in my weakness,

He is strong. And I’ve never felt more thankful for that than right now. I don’t feel like I have what it takes to minister to these gals at the retreat this weekend. And I honestly don’t. Trusting God to step in, take over, have His way.

We went to Bethy’s baby shower at her church last night and saw her new house (they’re both so cute!), got home late, watched some cable news for a bit with Gabe. Read a blog that made me so sad for lost people. And people who are saved but have absolutely no passion for Jesus Christ, only worldly stuff.

Went to sleep with swirly thoughts about our world and where it’s headed. Woke up with a splitting headache, went for a little jog, feel bloated and yucky.

Need to pack clothes and stuff for 5 people to spend the night in 2 different places. Need to type up my notes and run to the bank.

Need to carve out time to spend with my littlest. And some more time with God.

I pray that your weekend is restful and relaxing, a sweet time of reflecting on who God is and what He’s done. Hugs!

EDIT: (10:15am) I’m feeling a little bit sick to my stomach. Just a second ago, I sat down to watch WonderPets with Nina while we put together a puzzle. An announcement came on that a winner had been selected in Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President” election. “Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama, the Kids’ Choice for President!” Well, that’s a no-brainer.

You know what I’d love to see? (And I have to give credit to Bethy’s SIL, Suzanne, who mentioned this to me last night at the baby shower.) While we’re polling people who aren’t yet of voting age, wouldn’t it be great if we could poll the unborn babies? Bethany’s little girl, faithchick’s little girl, Jamie’s baby, Kelly’s baby, both of Shannah’s…

And the winner of the “Unborn Babies Pick the President” election is…

EDIT #2: One more thing. This letter (which some will claim is preposterous but unfortunately isn’t) makes me want to BEG Jesus to come back tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “in my weakness,

  1. scottnjes

    oh no! i hope you feel better soon!!

    it was so good to see you and your beautiful girls last night. Nina is soooo pretty. Her hair is just wonderful!

    I hope you had a great time with Stew and Bethany. I would have loved to talk with you more but i didn’t want to steal anything from Bethany 🙂 I’m sure we’ll see you more when their little girl gets here!

  2. schmett73

    I’ve been reading a lot of things that make me want to beg Jesus to come back, too, Marla.  And hearing things on the radio that make me want to shake some people up (and WAKE them up) but I know it’s not up to me.  Praying for you lots. ~ Lisa

  3. luvmynoah

    I will be praying for you friend!  God will lead you in each word to speak if you ask Him too.  Before I sing for events…I always pray..”Hide me in the shadow of Your wings.”  I want them to see Jesus…not me.  I know God will do a big work..using YOU to reach these women.  Hide in Him…let Him shine through! 

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