happy day

Remember when I asked you this question? And then I picked Anjanette as the winner of the $7 because she works in such a cool place?

Here’s a note I got from Anjanette last week (ish) that made me smile:

Jamestown Community Library Staff would like to thank you for Happy Day at the Library!! Everyone was very surprised today when I brought in drinks from McDonalds for everyone and made homemade Snickerdoodle Blondies! I decided not to tell them and surprise them!!!

Thanks for the 7 one dollar bills!! There was a happy staff today because of your kindness!!!!!

Stop by for a visit whenever you are around this area!!!


I would love to make this a weekly thing–flinging out handfuls of dollars like a Fair Queen on a Thanksgiving Day Parade Float. I can’t this week. Maybe soon.

Giving is fun.

What is one thing that if someone gave it to you today would totally MAKE YOUR WEEK?

23 thoughts on “happy day

  1. Jennifer

    Leather overpants for Wes. Not that he’s into wearing leather pants on a normal basis, but he about froze his knees off last winter riding his motorcycle to and from work in freezing temperatures. I think having the leather overpants on over his jeans would keep him a wee bit warmer in the extreme cold.

    I’ll bet this is the most random answer you get all day! 😀

  2. whimzie

    I wish someone would come help me finish unpacking and help me make this house look like a home. I’m tired of having all this unfinished junk hanging over my head and I’d like to move on to other stuff without feeling guilty about what I haven’t completed. But I don’t even know where to start! So I need a kind organizer with a knack for home decor!

  3. Crissy

    I love giving and receiving gifts (one of my love languages)! I have to say that getting a gift of any kind would make my day!

    I think the most special surprise gifts are when my boys pick a flower (usually a dandelion), put it in a cup of water, and offer it to me. Priceless!! The best gifts EVER!!!

  4. Angela

    Real, actual TIME with my husband – where one of us isn’t running around doing something or getting ready for work the next day.

  5. Ali

    My mom kept Harper for a couple of hours yesterday. Henry and I ran a couple of errands and we splurged on Subway cookies.

    It was so delightful to a) run much needed errands because there was no way I could have done it with both kids, and b) spend one-on-one time with Henry.

    It made my week.

    Often the things that delight me have nothing to do with money or materials. My mom gave me the gift of time and love – you can’t buy that!

  6. krisha Fansler

    Someone to come clean and cook for me, so I could just go and play with my kids all day and go out with my husband in the evenings!!!! My kids would LOVE it too!!!! Darn responsibility!!!

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