! You can’t be openin’ all kinds a jars. 🙂

  6. angntug

    praying for you and the fits….i know what that feels like and its not fun at all. i did take all 3 of them (school was cancelled for morgan for a fog delay) to the mall all by myself. i love going to the mall 🙂 impatience with me has reached its limit the past couple days with the girls picking on each other… i am soo praying for you and your book deadlines!

    you’re always getting free meals! too fun!

  7. CamilleElizabeth

    Melea requested mac and cheese for dinner tonight… and Dave added a request for hot dogs in his…

    SUPER nutricious and delicious!!

    I’d rather have frozen pizza any day. I love pizza!!!!!!!! But not from Ci-Ci’s.

  8. rocknnell

    Rita – Margy’s daughter….made home made…home made…doughnuts like at the Chinese buffets……warm…. rolled in sugar………..amazing…I got the recipe…but want you guys here when I make them..they HAVE TO BE WARM !

  9. kkakwright

    I’m making pizza too.  Except I lovingly kneaded my dough and let it rise all afternoon while my house filled with the aroma of fresh bread.  Ahhhh………..

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