it’s tomorrow.

I meant to be in bed by now. Could I ask you to pray for me tomorrow (today)? I’m speaking at a MOPS group here in C-bus at 10:00 a.m. Their topic of choice is you-know-what. I’ve done this talk the most, so I’m most comfortable with it. But I still need lots of prayer that I’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit and totally in tune with what God wants to say to these women. I need to focus on them, not me. Need to forget the fact that I haven’t been feeling well (I just started feeling better in the last few hours. Hooray!) and the fact that I totally forgot I had a speaking thing tomorrow. I knew yesterday and for a couple hours this morning. Then my mind went blanko until 10pm tonight. Anyway. It’s all good now. Everything’s ready to go.

Gabe’s watching a video on his computer of some comedian who is hardly funny at all, yet somehow is making Gabe cry. If you’re really tired and feeling punchy, I can see how he’d be hilarious. Very dry (borderline brilliant) humor. One of his jokes caught my attention just now because he started with, “I want to put a big map on my wall and stick pins in all the places I’ve visited.” (how fun!) Then he says, “First I’m going to have to travel to the top two corners of the map so it don’t fall down.”

The girls played their last soccer game tonight. They did awesome, won 3-2. They finished the season 7-3 and handed the Green Team their first loss. It was really cool.

Gabe went to a meeting at OSU tonight where they handed out the flyers, posters and door hangers he designed for The Main Event. They got 200,000 or so printed and gave them to pastors and other ministries who are sponsoring the event. If you want some, let me know. You can come pick them up. I’ll blog later (maybe) about some opposition from the university that reeks of persecution of Christians (if you ask me, which no one has).

I bought a 4-piece queen-sized sheet set at the thrift store for $5.00. Super nice, just the right color, Liz Claiborne, perfect condition. It’s one of the things I prayed I’d find. Woohoo!

One more joke from lame comedian guy–“I want to get a vending machine with fun-sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. You’ll be mad, but it’ll be too late.”

(His name is Mitch Hedberg, I just found out. Not recommending him, just giving credit where credit is due.)

Okay, really need to get to bed. Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. ClutzyButtercup

    Unfortunately, alot of public universities are “anti-Christian”.  Having a son at a public university has taught me much about the university agenda.  At orientation (over 3 years ago) they showed a video that gave an overview of required areas of studies.  When one of the history profs spoke on the video he said that every student had to take an eastern history class so they would learn that there wasn’t “one truth”.  My son just looked at me and rolled his eyes…I wasn’t upset he rolled his eyes that time!

  2. mtaviano

    @stephaniedawnbasham – In a nutshell, they’re (the University) complaining about hundreds of details. “You can’t use scarlet and gray in your promo materials. The guys can’t wear red jerseys. Your “O” can’t be a “block O.” You can’t use stripes.” Gabe and Joel (Penton) bent over backward to satisfy their every complaint, and they STILL won’t let up. The brochures are MAROON, and the folks are still whining. Some of the guys are saying that no other religious group gets this kind of heat. Only Christians. There’s more…

  3. kkakwright

    you’ll do great.  🙂  i prayed for you.

    will you do me a huge favor and message me those 3 questions from your Bible study about the difference between satan attacks and God trying to get your attention.  Mucho thankso! 🙂

  4. poppydodds

    HI… my hubby LOVES, and I mean LOVES Mitch Hedberg. I used to not like him, but now there is a special place in my heart for him, because he passed away several years ago of a drug overdose.

    Have you heard his sketch about the donuts… hilarious!

    I’m praying for you this morning!!


  5. FlyingCAB

    Praying for the MOPs talk – I’m sure it will be great.  Awesome about the sheets deal =)  LOVE DEALS.  And I’ll admit, I thought those jokes were funny – I might look him up 😉

  6. Airdee26

    Praying for you today!!

    Sonny gets to laughing so hard at comedian’s like that. It’s almost more funny to watch Sonny being entertained 🙂

    Wow, great deal on the sheets. I need to start praying before I go shopping as well because I’m in need of sheets. 🙂 $5 sounds great to me!! Off to Once Upon a child today…so pray for some great finds 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Good morning, Marla!

    I’ve got to go get in the shower because I’m off to Broomfield to speak at MOPS there. I’ll be praying for you this morning! And you can pray for me. Then we’ll both be covered!

    Do you set out your clothes the night before? Just curious…



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