more old flames

I was so excited to reconnect with an old college friend and roommate yesterday. (She joined facebook and added me as a friend.) We’d written a couple letters to each other over the years, and I have a pic of two of her girlies on my fridge (she now has three. how fun!), but we’d lost touch the past three years or so.

She married the guy I was dating when I met Gabe. (hence the old flame title) Their 10-year anniversary is today. Happy Anniversary, Dan and Sarah!

All that to say that Dan was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease several months ago (the same disease Bethy’s hubby Stew has). It’s a pretty bad case. Would you pray with me for healing for my old friend? Thanks guys!

Okay, so the Chipotle story still makes me want to yell, but here goes. The Columbus Dispatch ran an article 2 days ago entitled, “Free Burrito to Ease Your Gas Pain.” Muy clever, eh? From 5-8 pm, all 30 Columbus stores were offering 1 free burrito (or tacos/bols) per customer. Greedy me is planning how I can get a burrito for all 5 of us at one store, then hop over to another one and get 5 more…

We got to Easton right before 5:00, and there were already about 300 people in line. Seriously. 300. If you’re familiar with the Easton Chipotle, the line went through the store, out the door, down one store front, along the side, then down the whole back.

We stood there for 15 minutes. Then it began to thunder. Then rain. Then pour. We had no jackets, no umbrellas, and we were a good 90 minutes from getting inside the restaurant. We waited 3-4 minutes then ran to our van sopping wet and cold. Grrrr…

Gabe wanted to try another one. We stopped at home for jackets, umbrellas and Skittles. I knew when we were still a couple miles from town that we were in trouble. Traffic was already backed up. We finally get there. Another massive line. Still pouring down rain. Gabe had a meeting at 7:00. We went home and ate hot dogs. Grrrr… We wasted over an hour (and still had gas pains!).

They did say that anyone in line at 8:00 would get a coupon for a free burrito, but Gabe was gone, and the thought of dragging all 3 girls to Chipotle, parking a million miles away, all for a couple (scrummy, delicioso) burritos…well, I was still mad and didn’t feel like going.

So, poo.

On a different note (shocking that I would flit around so much from one thing to another), an idea popped into my head yesterday and I can’t get it out. (which is unfortunate because I need to be thinking about the opposite sex for my talk tomorrow) Without going into detail, I’d really, really like to write some fun commentary/Bible study stuff sometime. Like Bible exposition of specific books (of the Bible) for busy women who aren’t overly scholarly-minded (me). I have a couple Bible books in mind, but let me ask you this. Let’s say you could read a fun book that explains a book of the Bible in a fun, easy-to-understand way, that makes you think and makes you hungry for God and His Word.

Which book of the Bible would you love to dig into first? (and why?)

Have an awesome weekend!! And if you’re up at 8:45 a.m. tomorrow and think to pray for me, oh, I’d be soooo grateful! Hugs and lovin’!!

17 thoughts on “more old flames

  1. Airdee26

    Ruth or Phillipians

    Wow, I’m glad we didn’t attempt the chipotle thing.  I’m sure Easton was horrible.  You poor thing!

    Praying for your friend.

  2. ClutzyButtercup

    The book of James…it contains so many instructions cc. our conduct and it can be so overwhelming so a “fun” commentary cc. James would definitely make it easier to digest and live out!

  3. jenniwren130

    I’d love to dig deeper into James….lots of challenging stuff for areas of life that we women often struggle with! Romans would also be a good one. I too have trouble with the way Paul talks in circles and some kind of a “guide” would be helpful. Maybe Hebrews, too…

  4. tonialynn59

    Too bad about Chipotle.  I’ve never ate there.  Heard it’s great.  I don’t know if there are any in MI or not.

    Oh man, many books come to my mind.  I have a new love for Isa.  I’ve been reading it through since Breaking Free and I’m doing it very slowly.  Love it.  But Daniel, Romans, Galatians, Phil., Ephesians, James, the Peters.  John, just would have a hard time choosing.  We are studying Ecc. in our SS class right now and I’m loving that.  I’ve been using Mike’s Life Application study bible (NLT) to read it and I love it.  I’m no help.  Sorry.

    Also thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!  You’re a dear.

  5. Anonymous

    Ruth. Faithfulness, redemption, love. Sounds like Janette Oke, but God got to it first.

    Hosea. A Christian storyteller’s dream. A husband continually rescuing his unfaithful wife from herself, as God continues to reach out to each of us, despite our shortcomings (many of them self-inflicted)

    Job. So many good themes to follow: the problem and purpose of pain; the tendency of even the most righteous to become self-righteous; the wisdom of man vs. the wisdom of God.

    Esther. Another good one. Maintaining conviction in the midst of a culture that thrives on control.

  6. M3mine

    Isaiah…I’m reading it right now.  Wish I had something like what you are talking about. Or 1st and 2nd Corinthians—hoping to go there next week (we leave Sunday for Greece on business.)

  7. MlleBaroque

    However, I do like study books (i.e. books that make you search the Scriptures for better understanding).  So if you’re planning on leaning in that direction, I’d say Go for it!  There’s just a fine line between “explaining Scripture” (which I believe is the Holy Spirit’s job) and pointing out truths to spark our interest in studying more.

    Did that make any sense?

  8. MlleBaroque

    ^ Ha, Jess!!  Seriously though, I was going to suggest one of the Old Testament books.  Ruth was an excellent suggestion, or Esther, or Daniel…oooh, Daniel would be good.  I would caution you though, some baby Christians like to replace reading the New Testament with reading paraphrase books like the ones you’re thinking of.  All Christians need to read and try to understand the Bible themselves before moving to books written by human authors.  You know?  That said, I’ve never been a big fan of “rewriting Scripture.”  Because, honestly, we all get something different every time we read a chapter.  That’s the beauty of God’s inspired and inerrant Word.

  9. gsowell

    ^Really anything Paul writes is difficult. His thoughts are HUGE. I have to go slowly and really take it apart. And some parts I’m sure I still don’t understand.^

    Messaging you.

  10. kellycohan

    Oooh, Romans. I know that book has a TON of great stuff in it, but Paul talks in circles and can be kind of confusing. I bet new Christians and “old” Christians alike would get a lot out of an easy-to-read expose on Romans!

    So sorry to hear the disappointing Chipotle story. In other news, if anybody in  your fam needs flip-flops, Old Navy’s selling theirs for $1 a pair this weekend (limit 5)… I still wear a pair I bought, um, at least seven years ago!

    Will say a prayer for Dan right now (and you right now and hopefully tomorrow).

  11. schmett73

    The Book of Ruth!!!  Oh, I know you could hit that one right out of the park, Marla.  It’s so often overlooked.  Blessings in obedience, loving your mother-in-law, all that.  I’ve had a tenuous relationship with my own MIL in the past and I could use a good, solid, God-inspired reminder to love her even when I don’t really feel like it.

    I have no kiddos home today and am so tempted to drive a 1/2 hour to get a Chipotle fajita burrito.  I’d send one to you right now if only I knew how to send it through the hard drive!

    I will most definitely be praying for you. Count on it.



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