good as new

So, this laptop keyboard is a little screwy. Roughly 50% of the time I type the letter “s,” it adds one or two more just for fun. I’m forever backspacing and deleting the extra letters. It almost always does it when I type the word “as” as I did in the title of this blog. Sometimes I don’t catch it, and trouble ensues. This was almost one of those times.

In this next paragraph, I’m just going to leave the extra letterss so you can see what I mean. My hand is all healed! Praise the Lord! I keep staring at it and wiggling my fingers. Of course, yesterday I got a nasty paper cut on one finger and sliced another one while cutting up strawberries for the girls. (Okay, I think my keyboard iss playing trickss on me. Oh my word. I was just getting ready to say that it’s not doing any extra s’s now for some reasson, and then it did two–three!–in a row! Freaky.) Sso, my fingers still hurt, just for different reasons.

I just took the girls across town to Ava’s follow-up check-up for her tongue. One girl had her stick her tongue out for six seconds then called in the periodontist who looked at it for nine seconds. “Looks great!” and sent us home. “Why did we even come?” Livi asked rather loudly, on the way out to the waiting room. Ha! Exactly. Oh, well. I like driving for 45 minutess on I-270 during lunch hour (and Nina’s naptime) just for fun.

That’s all for now. Stuff to do. Have a torrid Wednessday! (hee hee)

17 thoughts on “good as new

  1. jbnygaard

    I think from now on, you should just keep all the s’s. Maybe only fix certain words that look bad, but I vote to keep it.  🙂

    Speaking of ssss’s, can Ava say her sss’s better now?

  2. Marketer319

    In my head I read all the words with the extra s’s as hissing sounds.  You’re all talking like Sir Hiss in the Disney version of Robin Hood.  Thought you should know.

  3. Abs7

    Torrid doesn’t work today. You need a “w” word.

    I’m glad you don’t leave the extra ss when you type as or I would think you had a potty mouth!

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