items of interest

Well, they are to me anyway. I can’t speak for you. In no particular order…

1.) I’ll be blogging tomorrow (Sunday) about a book called The Fine Line that a friend of ours wrote. Kary (the author) came over today and brought…Pei Wei. Yes, I can be bought. Even if I didn’t like his book at all, I’d still say nice things about it after that (it’s the ginger broccoli chicken talking!). 

2.) If anyone has a Michael’s coupon for 40% or 50% off a single item and you don’t care to use it, and you can send it to me before it expires, I will love you forever. Or give you a discount on Expecting. Whichever sounds like the better deal to you. I want to get a couple 18-inch doll outfits for my girlies for Christmas, and I like them so much better when they cost half as much.

3.) Saw a bumper sticker today while sitting in the bank drive-thru. CAUTION: SHOW DOG ON BOARD. Hmmm… I’ll be extra-careful not to hit you now, lady. Because apparently your life isn’t valuable, just your dog’s. How about this–CAUTION: HUMAN BEING(S) ON BOARD.

4.) I was sitting at a stop light behind a woman today, and when the light turned green, she was oblivious. For at least 8 seconds. I didn’t want to honk and make her feel bad though. (she looked nice) Do you know what I would invent if I could? The Friendly Horn. It would make a completely different sound than the regular horn. You know, the one you use to blast at people and make them feel less than human? It would have a melodic sound and just be a gentle nudge to say, “Hey, I’m not mad or anything. Just letting you know that you can take your foot off the brake now, if you’d like.”

5.) My grandma has to go to a nursing home for a bit. It’s (almost) sure to be temporary. They just want to make sure everything’s okay before she goes home. Thanks for praying for her!

6.) Gabe’s uncle Jeff is doing well. I don’t know if you saw Adam’s (his son) comment yesterday, saying his dad is in really good spirits and the doc says he’ll be back to normal (wow!) soon. Adam says thanks so much for praying. Praise the Lord!

7.) I was a guest author today at a local Christian school for Celebrate Reading Week. I spent about 30 minutes talking to first graders, and it was lots of fun. I’ll blog more about that Monday, because there’s too much for a bullet. (numbered list, whatever)

Have a great weekend!!

16 thoughts on “items of interest

  1. scottnjes

    oh my goodness, you just made me realize that MY kids are going to grow up knowing an author! Well, kinda, when you come to visit. That’s so cool!

    Yay for Jeff!!

    I didn’t realize Michael’s has doll clothes. I’ll have to check that out.

  2. M3mine

    I needed a “friendly horn” last week—but I just gave the nice lady a toot on mine. She was totally not looking at a light where there is a camera if you get caught in the “box” and an over $100.00 ticket. So, you don’t want to SIT through that one. Invent it—I’d buy it.

  3. Airdee26

    You can have my Michaels coupon’s each Sunday…I only use the Joann’s ones 🙂 How many do you need? Let me know and I’ll mail you what I get each week 🙂

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