monday, today is monday

Good morning-ish! How’s everybody doing today?

If you missed yesterday’s post (since I don’t usually post on Sundays), make sure you enter to win a free copy of the book, The Fine Line. There aren’t a ton of comments yet, so your chances of winning are stellar.

So, we took Nina to her class at church yesterday. She was wearing a pull-up. I explained that we started potty-training this week and that she’s doing really well but that she’s never gone away from home. Who knew what she’d do? Tell someone she had to go? Just go in her pull-up? Oh, well. Gabe picked her up from her class. “Did you go potty?” I asked her. “Yeah, I went potty.” I didn’t believe her. So I went back and asked her teacher. Yep, she did. Um, wow. She still wears diapers for nap and bedtime, but she hasn’t had an accident since that first day. I’m a little stunned.

Right now our only “problem” is that she never stops talking. Never. Not ever. Gabe calls her “Play by Play.” It’s adorable, hilarious, exhausting. (and her daddy, who is trying so hard to get some work done on this Monday morning, is about ready to go ape.)

So, I talked to three classes of first-graders (all at once) on Friday about writing books. I read them Wild About Books, which I love, love, love, because it’s about a mobile library that comes to a ZOO, and all the animals get hooked on reading. What could be better? And the illustrator is the Arthur guy, so that’s fun too.

I took in Opened Up on Okinawa and Diapers to show them. Left Is That All? at home. I also took in a poem I wrote when I was 10 (I couldn’t find the ones I wrote in first grade.) and my kindergarten class picture. There were 5 girls in my Kdg. class and 6 boys. I asked them if they could tell which one was me. They pointed to every single other girl besides me AND the teacher. I think the strawberry blond pigtails and bangs threw them.

We had a Q & A time at the end, and they wanted to know if I illustrate my own books. Wouldn’t that be something? And now I can’t remember a single other question they asked. There were some cute ones. Nina went with me and was determined to be so big. She raised her hand whenever I asked questions and blurted out a couple nonsense answers. I was packing up my bag at the end, and when the other first grade classes went back to their rooms, she went with them. I found her down the hallway in another classroom, thinking she was big stuff.

Lord willing, we’ll be heading to Nashville and Knoxville this weekend for some Zoo Visits. Our plans are a bit up in the air, and some things have fallen through, but God always provides. Let us know if you want to meet us at one of the zoos!

Here’s to a meaningful Monday!

14 thoughts on “monday, today is monday

  1. mrshart03

    I hope you enjoy the Nashville Zoo- we just went there on vacation with Zachary (his first zoo!), and I thought it was nice.  If it’s cold, though, under 50 degrees, they keep some of the animals away & you can’t see them at all, so make sure you check that before you go.

  2. YoGrandmaYo

    Oh, my goodness!  Nina is a riot!:)  She sounds like Aaron Figley!  Whenever I would keep him, he would NEVER stop talking…EVER!:)  And that “Play by Play” nickname is so hilarious!:)  Yay for potty training progress!:)

  3. allieanne

    yeah, illustrated pics in “is that all” would be a little much 🙂
    I thought you were going to Memphis this weekend…Knoxville, do you need to stay with us? we are about an hour and a half from Knoxville, so we understand if you have somebody closer 🙂 let me know.

  4. jessyomama

    Nina sounds exactly like Gavin now. His funny things now are telling people definitively “I’m this much” – holding up five fingers and being fully convinced he’s five. And the other funny thing is talking, talking, talking, and as soon as one of us starts getting a little fed up with all the talking, he sees the look and says, “I’m hilarious” and then no one can be annoyed at all. 😉 Two-year olds!

  5. gsowell

    “Right now our only “problem” is that she never stops talking. Never. Not ever. Gabe calls her “Play by Play.” It’s adorable, hilarious, exhausting.” <<< That’s my world. Honest to goodness it is. I love it. And I’m tired.

    I love your school trip. I bet the kids loved it, too. Was this Ava’s school? What’d she think?

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