God has blessed me with some pretty amazing friends. Face-to-face ones and online ones. And most of my f2f friends love and encourage me online as well. Does it get any better than this?

So, Ali and Crew have o’ertaken the Zoo Planning, and I am letting them. And I am sitting back with my jaw slack, in awe of 1.) these girls’ skillz and 2.) their selfless sacrifice on my behalf. Humbling, I tell you. And makes me all warm and fuzzy. Bless you, friends.

And as I mentioned earlier (on twitter and facebook), while I’m planning a Zoo Party (or rather, watching my friends plan it), my college roomie (my first of 3), Lisa (Cook) Basner, is planning her husband’s memorial service. Jon was 33. He battled cancer for over 2 years, but died suddenly on Friday night from complications with his lungs. Please pray for Lisa and her 2 little ones, Jillian and J.J. My heart aches so badly for her. I can’t imagine not only losing my husband but watching my girlies suffer the loss of their daddy. Man, life is hard.

Father, comfort Lisa! Love on her kiddos! Wrap them all tightly in your arms!

Because I can’t get my brain to work tonight, I thought of a brilliant plan–get Gabe to give me some of his fabulous pics from our Latest and Most Monstrous Zoo Trip. Too bad he hasn’t uploaded them to his iMac yet. But I begged and cajoled and got him to get some I took of the girls back at the end of June.

A picture’s worth at least a hundred words a pop, eh? And lest you think I left Livi out on purpose, she had no interest in a “White Dress Photo Shoot” with her sisters. She made it in the last pic.

Ava on her 7th birthday.

Wishing you a hump-free Wednesday! (whatever that means)

6 thoughts on “hump

  1. Stephanie your sister

    Oh. My. Word. I miss those girls. There are no words.

    Praying for Lisa and family. My mind just can’t comprehend that kind of pain.

    I love you!

  2. Denise

    Praying for your friend Lisa – I just can’t imagine. And I really loved hanging out! It was great to get some good time with you and others and I think this zoo thing is gonna be FANTASTIC!

  3. Ali

    I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with your girls yesterday. It was the first time I have been able to see their individual personalities shine. They are amazing.

  4. ginger

    Marla~I’m so sorry about your friend & her husband. I can’t imagine her pain. I will pray for her & her children.
    Cute pics of your girlies!

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