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Thought I’d share some posts that have blessed me this week. They just might bless you too.

–Answered prayers (thank you, Jesus!) for this precious little girl and her family. (The x-rays came back completely normal!)

–A sweet tribute my brother-in-law wrote to his wife.

–You sweet single gals HAVE to read this (and the rest of you should read it too). I met Lindsee in Houston in January and not only is she stinking gorgeous, she’s stinking awesome.

This heart-wrenching post written by a military wife whose husband is deployed. (Be sure to click on Part 1 too)

–A powerful, beautiful seatbelt ad (of all things).

–I cannot wait to do this with my husband.

–There’s something about this Missy Girl that always gets me laughing, whether she’s talking about fanny packs or turning 40 or whatever.

These comments blew me away yesterday afternoon. Thank you, Gabe, Holly, Peter, Brian and Jill.

Did something bless you this week? Leave a link!

And have an awesome weekend, friends!

3 thoughts on “linky lovin'

  1. Lindsee

    Marla, thank you for the link love and your sweet words! Truly means so much to me. I hope those that are read it are encouraged by the Lord! Have a great weekend!

  2. Stephanie your sister

    My heart broke reading the deployment post. I don’t know how those women do it. Especially the ones without God’s grace and peace.

    I didn’t even know Daniel wrote that blog. I was fully expecting to see something written by Tug or Stewart when I clicked on the link. 🙂 I love my husband.

    And thank you for all the sweet things you wrote in your comment. Reading your and Jen’s comments was as encouraging and uplifting as the blog itself. You all just made my day. For real.

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