i heart my xangals!

Xangafest Two - Group

Xangafest Two - Gail and Beki

Xangafest Two - Kids

Xangafest Two - Xangals and babies

Xangafest Two - Bethany

Xangafest Two - Kids

Xangafest Two - Xangals

Today was a blast-and-a-half! You girls are awesome! If you’d like, you can download the pics from Gabe’s Flickr page. More coming soon!

25 thoughts on “i heart my xangals!

  1. the2bryants

    I looks like you all had a great time!  I so wish that I could have been there….alas, it just didn’t work out for me to join you all!  Hopefully, next time there’s a get together, I will be able to make it!  🙂

  2. tonialynn59

    I was flying high from my retreat weekend till I saw these picutres and realized what I missed!  I love figuring out who’s who.  I still have a few I have no idea who they are.  What wonderful pictures.  Love all those kiddos!  and the babies, oh my!!!   Thanks for posting and I’m so glad you all had a blast!  Next time I want to meet Jenni and Kristen somewhere along the road to come.  Or meet up with Shelly in Toledo.  I’ll figure out someway!!

  3. faithchick

    I LOVE IT!! 🙂  great photo recap!!!  Look how many were there!  And the kids—look at all those cuties.  I the pics of the mamas & that babies.  and I had no idea i was that pregnant.  and look at ben’s lips!! they’re so red! how cute!  and I kylie in the background of gail & beki.

    @Marketer319 – nice work!  i even knew holly had the bag in her hands & I didn’t even notice it in the pic!

    Fun, fun, fun day! you take such fab pics.

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