money talks

I try not to love money, but I do like it. And I have some things to say about it today.

1. A shopping spree. Remember the $40 my sweet hubby gave me as a belated b-day gift? I spent it in one fell swoop Saturday at Ollie’s (Ollie’s = bargain outlet/book lovers’ heaven). I don’t know how they do it, but they have all kinds of books and tons of them are Christian and tons of them are new (published in 2010) and ALL of them are cheap. I got 11 books for $40. SWEET.

I’m too lazy to link to them, but I got Stuff Christians Like (Jon Acuff) for $3.99, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (Donald Miller) for $3.99 (that I’ll be giving away…), Serving with Eyes Wide Open (David Livermore), Love Mercy (Lisa and Ty Samson), Transformational Architecture (Ron Martoia)….

Anyway. I heart books.

2. Christmas. I think I might like to write a whole post on this soon (BUT I’M NOT PROMISING). Our Christmases since kiddos have been wildly different (okay, not wildly) each year. One year we got them a ton of little gifts. One year we did the Gold (big-ticket item), Frankincense (a “spiritual” gift), and Myrrh (something for your body–clothes, hair stuff) Gifts. The Year of the Zoo Trip we did Thrift Store Christmas (my personal favorite). This year we’re doing one to-be-determined gift for each girl (probably between $10-$20) and then letting them pick $25 worth of stuff from various catalogs (Samaritan’s Purse, Gospel for Asia, etc) for kiddos in need.

Please don’t think I’m bragging on them, but I love that they’re so excited to give and that they don’t really care about getting as much. They do love to get gifts, but there is so little they want (or need), and I think it’s due in part to all the talking we do about kiddos around the world who have nothing. I just can’t stress enough how important I think it is to start your kids thinking about those in need at a really young age.

Lest you think they sit around rolling bandages for Bosnian refugees (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?), they each have their own iPod Touch, and they love to count their money. But most of what they do/play is school and office and library and making crafts out of scraps we have lying around the house.

Anyway. It appears I did just write an entire post within a post on the whole matter.

3. Love an Orphan, Win a Camaro. A super-generous donor has given Asia’s Hope a brand-new 2010 Camaro S10 to raffle off to some lucky winner. Tickets are just $20 (or 3 for $50 or 7 for $100) and every single penny goes to support orphans through this awesome organization. How many times can you give $20 to kiddos in need and get a chance (they’re only selling 7,000 tickets) to win a new sports car? You could totally buy a ticket for all your hard-to-buy-for uncles and brothers-in-law for Christmas. Details here.

4. One Day Only $2 Book Sale. I got the idea to offer copies of Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time (for $2 apiece) to all the MOPS/Moms’ groups I’ve spoken at over the years, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So, since my closet is still overflowing with boxes of books, I decided to extend the offer to my blog readers JUST FOR MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22. It makes a great (and cheapo) Christmas gift for the young mamas in your life. If you’re interested, contact me via e-mail with the number of books you’d like (no limit), and I can tell you how much shipping will be. (I send them Media Mail which is super-cheap).

5. Some Un-Money-Related Business. Regular post tomorrow, then I’m taking Wednesday-Sunday off. Regular post on Monday, November 29, RADICAL CELEBRATION November 30th, then NEXT READ-ALONG BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT December 1.

Have a great day!

18 thoughts on “money talks

  1. Shalla

    I would LoVe to order 10 copies 🙂 Rich
    and I have been thinking about putting
    a basket together for new Sanctuary Babies!
    Including your book would be perfect!! Plus
    I know where you live so I can always
    come back for more 🙂

  2. Jen Hanson

    I just recently read somewhere about the “Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh” gift idea and I love it. I definitely want to do that some Christmas once we have kids and they get to be a little older.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your girlies are already starting to have a heart for the poor. It will be so cool to see how that affects and molds them as they grow up. AWESOME.

      1. Sarah M

        Just paid 🙂 Just a generic signing in the books would be great……lots of baby showers coming up and this will be a terrific gift. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Nina

    “Lest you think they sit around rolling bandages for Bosnian refugees (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?) …”

    Marla, I love you! This just made me laugh out loud! So glad you’re kids are excited about helping others at Christmas!

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