is that quiet I hear??

I just got off the phone with the sweet gal who’s doing my PR campaign for Expectant Prayers. I feel bad that I wasn’t looking forward to our chat at all. She’s amazing! Love her already! She’s full of great ideas, and she’s smart and understanding and not the least bit pushy. What a blessing!

Gabe left with Livi and Ava (while I was still on the phone) to go pick up Janelle at the airport. Nina is still sleeping (should be up any minute), so there is peace in my house!! It’s been really loud around here the past few days. Gabe says we don’t need to visit any zoos; we live in one.

I took a 20-minute nap before my phone call and just guzzled a warmed-up cup of coffee. Trying to muster up some energy for our big date here in an hour or so. We’ve decided to go to a Metro Park and do some childless hiking. Then eat at either Chili’s or On The Border with the gift card my aunt and uncle gave us for keeping Jill while they were in Florida. Then Gabe said I can go to a bookstore! I told him no bookstores this time because I just end up ignoring him on our romantic date. But he likes to sit in a chair and play on his iPhone.

Nina’s up! Janelle’s here! Bye!

8 thoughts on “is that quiet I hear??

  1. Airdee26

    fun fun…enjoy your date.  Sonny and I haven’t been on one in 18+ months….we’re going out soon though because my mother-in-law volunteered to babysit!!

  2. Anonymous

    Yes Amen for date nights. I thought about you today when a friend called to suggest the zoo…we’ve had a cold front and it is only in the 90’s here! I declined but thought you would have appreciated any stories that take place in/around the zoo. Have fun!

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