friday, friday

I love free food. Ava and Nina and I met Gabe at Arby’s for lunch. I had coupons for 2 free Market Fresh toasted subs. I loooooove Italian subs. Because I’m Italian. Er, German. Amish. Something.

Our van is back! Gabe’s brother took it to Lima (Thanks, Tug!) last week, so his uncle could fix whatever was making the hideous noise under the hood. Gabe’s mom (Thanks, Janelle!) let us borrow her car. It was such a tight squeeze in the backseat that I had to fasten everybody’s seat belts myself (with Gabe’s help when he was around). I didn’t realize how good I had it with our mini-van. No breaking my back to put Nina in. No scrapes and bruises on my hands from trying to maneuver the girl’s seatbelts around their booster seats. It was a good reminder to appreciate what I’ve been given.

Kind of like my dishwasher. After 3+ years without one, I still thank God every time I load or unload it (I’ve had one for the past 14 months.) I know, some of you have gone 50+ years without one. You’re insane.

Janelle brought the van back to us last night and stayed for Livi’s soccer game. She won–it was fun. She scored a goal the other night too–I forgot to share. That was cool.

Don’t you love it when you find something very, very cheap that just has someone’s name written all over it? (sometimes literally) I have something like that in my possession and will be putting it in the mail asap for this special someone. Then I can share what it is after she’s pleasantly surprised.

I read something so sad last night that it had me in tears. And I even softly cried myself to sleep. Many of you probably know of John Piper–pastor, author, etc. I bought 3 of his books off his Desiring God site a few months ago when they were $5 apiece. I’ve been reading Don’t Waste Your Life because I really, really don’t want to waste my life.

Last Saturday, his daughter-in-law Molly (who was due with a baby girl the following day) became concerned because she hadn’t felt the baby move in 2 days. The doctor said that was fairly normal, but he’d do an ultrasound just in case. There was no heartbeat. They induced her and Felicity Margaret Piper was delivered on the day before her due date–already in heaven with Jesus. John wrote on his blog what he shared at her funeral. It’s so touching.

I just know that so, so many people will be affected by this little girl’s death. When they see her family still loving and praising God, they’re going to wonder why. And they’re going to turn to Jesus. I don’t claim to know why God uses tragedy to bring people to Him. But I do know that most of us don’t pay attention any other way.

I’ve been praying a lot lately that God will so strengthen my faith in Him that if a tragedy ever happens in my life, I will stand strong. I want to be so in love with Jesus that nothing moves me. Nothing. He is the only thing in this life that is guaranteed. All, ALL, of my eggs need to be in His basket. I’m ready for Heaven…

Tonight is the Annual Open House Celebration at our church. I invited my neighbor Olga, and I think she’s going to come. It’s so much fun–fire engine, petting zoo, hayrides, pumpkin painting, food, face painting, hay maze, music, games. Woohoo! And the weather is perfect–thank you, Jesus!

We’re having old/new friends over tomorrow morning. I went to college with Jim, and he and his wife Carrie (whom I haven’t met yet) need a web site. So, they’re bringing their 2 little girls over, and I’m going to play with 5 little cuties while Gabe, Jim and Carrie get some work done.

Then Gabe is going to an air show. Then we’re meeting his aunt, uncle, and some cousins who are in town for some food and fun at Dave and Buster’s.

I love fall. Have a great weekend, folks!

11 thoughts on “friday, friday

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    One of the hardest things to learn is to balance the need to acknowledge and work through our emotions and yet trust God in faith.  Swaying too far either way has horrendous consequences.  When I think that I shouldn’t allow myself to feel lose or mourn, I think about Jesus in the garden…He was crying our with His whole heart because He knew what He was about to go through…He had not lost faith and was not unwilling but there was still alot of emotion.  I have faith in the God you serve and know that He would help you through any crisis He might bring!!!

  2. meganweist

    My friend goes to Piper’s church and was telling me that story-that is so sad. I really appreciated how he said “this could have been prevented by God and man and yet it wasn’t” God knew as soon as this pregnancy started how it was going to end-that alone is comforting to me that NOTHING takes him by surprise.

  3. terriwright

    This world holds so much sorrow. We are completely blessed that we have another home. But, oh, my heart breadks for that family.

    I have had a dishwasher for almost exactly 1 year. Oh. My. Goodness. Why did I wait 35 years? (Oh..wait…you said why in your post… ) It is magic to put dirty dishes in, and get clean dishes out. I don’t even mind emptying it!

    I pray that my faith, like yours, remains raw and open and ever stronger. You bless me with your posts.

  4. faithchick

    i love my dishwasher, too.  and my washing machine.  and my dryer.  i hate my iron.

    yes to paragraph 5.  stick whatever the heck it is in the mail NOW so we can all hear about it!!  and who ever gets it has to blog about it.  got it??

    that nothing moves me. that’s good.  that’ll stick in my head.  i like that idea.  one of those short phrases that says so much.  it’s good to have on hand for those tough times.

  5. KmHunsberger

    I just heard about another baby born stillborn the week before his due date..same thing, just stopped moving and died for some unknown reason. So close to life outside the womb…I ache for these women. I know God is greater than a tragedy like this, but the hole in their hearts just breaks mine.

    Your church thing sounds like so much fun tonight. Have a great weekend!

  6. Marketer319

    I’m right with you on teh dishwasher – living without something makes you appreciate its presence all the more.  I feel the same way about central air.  5 summers without it mean I thank God every time we turn it on. 

  7. jbnygaard

    I ditto with Krista. She is so wise!

    Open House Celebration sounds like a blast! Can I come! Oh, wait, tonight is homecoming at our little town! Big night for a little town! Hope you have a blast though!

  8. kkakwright

    you are brave girl, praying God will strengthen your faith.  good for you.  i feel like i’ve been hit with a ton of bricks lately about what is truly important in my life, how much time i have already wasted and how n-o-t-h-i-n-g in this life is as important as getting to know my Saviour better.  growth is wonderful, when you can look back and see how you have matured in the faith over the past years.  but growth always seems to be accompanied by growing pains.  so, i’m praying with you today that your faith will be strengthened, your love relationship with Christ deepened, and your joy will be made complete.  love you!

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