movin’ and groovin’

EDIT #2: The e-mail said that 92% of New Zealand’s population can hear this interview. Gabe told that to a gal at work who reminded him that 95% of New Zealand’s population are sheep.  I don’t care! I LOVE New Zealand! From Blushing Sheep to Wedded Wool, Gabe says. Poke fun all you like! Someday I will go there. Maybe I will even star in one of the Narnia chronicles…

EDIT: Just got an e-mail about a phone interview with a station in New Zealand. Yowzers! Hannah and Nix, can you work out a special deal with all the people you know in Australia and I’ll just hop on over to both of y’all’s countries and do some “book promo,” i.e., FUN IN THE DOWN UNDER SUN!

Well, last night around 10:00, Gabe and I decided that instead of moving August 5th, we’d move this Saturday. In 3 days. Ha! I do love a challenge, and this will definitely fit in that category. I’m in the middle of a writing job due July 31st, need one chapter of in-law book written (haven’t started) also by the 31st. My sweet sister gets married the 29th–and all of us but Nina are involved in some capacity.

I’m excited. And kind of glad that it’s happening so fast. Less time for sad good-byes.

One of the roofers helped me take out my trash this morning. 🙂 And I bought them a box of Snickers ice cream bars at Wal-Mart. And Lowe’s gift cards for their last day. I asked God for ways to reach out to them, and he gave me some ideas. Thought about giving them all Blushing Bride… 🙂 Will just stick Gabe’s business card in there instead.

We don’t get internet until Wednesday evening at the new house–can’t wait to catch back up with everybody!

13 thoughts on “movin’ and groovin’

  1. biblestorebrowser

    You treat your roofers well!
    And moving Saturday?!! For someone like me that would be short notice!
    My parents have been packing for MONTHS! (They’ve been in their house ONLY 28 years! They officially move next Tuesday. If I can get over this fever and sore throat we might go help them this weekend.
    We’ll certainly miss you guys, but it seems I talk to you more online than IRL anyway. And I’m hopeful (as I’m sure you are) you will find a visionary church.

  2. KmHunsberger

    Wow…that is crazy, but it should be a fun, busy couple of weeks,hopefully. I am sure if anyone can handle moving, two deadlines and various other details…it is you. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from you on the other side of the move!

  3. YoYoYoder

    Whoa! You’re moving in 2 1/2 days!! How crrrrrazy is that?!?

    I can’t believe you don’t appreciate Mr. Steider’s jokes! I was always the only one who laughed in class when he told them! My friend Kidron and I made up a punchline once and then made up a story to go with it. I’ll have to write that one down sometime.

    That’s cool how you’re reaching out to your roofers (pronounced ru-fers). You have always been so good at being thoughtful and giving! You are my inspiration!

    I love you Marsy!!!!

  4. Nixter77

    re: starring in Narnia.  Once again I will get my people to talk to the Narnia people and then my people will talk to your people.  Really yoiu just wouldn’t believe all the people I know 😉

    FACT:  A friend of mine actually worked on the costumes for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  Wow I really do know people 😉

  5. Nixter77

    I will have my people talk to the New Zealand people and then my people can talk to your people, I am sure we can work something out.  Leave it with Han and I. 

    I have been sharing parts of the book with some of my friends – it is so good.  We are thinking of getting some for our book store at church, we have a marriage seminar coming in up in October too so maybe I will get some copies for that as well.  Every newly wed and soon to be married should have one of their shelf..

  6. hcole86

    Hmm, will try and work something out 😉 

    Can’t believe you’re moving in three days with such a hectic load! Will pray for you in this busy busy time.

  7. faithchick

    i also love moving…fresh starts, etc. I recently thought about clearing out every room one by one and starting over…but…um, i can’t lift everything by myself, and I don’t think that I would have any willing helpers in the madness…

    but, what i really stopped by here to say is that we’re going to miss you!!! too many days w/o internet!

  8. Marketer319

    Ooh!  I LOVE to move! All that packing and organizing and labeling and unpacking in new rooms with new furniture arrangements…I think it officially makes me a freak, but I love it.

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