i’m overwhelmed

If I could gather my thoughts, I would blog about them. Instead, my mind and stomach are all aflurry, and all I can manage is a couple wacko videos my hubby made of us dancing.

I do not like this, Sam I Am.

Nothing is wrong. God and I are just having a “discussion.” He keeps telling me to just sit at Jesus’ feet for awhile. I keep showing Him my To Do List and asking Him if He’s crazy. Like I have that kind of time.

I need to obey. And pronto.

18 thoughts on “i’m overwhelmed

  1. adamjyoung

    I will pray for you Marla. It is nearing exam time here at seminary, and I know the feeling of being burdened to a point where I am not sure if I will get everything done. My technique lately has been to pray, “My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation.” It helps put things into perspective.

    Have a good day!

  2. kkakwright

    you know, i just got a card in the mail that encouarged me to ‘hang in there’ and there was a Bible verse quoted at the bottom.  something about how all things work together for the good of those who love God.  do you know what kind of thoughtful and amazing person would have sent this to me?  YOU!  because you are amazing and the only reason you can be as amazing as you are is because we serve an amazing God.  and you can hear this amazing God when He talks with you.
    so, THANK YOU!!!!!! and ditto back to you….HANG IN THERE!  

  3. Anonymous

    Glory be!  You’re talking to all of us, hun!  Or, should I say God is!  LOL! 

    I posted my comment on my blog.  Again, too long for here.  But, OHHH is God good!

    May I say if we find ourselves in this position, I believe with all my being, it is a direct result and testimony of our desire for God and His will in our lives!

    Praying for us all in His will!

  4. terriwright

    Just remember….it will be OK. As long as you DO go to Jesus and stay at His feet. Also remember: this world is not our home. These struggles will only be replaced by others. The ONLY constant is God, and, blessedly, He chose us to love. So – – – – it WILL be OK. Praying for peace for you, sweetums.

  5. gsowell

    Would you please stop blogging my every thought? It makes me uncomfortable…like you can read my mind or something.

    Love you. Prayed for you. Have been there. AM there. I’m glad is more faithful than we are. He will see you through.

  6. mrsnorthern8605

    Hey Marla,

    I will see if I can get her to answer me. Honestly, she isn’t on the computer much these days so she is a bit harder to get a hold of. I will email her and if that doesn’t work, I will try to call her and see if that works!

    🙂 Oh and hang in there, God and I have “discussions” a lot.

  7. faithchick

    you were on my mind alot this morning–i’ll bet this is why.  obeying isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s not fun (that’s clear from the bambina’s behavior lately.)  but, God has lots of riches & blessings in store for you–so slow down so you can get ’em.  (I’m typing this comment to myself, not really to you. )

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