moniker in the middle

Is it just me, or do you find middle names fascinating? I’m always asking people their (or their kids’) middle names.

Mine’s Rachelle if you were wondering.

I know some people are middle-nameless (like my poor, deprived friend Nicola). And some people have way more than their fair share.

I’m curious to know the most common middle name around these parts. And which one is the most unique.

Care to tell me your middle name? And the story behind it?

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53 thoughts on “moniker in the middle

  1. Christine Lee Smith

    Lee is my middle name.

    I’m the fourth generation to receive this family heirloom – started on my dad’s side of the family, first as my great-grandmother’s maiden name (I think), which ended up becoming my grandmother, dad and now my middle name.

    I’m a suck for all things vintage and family tradition – because of this, I love my middle name. šŸ™‚

  2. Betsy

    Okay—day late, dollar short. Taking care of two grandsons this week ages 3 and 1.5. My real name is Elizabeth and my middle name is Anne. I was born the same year as Queen Elizabeth was corninated. My dad’s parents were from England, so they named me after the queen, but called me Betsy. Betsy Anne! Go figure.

  3. Suzy

    My middle name is Marie. No real story behind it; just seems to sound good with Suzanne. My daughters middle name is Marie also; it’s great because she and I now have the same initials which makes her feel pretty special.

  4. Jonna

    Okay kids, here it goes… The middle name here is Leigh… but wait… it isn’t pronounced the way most believe it to be. It’s ponounced as in sleigh but without the ‘s’ as in the one-horse-open variety. No idea why this was chosen (mom should have really filled me in on that one).

  5. Erin R

    My middle name is Naomi. I was named after my great great aunt. My mom was very close to her…probably even closer to her than her own mother. So I got to be her namesake.

    Savannah’s middle name is Jill. I have known for a very long time that I wanted my first daughter to have my mom’s name as her middle name. My mom died when I was 10…so this is a tribute to her memory.

    Hudson’s middle name is Joseph. After my favorite old testament bible character and my brother-n-law.

  6. Jonna Watson

    Wow for a second there I thought I actually won a contest. Is it true that there is really another Jonna spelled the same way as mine??? For the first time EVER in my life I will leave my last name so I won’t be confused with my fellow namesake!!!

  7. Megan

    Looks like Elizabeth is getting pretty popular…and here I am to add to the popularity!

    I gave my third child (2nd daughter the same name)! My kiddos? Reeves Christian, Lucy Matthews, and Greer Elizabeth. I would say that Elizabeth is the only “popular” one for us.

    Team Elizabeth!

  8. krisco

    My sister and I were given the same middle name. My mom didn’t feel it was fair to name 1 of us after family and not the other. Either that or she was just exhausted from thinking of names cause I’m the youngest. šŸ™‚ Either way, I love ‘Elisabeth’. I love sharing it with my sister, and now my daughter.

  9. Stephanie your sister

    My middle name is Dawn. It’s named after my aunt Dawn, my mom’s sister.

    Not too common, but not overly unique either.

  10. Sarah S

    My middle name is Elizabeth, named after my paternal grandmother, Emma Elizabeth (though she went by her middle name). I share it with my sister and niece.

  11. Amy

    My middle name is Elizabeth…my parents just liked it. When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to change my name to Elizabeth. I thought it was a much prettier name than Amy.

  12. Rachele

    Marla- my first name is close to your middle name: Rachele, but my middle name is Elisabeth, and there’s no reason for it.

  13. Sarah McGalliard

    Mine’s Lillian, it is one of my moms grandmothers names and one of my dad’s grandmother’s names. I hope to name a child that if I have a daughter!!!

  14. Kelly

    Mine is Starr.

    My sister’s middle name is Skye.

    My younger brother’s name was supposed to be Andrew Storm. But then a week before he was born, Hurricane Andrew hit Florida and was pretty devastating.

    So his name is Luke Franklin.
    Breaking the celestial cycle.

  15. Meredith

    I love middle names too! Mine is Lee.

    Lee is a family name on my mom’s side, and my dad agreed to it because he was a Civil War buff and he loved Robert E Lee.

    I like it, and I like the spelling! Most women spell it Leigh, but I enjoy being different.

  16. Amy

    Mine is Rebecca.

    My parents gave us all Bible names, for at least one of our names: Sarah Elizabeth (she got two!), Amy Rebecca, and Daniel Eric.

  17. Christy Lockstein

    My middle name is Ann after my mom’s middle name, and because she read somewhere that it was good luck for a baby’s initials to spell out a word, so she named me Christina Ann Trever so I would be CAT.

  18. Kim

    My middle name is Marie. I share my middle name with my mother. Out middle name is her mother’s name. I continued the tradition by giving Breanna the middle name Lynn after my mom. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t use Kimberly when she has children, don’t know if they would appreciate that for a middle name.

  19. Kelsie

    My middle name is Nichole. I think it’s funny that a previous post was “Kelli Nicole”, and I am “Kelsie Nichole”. Neat! šŸ™‚

  20. Cheryl

    Mine is Ann, which I think was quite common at one time, but doesn’t seem to be so now. I’m pretty sure it was just because it goes together well, Cheryl Ann

  21. Denise

    My middle name is Karen – and I don’t have a really good story as to why it is Karen….I know I have asked my mom why, she said, “I just liked it with Denise…” so I guess thats why!

    Parker’s name is James – after his uncle Steven James…Drew’s brother.

  22. O

    My middle name is…..Friend. What can I say I was born in the 70s.
    My daughters middles;
    Laine- family middle name is Elaine, I altered a little.
    Anna- daughter #1 named her after her doll’s name.
    Rose- I loved the old fashionedness.

