kibbles and bits

Good morning! Guess who is home alone? Me! This is weird. Nina is at Grandma’s. Gabe left for a meeting at 8:00. I took the girls down to the bus stop at 8:25.

And now what do I do?!?! (“What are you going to do all day?” Livi asked me before she left. “I’m sure I’ll think of something.”)

Last night was fun. We told the older two we’d do something Big Girlish since Nina wasn’t here. Can I just say that I had all kinds of fun but there was this nagging feeling in my gut that never went away? Part of us was missing. Nina, by the way, is having a riot of a time with her cousins Reese (3) and Tanner (2).

A little background on our fun night. So, Livi’s been saving her money for a long time. She had enough to buy an American Girl knock-off at Target for $21.99. We went on Sunday and she bought “Sunnie.” Ava, who has been spending her money on meaningless trinkets, cried and cried and cried. And cried and cried. She had $9. I told her if she saved her allowance for the next 7 weeks she’d have enough money. She kept crying.

When we got home, I told her she could gather up some toys and dolls she didn’t want, and I’d take them to Once Upon a Child to see if they’d give us any money. She did. And I added some shoes and clothes Nina has outgrown and some toys she doesn’t play with.

$38. Sweet. When the girls got home from school, I surprised Ava with enough $ to buy her doll. And Livi had enough to buy an outfit.

First stop–Taco Bell for free tacos (World Series promo). Our bill came to $6.66. I won’t waste time on the implications of this (exactly one week before the election…).

Next stop–Best Buy. A few months ago, Gabe’s mom bought a laptop, projector and camera to take to Africa with her for the pastor over there. She used Gabe’s Best Buy card. He got a $20 coupon. We bought Expelled for one of you! Still time to enter the drawing! It was $19.99, so we had to buy something else to get it over $20. We bought a 10-piece pack of Hubba Bubba and had a blast-and-a-half blowing bubbles in the car. So worth the $1.57. Huge answer to prayer, because I was starting to wonder why I was giving away something I couldn’t afford.

Next stop–Target. All out of dolls. Eek!

Next stop–another Target eight minutes away. Gotta love living in the big city. Ava bought “Sandie” and Livi got a cute outfit. Gabe got a text message (while we were checking out) from our friend Holly who told us that Barnes & Noble had just opened a new store. We just so happened to be right next door practically.

Free cookies! And cake! And punch! And coffee samples! And fruit, veggies & dip, cheese & crackers! It was fabulous.

Gabe will be home at 2:30, I see my baby at 3:30, then off on a date (it’s been a loooooong time) with hubby for my b-day.

My life is not without rough patches at the moment, but I’m basking in His blessings today. Praise you, Lord!

Have yourself a lovely little Wednesday!

12 thoughts on “kibbles and bits

  1. KmHunsberger

    That is so my kind of night…love everything about it (except the nagging feeling of NIna not being there)…I totally get that feeling. I think you are a fab, fab, fab mom. I really really do. And I think Gabe is fantastico for giving up his Best Buy card to buy a movie for someone you don’t even know. Wowzers…ya all are pretty special.

  2. faithchick

    i know that nagging feeling, too.  it’s hard when a person you’re so tied to isn’t in sight!
    sounds like a fabulous, fabulous evening!!
    see if you can make tonight even better!

  3. schmett73

    Marla, Jeremiah 29:11 has been echoing in my head for over a week and it gets more persistent as the days roll on:

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Don’t know exactly why I feel compelled to share that with you, but I felt like you needed to hear it.  Hang in there and feel loved!

    Blessings ~ Lisa

  4. luvmynoah

    What a wonderful day!!  I’m glad you had big girl time!  I know how important that is to Noah with Little T always on his heals!  Those dolls sound so cute!  I can’t wait to see pictures of them with their new mamas. 

    Have a hot date would you please?  Have fun!!!!

  5. shannahhogue

    Basking in the blessings…yep, I’m there, too, today. It’s much better than the perpetual whine that’s been coming out of my mouth recently. I wonder why I wait so long to try this…

  6. kellycohan

    WHAT a fun night! God is so so good. I think that’s the main thing I get from reading your posts – how good God is. Thanks for giving him the glory, instead of chalking things (like the Best Buy gift card, or the call about the new B&N) up to coincidence. It’s so refreshing and encouraging. Big thank you.

  7. tonialynn59

    Sounds like you had a fun night with your girls!!

    Well till 2:30, alone, I’m thinking you will find something to do!!  I know that nagging feeling in your gut.  I had that everytime Justin went to camp and yet I knew he was having fun and it was good for him, for us but that feeling didn’t leave for very long.  Enjoy your time alone.

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