i’m just gonna keep blogging…

What a great birthday party! I had such a sweet, fun, refreshing time with Gail and Beki and their beautiful daughters. Beki is like the best hostess EVER. Aren’t ya, Bek? Gail and I got to chat quite a bit (and Beki joined us when she wasn’t busy hostessing). Gail’s thinking of hosting an adults (female) only sleepover sometime in the (near?) future where you find something for your kids/hubby/boyfriend/dog to do while you’re gone and carpool with a friend down to Too-Tucky (so says Nina) and spend all kinds of hours chatting with your xanga pals about live, love, and Jesus. Doesn’t that sound like FUN?!?

Thanks so much for your love and support and commenting on BooMama’s blog and stuff. She’s almost up to 200 comments which is no big deal on her blog (but super-huge to me). And book orders are rolling in, thanks to Boo and Amanda (which means I can almost pay Harvest House for the 4 boxes of books I bought a month ago–oops!).

If you get a chance to check out Amanda’s blog, please do it. I’ve been reading her blog for maybe a year now, and we e-mail each other now and again. She’s wonderful. So real and honest and funny. (I’m loving these gals from down south!) Her hubby’s a young pastor, and I know lots of you can relate to that. She has a gorgeous little 2-year-old boy named Jackson and shares the funniest stories about him. And her mama’s a household name (at least in our household), but you certainly wouldn’t know that by reading her blog, because she’s so down-to-earth and completely unpretentious. I just love her to bits. If you’re reading this, Amanda, I love you to bits and can’t wait to hug your neck! (a phrase I’ve learned from my southern bloggy friends)

I still want to post pics from the zoo. We got some cool ones. (there’s that word again)

I’m feeling extra thankful for you, my xanga friends, today. Love you! Good night!

10 thoughts on “i’m just gonna keep blogging…

  1. MommyDotCom

    I found you through Amanda.  What great books you are putting out. What a great resource for us mommas…..and wives.  Thanks for all your hard work!


  2. jbnygaard

    I never would have guessed by reading her blog that Beth was her momma! Craziness! She sounds like a blast!

    That was really, really sweet and awesome what Amanda had to say about your book!!!

    I’m very curious to what your prayers have been about your books lately, because this publicity is AWESOME for you!

  3. gsowell

    Marla outed my plan. I really think it could work. I have some sort of sleeping area for 12. And I have room for more airmattresses, so we could have a grand time! I can’t do anything about planning yet, but we’ll see if we can work it out soon. Too much fun!

  4. GracefulKiki

    I was wondering if it was her mom.

    I love that I have tons of blogs to read now because I read Bethany’s, then yours, now Boo Mama and Amanda’s.  Sooo jealous of Xangapalooza.  Kinda with I didn’t work a million hours a week.  Then I could possibly join.

    I’m fine.  Counting down the days (9!) until school is out and I start working as Summer School Principal.  Sounds official, right?  Not so much.  🙂

    And be glad you work from home so you don’t have to worry about some hungry co-worker eating your food…and stealing your money…ugh!

  5. KmHunsberger

    yeah…who is her mom. I am sick of reading back posts trying to figure it out

    Her little guy is surely adorable

    So glad you got to go to the b-day party and so glad it was all you had hoped it would be!!!

    Praying for you friend!

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