i’ve got friends in random places

Some of you asked me for links to the blogs I read on a regular (some weekly-ish, some every day) basis. I’m going to give you five tonight and some more later.  I’ll try to tell you some or all of the following about each one: who the blogger is, why I like her blog, what it’s about, how it might improve your life, whether or not I’ve met the person in real life.

And here we go!

I’ll start with BooMama. (a.k.a. Sophie) I wasn’t going to pick favorites, but I can’t help it. (She’s pretty nigh my favorite. Shhh…don’t tell!) She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met (and I did get to meet her in real life at She Speaks). She’s a 30-something wife, mama to a little boy, regular kind of gal who now has thousands of people visiting her blog each day. She lives in Alabama and has the coolest accent you can imagine. She loves Jesus, and she’s the most genuine person ever. We e-mail back and forth every now and again, and she’s always brightening my day and cracking me stinkin’ up. I could go on and on…

I was about ready to say that I know Joanne in real life when I remembered that I actually don’t. It sure feels like it though! (I feel the same way about you, Missy!) I quoted her and her hubby (Toben Heim) in Blushing, then my agent gave me a proposal of hers to look at as an example for one of mine. It was for her book Living Simply. I read for about three seconds, and my heart started pounding. She was such a kindred spirit!! I asked Bill how I could contact her, and the rest is history. She has two beautiful daughters, a hubby who looked like Gabe in high school, and she’s the most crafty person I know. She loves the Lord and is passionate about serving Him as a wife, mom, homemaker, author, speaker and friend. Love her!

You might remember me talking about Baby Bangs. (a.k.a. Amanda) She wrote that sweet post about Diapers and got me all kinds of book orders from Texas, her home state. She’s a wife, mom to a cute little guy, and works part-time for LPM, her mama’s ministry (and another blog I love). She’s got a heart of gold, and she’s funny, honest, caring, godly, and beautiful inside and out. Her e-mails are always sooo encouraging. She’s a real gem, and someday we’ll meet in real life.

Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent, and if you have any interest in writing a book someday, her blog is a MUST-READ. I can’t even tell you. She gives amazing insight into the world of publishing. Advice, encouragement, inside scoop. Most people would charge $ for this stuff, and she’s offering it for free. She’s unbelievable. And she loves the Lord and is passionate about serving Him with the skills He’s given her. Anything you want to know about book publishing, you’ll find on her blog. And she’s funny too. And interesting. Good, good stuff.

And last (for now) but not least, Bring the Rain. Angie Smith is the mama of Audrey, the little baby who lived for a couple hours and died back in March. I know a lot of you have already visited her blog and read her story. She is an amazing writer. Gut-honest, funny, thought-provoking, oozing with the Holy Spirit. She writes about her pain and the joy God is bringing her through it. It’s incredible.

More later. Have a great night! (Remind me to tell you who I saw at the zoo today…)

12 thoughts on “i’ve got friends in random places

  1. singenschmetterling

    Marla, I’m loving this.  Keep them coming.  I feel so encouraged reading these blogs!!!  It’s so amazing to know that we can bless each other this way.  Ya know?

    Hope you are having an awesome week!!!

  2. ladymiss3739

    Am I the Missy you mean?  I know you know two of us, right?  Either way, I’d still like to meet up with you sometime.    Gabe is still one halo short of an angel, so maybe later this summer? 

  3. tonialynn59

    I have most of those bookmarked because of you.  When you share something you like I ususally bookmark it even if I can’t check it till later.  Love Boo Mama’s, Amanda’s, LPM blog and Bring the rain.  I am not a writer.  I need to check out Joanne’s because I read The Simple Wife and loved it!

  4. Anonymous

    Awww…you’re so sweet.

    I feel just the same way about you…like we’ve met and then I remember we that haven’t–at least not IRL. But kindred spirits just are–whether they live in the same state or not!

    Love you dearly!


  5. ergirl053

    Thanks for the list. I can’t wait to find out who you saw at the zoo today. Maybe, someday soon, you’ll be saying “I met Nichole at the zoo today” 🙂

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