lions and tigers and bears

EDIT: I just got an interesting e-mail.

Dear Marla, I just read an excerpt of yours on about the first year of marriage. I enjoyed it and got some good advice from it. I do, however, think it is hypocritical that you act so Christian but say you despise the entire feline species. Aren’t we told to love all of God’s creatures?

My reply:

Hmmm…good point. I actually don’t hate all cats. Was just trying to be funny. It doesn’t always work. I’m not quite ready to admit, though, that not being fond of cats makes me a hypocritical Christian. Maybe it does.

Do you like mosquitoes? Cockroaches? Sewer rats?

Seriously, though, I apologize for offending you.


We had a blast at the zoo–along with half the population of central Ohio. What a gorgeous day. It’s always fun when big animals are right next to the viewing window instead of asleep in some far-off corner. We got to see a tiger, a couple bears and a gorgeous male lion up close and personal. Nina wasn’t so sure about the tiger rubbing up against the glass she was touching.

I’m just as fascinated by the people who come to the zoo as I am the animals–how did God think of so many combinations? And yes, Kim, we get a zoo pass every year. It’s a fabulous deal, and we spend a lot of time there.

We’re heading to a metro park after supper. Gabe took Livi and Ava to one yesterday while Nina and I napped. Then we went back and took a picnic supper and watched waterfowl and turtles through a telescope. I love zoos and parks and being outside. There are some really neat metro parks around here. When Nina’s older, we’d like to start going camping.

I obviously don’t get out shopping much, or I would have known to get the girls Old Navy flipflops before April 1. I had no idea that they’d be completely and totally sold out. I was really mad at myself for not realizing that you have to buy for each season three months in advance. And poor Livi–she tried on a few bathing suits, and they just gap everywhere–up top, around her thighs. She looked in the mirror in the Target dressing room and moaned, “I’m just too skinny!” We’ve had lots of talks lately about how God made all of us different and how we’re just the way He wants us to be. That would include my tummy sticking out farther than my chest. I’m learning to accept my body.

I’ve been thinking lately about a lot of things. It’s all swirling around in my brain, so when it stops, I’ll write about some of it. My life is still cluttered and unfocused, but Krista made a good point about it being that transition to Spring where we’re outside soaking up sunshine instead of hunkering down inside and getting things accomplished. I’m all for living in the moment and being unfocused and cluttered if it means having fun with my family. This goes against my natural personality, so I’m working on it. If I die tomorrow, I want my girls to remember me as loving, fun, and enjoying my life as their mommy.

Later, gators! Go Bucks!

25 thoughts on “lions and tigers and bears

  1. jbnygaard

    Hmm…I’m not too sure what to think about that e-mail. People need to use their brains a bit! 🙂 

    I’m looking around my house and I see piles of papers, and toys that need to be picked up, but we’ve been outside enjoying the weather before it snows tomorrow! I’d rather leave the mess inside and be outside! 🙂 I get it from my mom!

  2. tonialynn59

    That is something.  Do you still have problems with your ears?  Is there any hearing loss?  My guess would be that she has had tubes 4-5 times.  I’ve just lost track.  The 2nd time she was like 3 and they took out her tonsils and adnoids.  Then the last time they sliced her ear behind it and opened it up and did some repair work in there.  That was when she was about 8 maybe? 

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    Hey – what size of flip flops does Livi wear? I was just at Old Navy yesterday and there were about 7.5 million pairs of flip flops on untouched walls and racks. Apparently since it’s warm year round here, people don’t race to buy all the flip flops when spring comes. 🙂

    Let me know if you want me to get some for you.

  4. SuperScuzzy

    I’m with you on the cats.  I’m not a big animal lover, so maybe a zoo pass will be a good idea for us in the future.  It could fill the need for actually having a pet in our house!  Good luck with the camping.  I think it’s a great idea.  I love the peacefulness of staying in the woods for a week or so.  Although, I will also be waiting until our kids get a little older before attempting it again.  Taking Tommy when he was a year old was a little more stressful than I bargained for!  He wasn’t walking yet, and he put everything in his mouth!  Also, he ended up running a fever most of the trip and getting pinkeye.  It’s still a good memory, but I’m not ready to create another one like it just yet…

  5. KmHunsberger

    We have a Carter’s outlet….if you try them on her I bet I can get them for probably half the price. Or I could just get a pair of 6x’s for you and if they don’t work for Livi maybe they would work for Ava?

