hey, wall. how are you doing?

Y’all are gonna think I’ve gone loopy. (you’d be right) So, back when we were newlyweds, Gabe and I were driving home from Indiana to visit our parents in Ohio (I believe) when we ran into some construction. Super-tight quarters, sandwiched between a couple of cement walls, little orange flags sticking up all over the place.

And somehow, we started singing a song. A song we made up. And have not forgotten.

Hey, wall!
How are you doing?
It’s nice to meet you!
I like your orange flaps!

The tune is quite catchy. Totally addicting once you get started. (call me, and I’ll sing it to you. on second thought, don’t. i’m not in the mood to chat.)

And what’s my point? I’ve hit a wall tonight. Big Time. I can barely function. I feel like all of my parts weigh a hundred pounds. I’m sad. And worn out. I feel like everything is yucky. And I want to quit.


I need my Bible. And I need sleep. And I don’t need any more politics or piles or potty-training or packing of lunches.

Speaking of lunches, the girls LOVED their first day of school. Ava started the day in tears, insisting that she was NOT going to school. Not now, not ever. Prayers from Mama, a chat with Daddy, and all was well. We followed them to the bus stop (big party with all their friends). Then to their home school to make sure they got on the right transfer buses to take them to their new school. Smooth as butter. (except that everything was running about 25 minutes behind)

On the way home, Nina cried, “I wanna go Livi, Ava’s sook!” (sook = school) She was inconsolable for a bit. A little Diego calmed her down. The rest of the day was good. Until I hit the wall. But anyway.

Off I go to fix my eyes on Jesus. Love you guys!

20 thoughts on “hey, wall. how are you doing?

  1. Nixter77

    Sorry your feeling bleh! I wanna hear the song so maybe I can call when you feel up to it 😉

    It’s been a while since we chatted so we are about due!

    So glad that the first day of school went ok in the end after a few tears.

    Love you and sending hugs..

  2. jbnygaard

    For some odd reason, when I hit ‘reply’ on everyone elses’ xanga site besides my own, it doesn’t work. What is up with that?! I’m irritated.

    I was going to reply to Kristen that I didn’t realize she was going to ‘float through’ your neck of the woods this weekend! Oh how I’d love to see her! I need to message that girl!

    Does your wall have padding? Or is it brick hard? I’ll pray for padding. Love you sweet thing.

  3. OkinawaAna

    We speak in songs here at our house.  My personal favorite is the “Emma Dilemma” song, which has its own jazzy remix version complete with drum solos.  🙂  Praying that you’re feeling better today!

  4. kellycohan

    Hope you got the pick-me-up you needed last night/this morning. I’ll say a little prayer for you to have an energetic, joyful day. 🙂

    Oh and I devised a song entitled “Delicious” that centers around my dog. The tune is quite catchy. I know, “delicious” and “furry canine pet” don’t really go together, but that’s why I’m telling you this. I totally get your wall song.

  5. FlyingCAB

    I hope you woke up this morning feeling refreshed and at peace, and even if you didn’t, that God will meet you right where you are and give you relief from feeling “like all of my parts weigh a hundred pounds”.  Very descriptive…I think we can all relate! 

    Hang in there…

  6. KmHunsberger

    Oh Marla girl….praying for encouragement and renewal as you sleep tonight. For whatever reason I think many of us are hitting a wall right now. Or at least it seems like many of my friends seem to be walking straight into one…and me too.Maybe it is just bc we are coming off the freedom of summer and having to readjust to schedules and school. I dont know. Whatever it is…I pray you get some renenewal…even tonight.

    I am still debating whether to leave for VA on Saturday (9/6) or do the whole drive on Sunday. I would love to see you Sat (would it still be ok?), but I am really struggling leaving behind 2 kids for a whole week this time. I am dreading it with all of me! Anyway, if I do come to your house it won’t be until 9ish or later. I know you are coming off of a HUGE week so maybe you could jsut tell me if it is too much for you and in so doing help me make the decision to just do the whole drive on Sunday What do you think?

  7. lites4Him

    Praying for you- He is there and His strength is perfect in your weakness. Love you too! Keep looking… “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” He’s incredibly fond of you, Marla (and so are we!).

  8. shannahhogue

    I know the feeling. And I’m actually impressed…the letdown from that zoo trip you all survived would’ve hit me long ago!

    I said a quick prayer for you: for a good night’s sleep and strength to accomplish what must be done. It’ll all come right again, I know!

  9. Anonymous

    Your song cracks me up. Your being up against that wall doesn’t. Stopping to pray…

    O God, please be with my sweet friend Marla. Hold her tight, shelter her under your wing, lift her up and over that wall. Bless her with the joy of your presence, with rest tonight, and energy tomorrow. Encourage her through others, through your Word, and speak words of love straight to her heart. May she know how much she is loved!

    Love you friend!


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