i’m a picture-posting machine.

I’ll do a real post before our Zoo Excursion (#10–Evansville, IN and #11–Cincy) this weekend. I promise. Don’t hate me because I…get to see Krista!!

Don’t forget to enter the Zooper-Dooper drawing from Tuesday. Autographed Zoo Book and Monkey!

The trouble with working really hard on a book and doing a couple writing jobs on the side is that I have no words left for my blog. But pictures are cool, eh? Here are some more from XangaFest.

Xangafest Two - Lily & Josie

Xangafest Two - Jess

Xangafest Two - Kids

Xangafest Two - baby Gabe

Xangafest Two - Eating

Xangafest Two - Holly


21 thoughts on “i’m a picture-posting machine.

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I am really trying to not be envious of all the Xangafest participants but it is really hard when I read all the stories and see all the pictures.  As much as I dislike snow, I almost wish I lived in the north so I could participate.

  2. ladymiss3739

    Great pictures!  I couldn’t be prouder of my son.  Who else can drool like that?  And Holly needs to be a model for b.e. bags should Beth ever make a website. 

    Was it really only just last weekend we all got together?

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