  6. adamslady

    tummy sticking out farther than chest – isn’t that every mom (and almost every woman, actually?)?  we need to reshape our culture’s view of beauty and just love the bodies God gave us (duh).  what i find so funny, tho, is that in some other countries, being skinny is a sign of poverty and not being a person who has fun, thus obesity is becoming a problem in those countries, bc everyone wants to be plump and attractive!  haha!  here, we see plumpness as laziness and gluttonous.  there, it’s wealth and happiness.  we humans are such trivial people, aren’t we?  ah, sin. 

  7. ctorlone

    Marla, this summer you should all come over and the girls and daddys can have a tent in our backyard…we can have the house with the babies…sound fun?  We should have our big bonfire pit ready to go by then…that is if you can stand a crying newborn in the middle of the night…I’ll keep my eyes open for flipflops…you may want to try Carter’s for swimsuits…I’ll bet a 6X would work on Livi and they’re made differently than Old Navy’s…just a thought.  Hope you are enjoying spring break!  Tuesday is the last nice day this week…what a bummer…How’s Friday lookin’ for you? 

  8. Abs7

    I love the zoo. That is one thing I look forward to when I have kids. I think it would be so much fun to bring them to the zoo to see all the animals and to see how they react to the animals.

  9. kkakwright

    Hey, I actually make some good points sometimes!  I agree though, the to do list isn’t near as important than spending time with the little ones.  This too goes against every fiber of my being but when we are old and gray, we will remember those spontaneous trips to the zoo, the walks, the laughs we shared in the sunshine, not our to do lists.  🙂

  10. Nixter77

    mosquitos = no
    cockroaches = no
    haven’t had any particularly bad experiences with sewer rats but = no

    I know that wasn’t a question for me but I answered them anyway! You know how I feela bout the top two.

  11. Hoffmom

    Am I the only one who thinks that lady was kidding?  It sounded ‘tongue-in-cheek’ to me….that’s what I thought until I read your response and realized you took her seriously.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell in e-mail whether they’re joking or not.  I can’t imagine that she was being serious.  Here’s hoping you get a quick e-mail back on your reply.  🙂

  12. Nixter77

    I love the zoo too, we have a super cool zoo here. Maybe you can come and visit – remember you will get to see those lovely monkeys, I mean kookaburras 😉

    nixie = they sounds like monkeys but look like birds – Hmmm

  13. YoGrandmaYo

         You’re a WONDERFUL mommy, and I’m very proud of you!  I have learned alot from you about getting out of my “comfort zone.”  You’re doing a great job!  And I love it when you take the time to talk to your girls about things that concern them, and make a “spiritual” lesson out of it!  “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”:)  Love you!:)

  14. mrsnorthern8605

    interesting email…sounds like someone may have a stick up some place I can’t mention. Just because you don’t like a creature of God doesn’t make you hypocritical…and also, what about food you don’t like, or shows, or things of that nature? I think she was just trying to be rude…sorry..and for the record…if that’s the case, then I am a huge hypocritical Christian and I should be shunned.

  15. KmHunsberger

    What is a metro park?

    Interesting email…I applaud you for writing back. If I were in your shoes I think I would be too dumbfounded that people actually think and say those things to respond. Your response was perfect.

  16. ch1pch0p

    Have you checked all the Old Navys?? They can’t all be sold out, right?? That’s too bad! Glad you had such a wonderful time!!!

    How many metro parks have you been to? I run at SW all the time and LOVE it. Tonight we’re going to run at Antrim. Not a Metro, but a nice park all the same!

  17. tonialynn59

    Sounds like you had a fun day.  It is rather cool here today.  They said 70’s but there’s no way it’s that warm.  I’m cold!  It is windy!  Anyway I’m glad you had fun.  Did you send me anymore of the postcards?  I only have a few BB (like 4) left and a handful of the other book.  I talked a little bit about your books in our small group last night.  That was interesting!haha  Some wanted to know about our speaker for the luncheon!

  18. Hoffmom

    We love that zoo….we try to go every time we’re in OH.  Last time, we went right before closing and discovered that the animals are very active at that time.  I think b/c close to feeding?  If we lived there, we’d for sure have a pass.

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