i'd like a do-over please

EDIT (8:55 a.m.): As much as I hate to speak too soon, I woke up feeling MUCH better. When I bite down, my teeth are lined up (they’ve been off for a few days). And my flu-like symptoms? Gone. Cramps still here, but that’s what Midol’s for. Don’t know if it’s just temporary relief or what, but wow. Praising God and thanking all of you!

This day was lousy through and through. For starters, my face pain is back. Three days ago, I started to feel twinges of pain in my jaw and teeth. Then it moved to my cheek, my ear, my head. Friday it got worse. Saturday–no fun. And today I added some cramps and a bit of the flu or something. I have an appointment with Tony, the Miracle-Working Massage Therapist for Thursday.

I tried to go to church this morning. Showered, got dressed, got dizzy, saw stars, felt like puking. Crawled back in bed.

Anyway. Gabe took the girlies. Bless his heart. After getting home after 1:00 a.m. after being on his feet all day Friday and Saturday. He spoke to a group of high-schoolers Friday morning in Dayton, then drove to Lima to help his brother Tug with his annual “Will Rock 4 Food” event. They ate dinner with Skillet (the band, not the pan–I know, I already tweeted this).

The concert was awesome Saturday night. Well, I wasn’t there, but Gabe said it was. The girls and I went to my parents’ for a family get-together with Mom and Dad, my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband and my 2 nieces and 2 nephews. We ate yummy food, did a little Easter egg hunt and visited my grandma.

So, the fam got home from church (I slept the whole time they were gone with a heating pad on my uterus). I made lunch and mustered up the oomph to take Livi and Ava “Texas” shopping like I’d promised. It was semi-awful. I just felt lousy and dizzy and achy and crampy.


Realized this evening that we completely missed Livi’s Art Show Recognition Reception at the library at 2 p.m. I felt sooooooooooo awful. Still do.

Watched Slumdog Millionaire with Gabe tonight. Just about took another personal day from blogging. Errands to run tomorrow morning. Leaving at 2ish for Chicago. Speaking to a MOMs group Tuesday morning. I mostly just want to crawl in a hole and, I don’t know, die or something.

So much to do for Texas. Really don’t feel well. Would love some prayers.

Last thing–2 special people have a birthday today. My friend (and pastor’s wife) Tammy and my brother-in-law, Tug. Tug’s the big 3-0, and Tammy’s just a wee bit older than that. Happy Birthday, Tug and Tam! Love you both!

I should probably apologize for this morose post, but I don’t really feel like it. I might tomorrow.

May your Monday be all kinds of beautiful!

14 thoughts on “i'd like a do-over please

  1. Liz

    Hey glad your feeling better! 🙂 Have you heard that our husbands are now “battling” on their iphones?! 🙂 They are trying to beat each others score – I guess Gabe got to good for Cole…. he had to take on Scott! 🙂
    Love ya and miss ya tons!!! Let’s get together again sometime…….. tell the girls I said hello!

  2. Sandi

    Feel better soon.

    I was just thinking – wouldn’t it be nice if gabe/you devised an “expecting” prayer countdown/count-up calendar, that moms could download to their blogs, facebook pages, and so on, so that moms and their friends/family could pray along the same lines for their babies?

  3. Laurie

    I’m so glad you seem to be doing better this morning.

    And in regards to your “Texas shopping” – I have 2 teenage daughters, and the youngest about does me in when it comes to clothes shopping. There would have been NO WAY I’d have attempted going out with her if I had been sick like you. Even on my best days, going clothes shopping with her can make you want to start drinking!! [can you tell I’ve experienced this recently??!!]

    Hope you feel much better soon and have an AWESOME trip!

  4. Joyce

    I will be praying for you today…feel better. And I understand your disappointment and regret at missing the art event but don’t beat yourself up too much. Sometimes these things happen. You weren’t feeling like yourself.

    ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies are new every day. Great is His faithfulness.’

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