  23. Jennifer

    Mine is Danielle. My sister (who was four at the time) picked that name because it was the name of our neighbor’s dog. Ironically enough, she named her son Connor Reece, taking his middle name from one of our dachshunds. My sister apparently loves dog names!

  24. Joslyn

    My middle name is Marie, the same one all the girl-cousins-in my family have, and all my friends in school. All our middle names are Marie.

    I refused to do that to my daughters so my oldest’s middle name is Elise and my younger daughter’s middle name is Lenore.

    My son’s middle name is Joseph, just like all the men-children in our family (they all have Joe somewhere in their name).

    I know you didn’t ask for that much info but I’m super good at over sharing!

  25. Teresa

    My middle name is Ann. It is my mother and maternal grandmother’s middle name. I got in a bit of trouble when I did not give my daughter the same middle name!

  26. Karen

    My middle name is Margaret, named after my mother, and my ggrandmother. We’ve passed the name down to the next generation but with the Scandinavian alternative to Margaret which is Maret. So our dd has Margaret’s and Maret’s and Mareta’s she’s named after back 6 generations now. I LOVE names, and their meanings and the why’s behind them too.

    PS We’ve got 9 dc so far, and used 23 names already. It’s a hoot!! With another babe on the way. I love choosing names.

  27. Kori

    My middle name is Nicole…
    Korine (pronounced KorinA) Nicole… a very girly prissy name for a not so girly prissy girl. But we gave it to my 2nd daughter so her initials could be MNW… if you don’t lift up your pencil while writing them they make a zig zag… hubby thought that was cool!!

  28. Mary

    p.s. Good call on not buying the autumn mix candy corn…sick! I don’t know why they even bother to sell that one. But thanks for your encouraging words as well. I hate it when other people are right šŸ™‚

  29. Conny

    My mother didn’t give me a middle name & I’ve always been sad about that. She gave me an atrocious first name instead (Cornelia), which is actually normal in Germany where my mom is from.
    I made sure my kids have middle names though – Anna CATHERINE and Andrew PHILIP.

  30. whimzie

    Oh my goodness. I just watched Crissy’s beautiful video about her beautiful namesake. My friend Alison had that doll! Know what’s NOT beautiful? If you cut Crissy’s hair it doesn’t really grow back. We did not know that…until it was too late and beautiful Crissy had a “beautiful” pixie cut that Alison’s mom did not find very beautiful.

  31. whimzie

    My middle name is Kirsten. It isn’t KRIsten, it’s KIRsten. My dad pronounces it KURSten, my mom pronounces it KEERsten. They chose it for its meaning (since they obviously didn’t choose it for its pronunciation). It means “follower of Christ.”

    We actually call my son by his middle name. And their middle names are the only thing “twinny” about my youngest two. My daughter’s middle name is Hope and my son’s middle name is Jeremiah. They’re both taken from my favorite Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11.

    I love middle names, too.

  32. deanna

    I have the oh-so-common “Marie” as my middle name. I have an aunt and a great-aunt who share this same name. (My mom wanted my sister’s middle name to rhyme with mine, so hers is “Sheree”!)

  33. Lee Detrick

    Sh-h-h-h……very few people know my middle name (Mae), which sounds to me like a hillbilly. The story goes that my great-aunt wanted it spelled “May” after hers, but my mother was stubborn enough that she wouldn’t do that. Hm-m-m, maybe that’s where I get my attitude from!

  34. Kelli

    My middle name was Nicole (my mom just liked it and thought it sounded good with Kelli – which is random too).

    But now it is my maiden name.

    Caroline’s middle name is Nancy after my mom and by using that middle name, it also gave her the first born the same initials as her daddy!

  35. Liz

    My middle name is Barbara. It is my paternal grandmother’s name. I have been told that many people remarked that I had such a long name (Elizabeth Barbara) for such a little baby (5lbs, 9oz).

  36. Laura

    My middle name is Cristine. That’s right, with no H. OOOOOHHHH AHHHHHH As a kid I thought that was the coolest thing ever. (shhh, I still do) I don’t know where it came from, other than my mom wanted to name me Laura Leigh but for some reason thought it sounded to close to Sara Lee cakes. ??? My sister (Courtney) got the Leigh instead! I shared my middle name with my daughter Natalie. We’re cool together! Little man Owen’s middle name is Steele, which is my dad’s mom’s maiden name. Husband liked it because it was MANLY. šŸ™‚

  37. Valerie

    My original middle name was Ann-Marie, it was tradition on the Catholic side of my family for each female to carry the middle name of their Godmother.

    When I got married I decided I wanted to take my maiden name as my legal middle name….so now it’s Sullivan.

  38. Valerie

    My middle name is Lynn…my mom picked my first and middle name out when she was a little girl. I don’t think it came from anywhere?

  39. ginger

    My middle name is Virginia, which is where the name I go by, Ginger, comes from. I was named for both my grandmothers, Elizabeth & Virginia. (I know you didn’t ask for that, but I don’t like leaving my other grandmother out. šŸ˜‰

  40. Jen L

    My middle name is the ever-popular Marie. It was also my maternal grandmother’s middle name, so that is why my parents chose it.

  41. Bethany your sis

    JOY is my middle name. (Jesus first and Yourself last and Others in betwee–een!

    And yes, Emily Kay, Marla has talked about middle names before. She had a contest for who had the most popular middle name. Was it Marie? It was awhile ago.

  42. stacy

    Mine is Ileta. I was supposed to be a boy…they had boy names picked out… Well…I turned out to be a girl. My brother wanted me to be named after him (Tracy/Stacy)…my auntie looked in the PHONE BOOK and picked out my middle name.

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