molehill monday

God is bigger. God is bigger. God is bigger. God is bigger.

That was for me, not you. Well, maybe it was for you too. You’re more than welcome to it. I may/might as well say it one more time.

God is BIGGER.

I knew there’d be a crash after the high. I even warned Gabe about it. You’d think that after surviving 51 Zoos in 51 Weeks, there’d be an overwhelming sense of relief. You’d be wrong. There’s an overwhelming. But that’s about it.

We’re tired. And emotional. And a lot of things are very up-in-the-air and uncertain. And a lot of worries that we put on hold for 15 days while we gallivanted to the Pacific and back did not disappear while we were away and ignoring them.

Pray for my husband if you would. I’m not so worried about me. This Zoo Deal is my bed to lie in. He’s the one who has sacrificed on a million different levels to make this thing happen. And when he checked his e-mail tonight (all 1100+ of them), there were a handful of disheartening ones. I immediately wanted to hand out a few black eyes to some people who dared insinuate that my husband is this, that, or the other thing. They have NO IDEA what a giving, unselfish, hardworking, Christ-seeking man he is.

Grrr… (Lord, help me give this to You.)

So, we got home late Friday night. Saturday was a wonderful day with my extended family. I hope to share some special moments a bit later. Here’s one of my favorite pics if you haven’t seen it. My dad was crowned 2009 Yoder Family Salsa King.

Got home late Saturday night. Had to drag my kiddos out of bed and into the bathtub Sunday morning. Church was awesome. Can I just say how much I LOVE (finally!!) being at a church where there are so many people I miss when I’m gone??I love you girls!! (and some boys too)

Our pastor talked about valleys and shadows and about God being bigger than any (ANY!) problem (or slew of problems) that comes our way.

So, this mountain I think I’m facing right now? I have decided to view it as a molehill. A tiny little molehill. So there.

And now I need to give a little Zoo Party Update.


–First of all, several of you RSVP’d while we were gone, and you were worried it might be too late. IT IS NOT TOO LATE. We won’t turn a single person away who really wants to come to this party. We’re making goody bags tomorrow though, so if you wanna come, RSVP ASAP. We have 202 guests, and our meeting room holds 200, but I’m not worried. God is bigger, right? 😉

–I will be sending out 2 e-mails this week to all of you who have already RSVP’d. The first will be general–to let you know I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll try to get that out later today. The second will have all the finalized details. I’ll send that one Thursday. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to e-mail me.

–There will be a coupon on the 52 Zoos Site soon that you can print out for $1 off admission for each person in your party. I’m sorry it’s not more. If you have a Columbus Zoo membership and can get people in for free on your card, let me know! And if you’re a member at another zoo, chances are you can get into the C-bus Zoo for 50% off.

–If you already told me you’d like to donate a door prize (and you’re unable to come to the party), please mail it ASAP so I can get it in time for Saturday.

–We’re not going to do games (cornhold/ladder ball), so if you volunteered to bring one, you’re off the hook!

–Our friend Jon will be at the zoo signing copies of his wonderful book, America’s Best Zoos. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, Saturday is the perfect time!

–More details coming in an e-mail soon!

Have a great Monday, friends! Remember, with God, all mountains are molehills! 😉

10 thoughts on “molehill monday

  1. Elizabeth

    I wish I could be at your party! I know it will be such a blast!

    God Is Bigger is my motto, hence my blog name. I need the reminder all the time, though. I hope all these worries are resolved quickly and painlessly. Love you!

  2. Valerie

    I love you…. and I’m definitely praying.

    Do we have a time nailed down for tomorrow? I’ve got the goody bag stuff, beanies, and the gift card for a door prize.

    I am still definitely planning on coming….I need to get out of the house as I feel like I’m losing my marbles. The doc had me go to MCE for the lab draw today so it could be a stat order…… it’s come up to 82.

    At this point I’ve just tapered off to just spotting and we’re going to keep our fingers crossed…. he said the best thing for me to do is just pray and take things one day at a time. I’ll go for more lab draws on Wed and Fri to ensure the beta numbers are increasing. The doctor really hopes that the bub is as stubborn and strong as it’s mama!!

  3. Denise

    10 tomorrow right? And what all do you need brought again? I can’t remember! Oh and Parker will be with me, if thats ok! I can’t wait to hang out.

    I am praying for Gabe – and you for that matter. I know both of you and your hearts are awesome and it isn’t fair that people beat you down. Makes me want to give some black eyes too – names please 😉

    I adore you, ya know that!

    Love you tons and oodles!

  4. Amy

    It was so good to see you yesterday at church! Will be praying for Gabe…the sermon yesterday was so so good. Love you, love you, love you!!!!

  5. Krista

    The thing that ran through my head while reading this post: “God is bigger than the boogie man! He’s bigger than godzilla or the mosters on TV! God is bigger than the boogie man, and He’s watching over you and me!”

    Elementary, perhaps, but it sticks with you. 🙂 Hope that things start looking up soon!

  6. Missy

    Aren’t you the organized one this morning! So excited for Saturday! Praying God would encourage your hearts.

  7. Lisa

    Isn’t it just like the enemy to attack after such a God-ordained, God-honoring endeavor??? This most definitely is a molehill that the loser enemy would like you to view as Mount Everest, and the fact that you recognize it means God’s in charge. Take heart in that! Praying hard for you all, Marla, and believing God for rest, recovery, and restoration for you and your family.

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