hump day

Did you hear about the lucky girl who won the beaded cross??

And, oh my word, could I BE any more delinquent in announcing the winner of Thin Places from ages ago? It’s Rachel from Life Off the Shelf (commenter #5).

And from even longer ago (I think I announced this but never heard from her), Beth in the City won the Living Proof Ministries yearly planner. Now that we’re exactly 1/4 of the way through the year, it’s the perfect time to get a planner, right?

And since all the giving away and the tax prep has about done me in today, I just want to know one thing: what’s the tastiest thing you plan to eat this weekend? Me personally? I do love a good Easter ham.

20 thoughts on “hump day

  1. Elizabeth

    We’re going to a fancy shmancy Easter brunch, so I’m planning on eating lots and lots of yummy things. I have no idea what it’ll all be, but it’ll be good because I won’t be cooking it!

    p.s. We had poppyseed chicken the other night and I thought of the Tavianos. We miss you!

  2. Rhonda

    My mom’s family will have a huge fish fry with fish my uncle catches while he spends the winter in Florida. It is awesome!

  3. Laura

    I have no idea. A ham if I actually buy one before the weekend is over. (Can you tell we have no Easter dinner plans?? Maybe chinese food?) Maybe I should think about this a little!

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