more than a little funky

I’m in a funk. Don’t really want to go into it at the moment. If I did, you’d probably shake your head and say, “Um…and you call these real problems??” And I just can’t take that right now. Me being in a funk and all, you know.

Maybe it would help if I focused on something/someone besides myself. Let’s see… you could pray for a friend who is being induced next week, and her baby girl may have serious health issues. You could pray for a friend who is 3 cm dilated and just found out her little girl is breech. You could pray for a handful (actually, about two handfuls) of friends who would love to be pregnant right now and aren’t.

Thank you.

My phone chat last night was bittersweet. It was exactly what I expected. Humbling and a little disappointing, but also leaving room for anticipation and excitement down the road. I’m going to need your help come next week. I have to sort out all the details of my “plan” and then I’ll post an explanation on Monday or Tuesday.

Went to a community garage sale this morning with the girls. A complete bust. Except for a Dora blanket and backpack for my Dora-obsessed little tyke. I refrained from buying the many, many other Dora things they had. And Ava spent 50 cents on a stuffed Marie (cat) in perfect condition and identical to the one she got for her birthday, lol.

Speaking of Ava, she’s gone 14 days now without sucking her thumb. 16 to go, and she gets the $20 toy of her choice (white Bengal tiger from Target–why does she love HUGE stuffed animals so much?!? My fault for taking her to the zoo every other day). I’m waiting for a glitch in this no-more-thumb-sucking thing. Maybe we’re home free.

One of my favorite verses that has blessed me this week: “If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

What part of “Please be quiet! Nina’s sleeping!” don’t you understand?? (said in a hissing whisper for the 8th time in 30 minutes)

Have a great weekend! Stay cool!

11 thoughts on “more than a little funky

  1. jbnygaard

    My phone call to you on Friday makes more sense to me now as I play back in my mind what your response to “Hey, Marla! How are you doing?!” You weren’t so cheery. So sorry to hear that!

    I’ve got your girls sizes listed in my van. So garage sales….here I come!

  2. luvmynoah

    Will look forward to your blog next week.  I know how it is to be in a funk.  Know that your funk matters to God and He cares for you so much.  Funk and all!

  3. ClutzyButtercup

    Oh, how I can relate to the “be quiet ____is sleeping”!  When you are napping 6 children in two rooms, the challenges to sleep are endless.  Our dog seems to be the worst about staying quiet.

    I will be praying for you…I don’t know why we have to walk through the funks of life but they just seem to keep coming.  The “size” of your problems compared to others really doesn’t matter…they are still problems to you!  God will see you through and I personally look forward to seeing how He does it!

  4. YoGrandmaYo

         You are so refreshing!:)  I wish I could be as honest as you!:)  I had to smile when I read the first part of your blog, because after you stated your “problem,” you proceeded to tell what you could do to solve it.:)  Your honesty and transparency go a loooooong way in helping others!  As far as your “problem” maybe not seeming like a REAL problem to someone else, if it’s a concern for YOU, then it’s a REAL problem.:)  What I see as a HUGE strength in you is that you don’t “wallow” that much in your “problems,” but get busy finding ways to solve them.  Thanks for teaching me a much-needed lesson.:)

  5. terriwright

    I think the ‘please be quiet’ part……

    My biggest mistake ever was praying for humility…..same derivation as humiliation, which makes you humble. No fun.

    I’m praying for you. I guess we never are really ‘there’, huh? I John 3 has been really under my skin….

  6. rocknnell

    Pr. 16:11    –  Honest scales and balances are from the Lord;  all the WEIGHTS in the bag are of HIS MAKING…..( I know it doesn’t take it away )  What appears to be chance is really part of God’s sovereign design.  HE is guiding you with this whole “book thing”….I KNOW HE IS !   YOU – Marla…. are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.  HE ~ GOD alone…is YOUR personal Creator !  Those that sharpen me….it hurts, hurts…but I take what God has for me to hear…..from them…and I LISTEN to only that. ( after 2 days of praying the blood over me, smile )

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