monsoon monday

I was trying to think of a swirly word that started with M, and not a whole lot came to mind. So I went with the lame and unimaginative “monsoon.” And now that I think about it, a monsoon isn’t all that swirly, is it? More crazy-windy than anything.

Well, let’s just say that I’m having trouble gathering my scattered thoughts. My thoughts that have apparently been scattered by some seasonal Asian wind (I did have Mongolian Ginger Chicken on Friday). Hence Monsoon Monday. There. Squeaked out of that one.

This weekend was GREAT. If you prayed, you ROCK. I had such a great time with Liz (and Scott, Cole and Aiden). Oh, and Gabe. (teehee) Liz and I picked up right where we left off in Earth and Space Science all those many years ago. She is smart and beautiful and funny and so down-to-earth and comfortable and wonderful. And I was getting ready to say we’re a lot alike, but then I realized how that’s gonna sound after I just lavished her with all those adjectives. I’ll say it anyway. We’re a lot alike. Except that on top of everything else, she’s extremely proficient at administration and organization and all that (and has the world’s coolest red hair). She did a fabulous job putting this weekend together (not that she did it alone, but she sure worked long and hard).

You’re awesome,  Liz.

My talk went great. (thank you, Lord!) They gave me 25 minutes instead of 15, so that was really cool. God gave me just the right words, and the group’s response was lots of fun. It was a wee bit different from talking to all women about s-e-x. (if you’re wondering, I’m not afraid to type the word–just trying to keep from showing up on the wrong sort of google searches. although, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to bring people over here for a biblical view of sex. anyway) I enjoyed myself immensely. And if you’re one of the conference attendees, thanks for being so GREAT! And please introduce yourself–I’d love to meet you. I sold more books than I’ve ever sold in one sitting (setting?), so that was just an added blessing.

We came home and crashed. And then crashed some more today. Nina went to bed at 1:30 on Saturday morning and got up six hours later. It showed. It’s still showing. Sundays are difficult for me to navigate. All I usually want to do is come home from church and sleep for five hours. The two older girls want to do things like spring clean! and go to the thrift store! or check out the new pink glittery Webkinz fish at Hallmark! And I just want to curl in a ball.

I feel like I pretty much disappointed all four members of my family at least twice today. And Livi about 10 times. But it’s all good now. Whew.

Still working on our taxes. Giving myself until Tuesday.

A shout-out to my new friend, Mimi. Hi, Mimi! We ran into each other in real life today after meeting online. She has a beautiful family–including a little girl grandbaby due in June. Baby girl looked awfully cute sticking out of her mama’s belly. (and Mimi, am I going crazy, or did you e-mail me? can’t find it anywhere!)

Pastor Mike gave me a lot to chew on with his message this morning. He talked about how we’re constantly defining God in terms of ourselves, of what we need/want Him to be at the moment (i.e., the God Who Provides Free Zoo Tickets and Lodging for a Spring Break Trip to Texas. gulp.). We tend to label and categorize God. God defines Himself by Himself. I AM. Mike encouraged us to “leave Him in the indescribable place of honor and majesty He so richly deserves.”

I don’t want to reduce God to what I need at any given moment. I want to praise Him for who He is, not just how He relates to me. I want to take myself out of the picture completely. EXCEPT. The Bible is full of guys and gals who cried out to God with their needs, who thanked Him for what He did for them personally. I know that has its rightful place in my prayer and worship.

It just can’t take up all the available space.


Please pray for my Grandma Yoder. She’s 88 years old, and her health has been declining lately–especially mentally. I love Grandma to pieces, and I hate that this is happening. Lots of sad family members, lots of decisions to be made. Please pray for wisdom and that Grandma won’t suffer. And especially pray for my mom and dad–they’ve been Grandma’s primary caretakers since Grandpa died four years ago. Mom has been visiting her nearly every day for a long, long time now. She’s the best daughter-in-law I’ve ever met.

Thanks, friends! Nina and I are hoping to visit Grandma one day this week.

Oklahoma/Texas plans are coming along slowly. Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has offered us a place to stay–or to hang out at the zoo with us! I’m chomping at the bit!

Happy Monday, all!

15 thoughts on “monsoon monday

  1. Kaye

    Please know I am praying for your Grandma. So very saddened by this……
    I am so thankful to hear the great news from your weekend!
    Continued blessings for your family,
    Matthew 21:22
    PS Pretty cute button on your blog Gabe added:)

  2. Sarah

    Hey Marla! Glad you had such a great great weekend! And that the retreat went so well. PTL! Just prayed for Grandma Yoder too. Have a great day!

  3. Sandi

    No kidding here – if you will private message me on facebook and let me know where y’all want to go on your Tex/Ok trip, where you want to stay and don’t have a place yet, I’ll do what I can to find friends/FCA family for you. I know people. 😉

  4. Laurie

    Glad the retreat went well. I prayed for y’all – how was the wedding cake?!! Like the statement from your pastor about how we “define God in terms of ourselves, of what we need/want Him to be at the moment”, very convicting.

  5. faithchick

    so glad the weekend went well! you sound super-peppy.
    i remember begging my mom to go places on sunday afternoons. i never quite understood the days when she said No way, Jose. I totally get it now.

    Tough to navigate are the perfect words to explain sunday.

    enjoy your MONDAY!! time to catch up on EVERYTHING. 🙂

  6. Megan

    So glad you had such a fun weekend! I know your friend, Liz! Small world….she was my RD when I lived in Willetts. I was actually an RA the second year I lived there. We spent some good time together during that year! If I remember correctly, she was pregnant with Cole by the end of that year! She and Scott were even at my wedding the week after Sam graduated from CU! Hi Liz! 🙂

    They are a terrific couple and I’m so glad you were able to reconnect and have such a great time together!

    Praying for your Grandma and family this morning! Have a fabulous Monday!

  7. Liz

    Seriously…. we had SO much fun too!! It was so fun to have you around and get to meet Gabe and the girls. I really did feel like we caught right back up where we left off…. um…. 12 years ago!!! WOW… we are really old!!!

    However, I do have to tell you that I had SEVERAL people today tell me – that I could have basically walked up on stage, said my name was Marla and given your talk… they said that we look and act JUST alike!! Isn’t that funny!!??? But… they also said that you were great and were SO excited that you were here.

    I can’t wait to get together with you again soon and I need Gabe to send me that picture of our “betrothed” children! 🙂

    Love ya and miss you already…….

  8. gitz

    Glad your weekend went so well! I can’t wait to hear about these zoo adventures… I’ve only been to a zoo once in my life, but I loved it!

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