i am such a nerd.

HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY!!! to my sister Stephanie and her hubby Daniel! Way to go, guys!! Miss you!

So, my little zoo journal… I’m loving it! I feel like a Diego wanna-be with my little pink field journal, scrawling down ideas and observations about our upcoming zoo tour. Guess what I did last night? Copied and pasted the paragraphs (about the zoo) from my blog into a word document. Then copied and pasted any comment that mentioned “I live close to a zoo! Come stay with me!” or “Here’s a link to a book about zoos!” I reduced the font to 9pt, so it would fit in my (cute little pink) zoo journal. And used my handy-dandy double-stick tape! (nerd)

We’re heading out for some free Chick-Fil-A in a bit, so this will be uncharacteristically quick. I’ll probably be back, bursting with ideas like I am.

There’s a book give-away below if anyone’s interested. I know you’re sick of me and my dumb books, but I decided to enter a Bloggy Give-Aways Carnival just to see if I could generate more buzz for my books.

Our dishwasher died yesterday. Right after all my talk about, “Oh, Mondays! I just loooove Mondays! I have so many dishes to do, but that’s okay, because I loooove Mondays!” I almost cried. I sat on the stairs and was about ready to give in to lots of tears. Then I made myself think of people living in poverty. That helped (but I still felt sorry for myself). Thankfully, we have the $ to buy a new one. It was supposed to be used for something else we needed, but hey, that’s life.

I’m exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited about this weekend. Gail, Krista, zoo, Beth Moore. I just finished up my last day of homework for Stepping Up. It was life-changing, really and truly. Sigh. And how good of God to let me attend the last video session on Thursday morning, then head to KY to hear Beth the next day.

Nina is cracking me up every other second these days. How in the WORLD did she learn how to talk all of a sudden?!? She is a stinkin’ riot!

I need to shower. (and go eat free chikn) Back with more thoughts this afternoon! Hugs!

12 thoughts on “i am such a nerd.

  1. stephaniedawnbasham

    I’m not glad your dishwasher died, but I’m glad you have the money for a new one! Have fun picking one out!

    I know you’ve already been to my zoo, but you can come again sometime as an official part of your zoo tour. 🙂

  2. ladymiss3739

    @gsowell – Yeah, I think someone who mistankenly writes the wrong year in her wedding album has plenty of room to call two other girls who keep trivial things like dates and stuff super-organized, “nerds.” 

    @faithchick – I did the same thing.

    I would still love to meet Nina sometime.  And if I had a zoo close enough, I’d entice you to come and stay with me.    But, I think the nearest zoo to us is in Cinci and I’m not so sure that counts.  Our backyard does have a chipmunk colony, rabbits, squirrels, lots of birds, many random bugs, and occassional spottings of the rare and snippy wild neighbor dog, “Charlie.”  Almost a zoo.  Almost…

  3. FlyingCAB

    I think, broken dishwasher and all, that your life is pretty great =)  Also – I want you to know that you are a great mom.  I love that one of your highlights this morning is about how much Nina cracks you up – it’s so refreshing to meet moms (xanga is full of them actually!) who actually ENJOY their children – both as their offspring and as lil tiny people.  Kudos!! =) 

  4. faithchick

     I did that with all of Matt’s emails in college.   I don’t think it’s nerdy.  I think that’s called enthusiasm.  I’m definitely joining your book give away!  count me in! 

  5. scottnjes

    Yay! A new dishwasher sounds fabulous!

    We just got a dishwasher (portable) and it’s like having my own maid! I’m sure a few days without a dishwasher is going to make you LOVE your new one!

    Our zoo passes just expired 🙁 The gas money is just too much right now to renew them. It really is our favorite place to go with the kids though.

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