I’ll get to you!

EDIT: Sorry to be talking so much shop lately, but I need e-mail addresses from a bunch of you not-yet-moms. You messaged me about wanting the survey but didn’t include your addy. Thanks heaps! (I have 44 mom surveys and 5 not-yet-moms–woohoo!) I’ll try to post something fun and silly (and not about the book) on Monday!

The girls slept in until 8:00 (!!!) so I did too. And now I’m running waaaay behind. I have to leave for Bible study in 30 minutes, and I have to shower yet and help three girls get ready to go.

So, I shouldn’t be on the internet right now obviously, but I couldn’t resist. There are 5 messages waiting from me about the not-yet-mom survey. I don’t have time to send it to all of you now but just wanted you to know I’ll get it to you this afternoon. I got one back already and it’s great!

I’m so excited! Have the most super day!

Oh, and Beki, you are so sweet! Thanks for liking my smile. My teeth are big and my smile is crooked which just goes to show that we can all still be beautiful despite our imperfections.

13 thoughts on “I’ll get to you!

  1. angntug

    Ok, I stayed up until 4 am finishing your survey last night, saved it and emailed it to myself (I had one question left to finish) and it saved and emailed the survey WITHOUT my answers 🙁 So, be REALLY surprised if you get another one…or one with much shorter answers…that stinks…and I’m tired, lol 🙂

  2. ch1pch0p

    I’m on question 13 or 14. Almost there. I think I’m thinking about my answers too much. Now that Beki’s told me it’s not graded, maybe I’ll move a little faster…

  3. Nixter77

    It was good to talk to you too, glad you like the zoo slide show. I am off to “keep your English accent and don’t let the Aussies get to ya” school. toodle loo old chap..

  4. jonnalynn

    hi! i’m am completely ridiculous because I HAVE met you! silly me. i would love to take your not-quite-a-mom-yet survey:)

    oh, and i would love to see you (my xanga friend!) while i’m in ohio in june…i’ll be in the dayton area…is that close to where you live??

  5. angntug

    Hi! Nice to be home! Yeah, when I get done with the book, you can borrow it.

    We took the coolest pics of the girls at the bay, I can’t wait to get them developed and look at them again…they had a blast! Although I think when they found out you guys were at g’ma and g’pa Taviano’s, they looked a little bummed and said, “they were at g’ma’s house?” They were wanting to come to g’ma’s in the midst of the florida trip! They’ve been wanting to see the girls:( Oh, and if I could see the pics of your girls and Tanner? Janelle said you took some good pics of the together…

    Yeah, if I ever got pregnant again, it would be an act of God at this point. I am extremely thankful I’m not, but I would’ve loved him (or her) no matter what…but it would’ve been tough to add another one.

    I am considering getting them a little puppy though. Call me nuts, but I think they would love it. Maybe between now and a year…Tanner and Morgan just love dogs, Reese is warming up to them!

    Oh, could you send me a schedule of Livi and Ava’s soccer games? I know they won’t be playing together again, but if there is a day open where we don’t have anything going on, Tug and I would bring the girls and Tanner. Morgan has really been wanting to come down and watch one of the girls’ games.

    Hopefully I’ll have time to do your survey in the next couple days 🙂

  6. tonialynn59

    Hey I even met that smile in person and I think it is beautiful too!  I’m excited that you are so excited about these surveys and your book.  Can’t wait!

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