gurgle gurgle gasp

That is the sound of me drowning. No, really, I’m okay. I’m not in any imminent danger. I’ve been drowning now for about seven years and am still alive, so it’s all good.

Right before I got married, I worked in a grocery store for a couple months. One of my co-workers had a week of vacation coming up. I wanted to know where she was going and what she’d be doing. “Nowhere,” she said. “I’m staying home and organizing my house and trying to get caught up on the millions of things I’m behind on.”

What?!? I thought. Where’s the fun in that? And what’s the point? Well, 10 years later, on the cusp of my bronze (?) wedding anniversary, I’m seriously contemplating trading in my romantic island getaway second honeymoon for a week of interruption-free cleaning, purging, painting, photo-album arranging, baby book filling-in, clothes-sorting, tub-scrubbing, floor-mopping, tax prep, and leaf-raking. (I know I left out about 50 things.)

My husband will soooo shoot me if he reads this. I’m totally kidding, dear! Jamaica/Hawaii/Mexico/Italy/Australia, here we come!

The last photos I have in my album are of my nephew Gavin, freshly home from being birthed. He’ll be 18 months old next week. Our living room is still lavender, our half-bath still has fish on the walls, Livi and Ava’s room is still  painted with airplanes and clouds.

The laundry room is impassable. The garage is a wreck. My pile of receipts and tax-deductible stuff is falling all over the place. The kitchen floor is embarrassing. The tub is getting there. The last thing that happened in Nina’s life, according to her baby book, was her 2-week check-up. 21 months and 20-some pounds later…

I had things I wanted to blog about (Operation Christmas Child, Gov. of CA  passing a law to remove the words “mom, dad, husband, wife” from all textbooks), but I’m on my way out the door to the bank, p.o., library, and grocery store. I may have to swing by McDonald’s for a survival Coke.

Still choosing joy though. And trying to choose the important over the urgent. Just longing to be “caught up” for once. Maybe the better choice is just to let it go…

Happy Tuesday to you and yours!

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  1. Hoffmom

    Thanks for stopping by my journal, Marla!  I’m so with you on the drowning feeling.  Most days I do despair of ever being completely caught up….sometimes I wonder if the Lord allows it to keep me humble (very humble when someone drops by) and dependant.  I try to choose joy as you do, and to focus on the living and eternal priorities.  🙂

    I’d definitely take the exotic vacation.  A quiet week to organize sounds great, but in my experience it takes heroic discipline to be able to make yourself do it when it’s SO quiet and kid-free….the temptation to read, write, surf, eat, sleep might be overwhelming!  Then you’d just be further behind!  So go for the vacation, and take baby steps towards catching up. 

  2. beccajanern

    I so know the feeling, season changes are the worst!  I haven’t moved the summer clothes yet, I just piled the winter stuff on top.  Try not to get overwhelmed,  just do a bit at a time.  It will come together.  BUT do not give up a romantic getaway!!!  That is priceless.

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    [  Still choosing joy though. And trying to choose the important over the urgent. Just longing to be “caught up” for once. Maybe the better choice is just to let it go…
    Being “caught up” is highly overrated!  : )
    Posted 10/24/2007 8:07 AM by ClutzyButtercup 
    The closets, the tub, the kitchen floor, and everything else will only pile up again and again and again. 
    Posted 10/23/2007 2:25 PM by kkakwright  ]
    ^^^ AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!  
    Fresh wounds for me we’re talking about here… hence a LONG passionate comment I typed for Marla’s blog again… that I cut and pasted onto my blog!!  LOL!  It just kills me to post such long comments!  And this time it IS there!  🙂
    A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones! 
    Here’s choosing joy with you today Marla!

  4. terriwright

    I have been married for 36 years and have never gone on a romantic vacation as you describe. We’ve done a 5-day New York thing which was really neat, but – – – we are thinking about a cruise……sometime…….

    And if you won’t enjoy the trip for worrying about stuff at home, stay home and do stuff.

  5. tonialynn59

    I can so relate!  I did clean my closet on Friday.  No one else would ever know but I felt so good about it!  We’re going to paint our kitchen….after we tear down the wallpaper that has been there since 1995 or 1996!haha

  6. Nixter77

    If I were you – as well as choosing ‘joy’ and ‘the urgent’ – I would also choose ‘Australia’ over Jamaica, Hawaii, Mexico and Italy (I have heard that their not as cracked up as there meant to be ;)..

    That’s just my non-bias humble opinion…

  7. stephaniedawnbasham

    I can organize things at Christmas time when I come to visit! I don’t particularly enjoy painting, but I’ll help with that too if you want. 🙂

    I despise cleaning. I’ll organize every inch of my house, but all my organized boxes and bins and drawers will be dusty and dirty. Why is that? I don’t know.

    Love you!!

  8. kkakwright

    This morning, I looked in everybody’s closets and just sighed.  They are such a wreck.  Clothes that do fit, clothes that don’t fit, clothes that will fit, clothes to get rid of, clothes to pass down to kain, maternity clothes….AAAHHHHHH!!!!  It drives me bonkers.  Yet, our children will remember the time we spent, not how tidy and organized our closets are.  And, the memories you and Gabe may make (are you really going away?) will be irreplacable. The closets, the tub, the kitchen floor, and everything else will only pile up again and again and again. 

  9. bethelaine

    LOL, jessica!

    maybe while you’re on vacation, kim and i will come organize and re-decorate your house.  or we’ll just call Ty and the extreme makeovers teams. 

  10. faithchick

    i thought i was already tired!  i hear ya, loud & clear sistah!  just lower your expectations. 🙂  maybe gabe will let you pack some stray pictures & some photoalbums in your suit case when you go to Jamawaicoalytralia.

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